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Indeed vs Glassdoor

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If you want to post jobs for free, two options stand above the rest, Indeed and Glassdoor. Both Indeed and Glassdoor are the best and major job sites. The sites are used by businesses of all sizes to advertise their job opportunities. Through Indeed and Glassdoor, you will be able to post job opportunities and accept applications from candidates. Though both Glassdoor and Indeed are owned by the same company, the two sites are distinct. We ran a head to head challenge to compare the two platforms to see which is better. You can post your job opportunities to both sites, but I don't think you want to manage two different accounts.

Here is an exclusive discussion on Indeed vs. Glassdoor.

Indeed Overview

Indeed, it is the biggest jobseekers’ network. They have worked incredibly to develop their product through SEO, and this can be seen in the results. Regardless of the type of job opportunity you post, you will receive several candidates for the job. However, are these candidates qualify to be the applicants you are searching for. Indeed, it is the right option for you if you are looking to fill more positions which you expect to have fewer candidates. You will need as many candidates as possible with little concern on the quality. Some of the job opportunities that work best for Indeed include mid-level roles, internships, facilities, entry-level positions, and maintenance. Indeed is excellent in helping you fill the empty seats if your goal is to see fresh and trained employees in the door.

Glassdoor Overview

Originally, Glassdoor was a business review site. Their aim was empowering job searchers to establish whether they are a good fit for a business or if the company has an awful culture for them to avoid it. Some years later, they did this successfully and then went on to add employment opportunities postings for employers. Today, Glassdoor is the biggest job candidate research network. Their user base is very engaging making it perfect in getting active and passive job seekers. Some of the best works to post in Glassdoor include skilled marketing business roles, mid-level positions, operations, finance, human resource, director and management level positions.

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Indeed Vs. Glassdoor: Price Comparison

Regardless of whether you use Glassdoor or Indeed, you will need to pay an extra amount if you want to advertise your open job opportunities. Advertising exposes the job posting to a bigger audience increasing the possibility for qualified seekers to apply. Indeed price begins at a free cost, and you only need to pay $5 each day to post your job. This is what it cost to advertise on Indeed. The site also has an extra feature that enables employers to contact the job seekers who did not apply for the job. This costs around $100 to $250 for thirty to a hundred contacts per month.

For Glassdoor, the job posting is free for seven days after which you are required to pay $249 to six hundred US dollars every month. The actual amount depends on the number of job postings you want to make. Their pricing is not transparent and is not uploaded on their website. A good example is that it is less expensive to post jobs in Kansas than in New York. You hence need to contact the Glassdoor sales department to find out your location, the feature-set you require and the number of job postings.

Indeed does not limit the number of jobs posting rather does it restrict the time. Jobs posted can be seen on the general search results, and job seekers can apply through mobile or online. In contrast, Glassdoor has a limited free posting of only three jobs. You have to pay for a two hundred and forty-nine US dollars package each month if you want to post more jobs. Indeed uses pay per click advertisement pricing while Glassdoor uses pay per job slot.

Indeed Vs. Glassdoor: Customer Support

The fact that Indeed and Glassdoor serve two different audiences makes it essential for you to to know how each one of them provides customer support.

Glassdoor customer support

The customer support involves filling out an online form or contacting them through phone for job seekers; they don't have the calling option, they can only get customer support by filling out the form or using the help topics at the employer help center. Lingering on the employer’s page at the Glassdoor site long enough brings out a chat box. The chat box is not very useful as it does not respond to other questions other than those related to programming. It will either redirect you to the site or set up a sales call for an answer.

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Indeed customer support

Indeed provides support to both employers and job seekers from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. account users can submit an email request, send their issues to their twitter handle, i.e., @IndeedSupport or call their contacts. Unlike Glassdoor, Indeed service call center support cares for both Spanish and English speakers. Same as Glassdoor, Indeed also offers a vigorous help center for employers such as company pages, posting and managing employment opportunities and contacting candidates.

Indeed Vs. Glassdoor: How User-Friendly Are They?

From the point of a job seeker, Indeed and Glassdoor are both user-friendly. Indeed vs. Glassdoor, Indeed features a streamlined jobseeker and employers’ interface while Glassdoor has a user-friendly system for job seekers. However, as an employer, Glassdoor has a more complicated process as compared to Indeed. Though you will set up a free account, you will need to speak to a person in sales to purchase a package for you to advertise a job in Glassdoor.

On Indeed, you only need to set up a free account which will create an account and manage your job advertisement. It has a user-friendly interface with menus for employers and job seekers. More so, Indeed features a mobile app for the job searchers to apply for jobs and find employers. Likewise, there is also a mobile app for employers to post job opportunities and also manage applied candidates.

Glassdoor makes it easier for job searchers to post reviews and find jobs. The site has a mobile application for job seekers but does not have an employer's mobile app to help them in managing their job postings. More so, Glassdoor has dashboards that enable job seekers to follow companies, write down a review, set a job alert and post a resume. The Glassdoor employer page is salesy where employers can sign up, talk to sales, post jobs and respond to reviews. The employers can look at the products, blog, resources, and online help through the menus at the employer top menus.

Indeed Vs. Glassdoor: Signing Up

On both Indeed and Glassdoor, you will be able to sign up for an employer account for free. With a free employer account, you will be able to claim your online reviews and a company page. You will also be able to use the salary tools and post jobs for free. However, the difference between Indeed and Glassdoor sign up is that for Glassdoor you have to upgrade to a paid package after seven days from signing up.

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Which One Is Better for Job Applicants to Use?

As a job applicant, indeed is the better site to search for a job. This is because as a job board, it collects jobs from other job posting sites and cross-posts them on its platform. Compared to all other job boards, the majority of the employer's posts their jobs on Indeed. Glassdoor also sometimes posts their open job positions on Indeed.

Indeed Vs. Glassdoor: So, Which Is Better for Employers to Find New Employees

Indeed it is the better website for employers to find new employees. This site is the top job board with more than two hundred million job seeker resumes and approximately three million businesses post which is three times more than Glassdoor. Through Indeed, you will be able to post free unlimited job opportunities while you are restricted to three free job posts on Glassdoor. You can also set your advertising budget on Indeed rather than paying as a package on Glassdoor. From an employer point of view actively searching for employees, Indeed is better and bigger job board for you as it continues to grow.


Glassdoor and Indeed are both excellent recruiting tools. However, we think that Indeed is best for job platform because of the free resume search tools, applicant tracking features, and job postings. More so, Indeed has company reviews and salary tools similar to Glassdoor. Nevertheless, it is recommendable for small businesses to have a free company page on both Indeed and Glassdoor sites. This will be a perfect way of managing your employer brand. Employers will often turn to Glassdoor or Indeed when hiring new candidates. This information will help you decide which site to use as an employer or as a job seeker. You should also try and advertise your employment opportunities in any other available job board to increase your chance of getting the best candidates for your job.

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