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Indeed vs LinkedIn

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More and more people are going to the internet to look for a job. The internet has lots of job websites for you. All these websites do not operate the same which may make it time-consuming and challenging to find a job. You hence need to understand the functionality of some of the best job websites available. LinkedIn and Indeed are two of the biggest job sites worldwide. If you are looking for an employment opportunity or your business requires to recruit new employees, you have probably considered using either of these sites. We have run a head to head challenge between Indeed vs. LinkedIn in terms of their pricing, customer support, signing up and ease of use to determine which is best for you as a job seeker or an employer.

Indeed Overview

Indeed was started in 2004 as a job posting board. The aim was to give competition to other job boards including HotJobs and Monster. Indeed was found to be the most visited job site in the United States in 2010. The company has proved to be incredible in developing its products using SEO. Today, the site boasts of over one hundred and forty million unique visitors every month. It categorizes jobs in more than fifty countries and twenty-eight languages globally. It collects employment postings from thousands of employment firms and websites such as recruiting firms and company career web pages. Job seekers can apply for jobs directly within site. Indeed has a comprehensive job listing that enables the job seekers to search by industry, job title, level of experience and keyword.

LinkedIn Overview

LinkedIn has grown to one of the largest professional networks in the world. The company has a job board as part of its services suite, but it is mostly business related and professional social networking site. LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and went on to become a public company in 2011. Today, the company serves more than two hundred countries with over two hundred and sixty million members. Other than being a job board, LinkedIn has a section where the users can find colleagues and friends to build a social network to enhance information sharing and professional networking.

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Indeed Vs. LinkedIn: Price Comparison

Indeed is a job board site that makes money through a pay per click model and web advertising. This is compared to linked in who earn through enterprise solutions and premium subscription. This, in other words, means that employers who post their job vacancies pay a small amount of money every time a job seeker clicks on the job posting. These clicks mostly cost around $0.25 to $1.50. They earn their revenue through traditional website advertising. More so, Indeed has features for employers to contact candidates who did not apply for their employment vacancy. This feature goes for about $100 to $250 for up to a hundred contacts each month.

LinkedIn generates income revenue through three product lines. This includes marketing solutions, talent solutions, and premium subscription. These product lines are traded through online and offline sales. The offline sales force engages both small and large business customers while the online platform engages individual members as well as enterprise customers. Many of LinkedIn services are free in the basic plan. However, you can upgrade to a premium monthly subscription. Depending on your needs, there are various premium options available. The four options include an option for job seekers, business promotion and professional networking, generating sales leads and searching for new customers, and for employers to post their job opportunities and to recruit new talent. The minimum price of their paid subscriptions is dependent on the daily pay per click budget who have set. The entire recruiter package with all the advanced search tools begins at $8999 annually.

Indeed Vs. LinkedIn Customer Support

Indeed and LinkedIn are different companies in various aspects including operation. You hence need to understand the customer support for each of them.

Indeed customer support

Indeed customer support is convenient and available from 8 a.m to 8 p.m for both the job seekers and employers. Indeed users can present their queries to Twitter handle @IndeedSupport indeed, call their customer contact phone number or send an email. Similar to LinkedIn, indeed has a great help center for the employers. The help center takes care of various issues including contacting candidates, company pages and posting and managing job opportunities.

LinkedIn customer support

LinkedIn has convenient customer service for all its visitors. They have a LinkedIn help center for you to contact and get the best possible help. More so, you will get resources, useful information and troubleshooting tips to enable better use of their products. You will be able to get the answers by simply typing the significant keywords in the search section. You can also asquint yourself with the site by browsing through the topics on the page left the rail. Premium members get personalized support with the ability to chat with LinkedIn customer support. Go to the bottom page and click on Chat with us. This option will pop up depending on the availability of the service. The customers can visit the help forum or safety center.

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Indeed Vs. LinkedIn: How User-Friendly Are They?

Both Indeed vs. LinkedIn provides apply functions including Apply with LinkedIn and Indeed Apply. They also give perfect industry intelligence reports. In terms of the ease of contacting customers, both LinkedIn and Indeed allow the employers to contact their candidates through internal email platforms running through their system. Indeed only requires you to sign up on a free account and get a free account to manage your job advertisement. The site has easy to access interface with employers and job seekers menus to help you get the job category you want conveniently. More so, Indeed provides mobile applications for employers to post job opportunities and contact their potential candidates and job seekers to apply for jobs online.

However, both sites have a limited number of candidates that you can contact. Some of the difference between LinkedIn and indeed is that LinkedIn you will be able to send as many emails as possible to an individual who you connected to. For indeed, the candidate must accept your request before you view their details and contact information. However, candidates who post their resumes on indeed are active and will most probably accept your application.

Indeed Vs. LinkedIn: Signing Up

Indeed and LinkedIn have an easy signup option. You can create an Indeed account by clicking on the sign in link in the Indeed page located at the upper right corner. To create an account, you just need to click on the tab and then register your account. LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to make the most out of your profession by visiting their official webpage and filling in your names, valid email, and password. Enter your first name, your last name, create a password that is more than six characters then click join. You can then create a LinkedIn profile for free using the same information in your resume.

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Which One Is Better for Job Applicants to Use?

Choosing between indeed and LinkedIn depends on your preferences. However, which is better when it comes to job seekers? Indeed is better because it gets jobs from m other job posting sites and posts them on its platform. As compared to other job boards, most of the employer's posts their jobs on Indeed. Job applicants will hence have a higher probability of finding the type of job they are looking for at Indeed. For indeed, it mostly features professional employment opportunities for experts other than new graduates.

Indeed Vs. LinkedIn: So, Which Is Better for Employers to Find New Employees

With both Indeed and LinkedIn offering an excellent platform for employers to get new employees, it is challenging to say which is better. However, I would give this round to LinkedIn. Though time-consuming, LinkedIn provides high quality and qualified candidates over job advertisements. In contrast, indeed offers high quantity but mediocre results. If you want candidates who n is skilled for a certain position in your company, LinkedIn is the best. The site remains to be the leader for seeking white-collar professional jobs. If you are looking to fill in some spaces with fresh graduates, go for Indeed. At least it has a version of free services.


When switching carrier paths or finding a new job, job searchers have lots of online resources today than never before. Indeed and LinkedIn are the two most popular employment sites. They combine job postings from a broad array of sources to enable users to search for the jobs they desire. For Indeed vs. LinkedIn, the significant difference is that LinkedIn is a social network for job seekers and professionals while Indeed is a job board that majorly concentrates on posting a wide array of job opportunities. It is less likely that this battle between Indeed vs. LinkedIn will have any of them winning shortly so you need to get used to these great job recruitment tools. It is for you to choose the best platform for you.

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