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Indeed vs Monster

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You are probably an employer in despairing need of a quality employee to fit in your company niche role, or you are a candidate in desperate need of a job or looking for a carrier change. You hop online after putting away the idea of going through the classified section on the newspaper. With the easy job boards access being a boost in the employment field, the number of websites and search platforms have also increased. This can get companies and candidates scratching their heads in a puzzle on which site would be best for their job search needs. A good example is Indeed vs. Monster, the two major job boards in the employment hunting game. Here is a look at which one wins it out when it comes to pricing, customer support, user-friendliness and ease of use between Indeed vs. Monster.

Indeed Overview

Indeed is one of the popular free job posting sites for employers. The company receives over two hundred and fifty million unique visitors every month and has one of the largest resume databases. It is the best platform for employers and job seekers to match up. The resume search tool enables you to filter multi-factors including; salary range, education level, work experience, title and more. With Indeed, you will get many candidates for your position though it is perfect if you have little concern for the quality of the employees. The best job opportunities to post on Indeed include facilities, internships, mid-level roles, maintenance, and entry-level positions. It is exceptional in helping you feel the empty positions with fresh employees.

Monster Overview

Monster is the most populous worldwide global job posting site behind Indeed. The site has many years of service to job seekers and employees having been founded in 1999 by Jeff Taylor. It receives about thirty-five million unique visitors each month. The company offers a range of job posting options, software services, and solutions. This job board has a different section for employers to post their job positions and job seekers to find a new job. The section of employers includes a products section to show their featured products, a resource center with hiring and recruiting advice, and solutions subsections. Monster has different products and costs for employer job postings which include standard job posting, target post, and power resume search. As compared to Monster, Indeed has free resume search and job posting.

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Indeed Vs. Monster: Price Comparison

For both Indeed and Monster, you have to pay a certain amount for you to advertise an open job opportunity. By advertising, the job posting is exposed to a larger audience giving a higher possibility of qualified employees to apply. Indeed pricing starts at a free charge. It does not limit the number of job postings or does it restrict the time. You can see the job posted in the general search results. The job seekers can apply for jobs through online or mobile devices.

Indeed has a free job posting in general search results. However, you will need to pay five US dollars a day to advertise a job on Indeed. In case an employer wants to contact a candidate that did not apply for the job, the platform has extra features for that costing between a hundred to two hundred and fifty US dollars each month. Its advertisement pricing is in terms of pay per click as compared to the pay per post in Monster. You can sponsor job opportunities from your website and get them to feature in the relative search results prominently. You will only be charged when someone clicks on the post. The sponsored jobs cost between $0.25 to $1.50 for each click. The maximum cost depends on your budget for pay per click that you have set for the sponsored post.

In contrast, Monster has nothing like free job posting opportunities. It may be possible that Monster offers free job posting to some of its potential customers, but we are yet to see one. Monster pricing is pay per post which begins at $249 every month for one reusable slot. It costs about three hundred US dollars to post a single job for thirty days or three hundred and ninety-nine US dollars to post a single job for sixty days. The more you post more jobs on Monster, the lesser cost you became charged. For instance, it will cost you about two hundred and fifty dollars to post ten monster jobs.

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For employers who need to hire a huge number of employees, Monster takes care of you. For thirty-day postings, it will cost one hundred and fifty-five US dollars to post up to ninety-nine jobs. For a hundred to two hundred and forty-nine job postings, you will cost $130 to $135 per job postings. Employers who want to search for resumes or contact candidates who have not applied for your job opportunity, the monster resume price is $575 for a month, and three hundred resumes views. It will cost $750 for two months and six hundred views and $899 for three months and nine hundred views.

Indeed Vs. Monster: Customer Support

Both Indeed and Monster have good customer support. Indeed customer support involves contacting them through their phone contacts. You can also fill out online forms about your inquiry. For job searchers, they don't enjoy the calling option. They can only get help through online form and employer help center that have help topics. In some cases, you may have a chat box appear by lingering on the employer's page. However, this will not help you as it responds only to programming questions.

Monster has a call customer number service that is available from Monday to Friday at 8.30a.m to 6 p.m. you can call them through 1-800-666-7837 and speak to the customer service representative. According to their official website, Monster customer service will reach you within twenty-four hours. They also have a twenty-four seven online help that contains customer service information, FAQs and online tutorials. Through the toll-free phone number, you can inquire about a charge of the plan, cancel service, set up service and others.

Indeed Vs. Monster: How User-Friendly Are They?

In terms of user-friendliness and ease of use, both Indeed and Monster are at per. Both of these platforms have easy access, clear tabs, best interface, checkboxes, and streamlined employers and job seeker interface. Indeed have mobile apps for job seekers and employers to find and hire candidates conveniently. However, though a bit costly, Monster makes it convenient in going across the site due to the available question and answer session and video demonstration. This has made it quick and easy to find jobs and post reviews.

Indeed Vs. Monster: Signing Up

It is easy for you to sign up on both Indeed and Monster. You just need to visit their websites and sign up for a free account. In Monster, you just need to fill in your email and password. You have the option to receive email updates for job opportunities or not. Monster will email relevant job postings to you automatically. However, after signing up, you will have to subscribe to a paid package in the monster as compared to the free Indeed program.

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Which One Is Better for Job Applicants to Use?

Both Indeed and Monster have platforms that enable people to find and apply for various employment opportunities. This hence gets down to individual choice when finding a better job board for job applicants to use. However, the fact that Monster lets candidates improve their tracks, resumes, and progress via free account makes it a better option for job applicants. It also sends them job advice and search tips.

Indeed Vs. Monster: So Which Is Better for Employers to Find New Employees

For employers, choosing the better option between Indeed vs. Monster depends on your location and business size. Monster is available in fifty countries. When it comes to indeed, the company has a larger market segment as previously indicated with more than two hundred million unique visitors each month. This makes Indeed a better choice for both large and small enterprises employers. They can find more applicants to their employment opportunities.


There is a supremacy battle between Indeed vs. Monster in terms of job search. Millions of employers all over the world trust both Monster and Indeed to search, find and hire the best skills in all industries. Indeed wins conveniently when it comes to the range and number of job listings available. Indeed is best in sourcing jobs that are inclusive of a variety of working styles and candidate types internally and from other carrier sites. While bigger is not always the best in all areas, Monster is better when it comes to corresponding potential employees with the jobs of their dreams. As you decide on which job board to use, you may consider the size of your business, your budget, and your hiring needs to determine your preference. It is advisable that you take a good look at the features each platform offers. Try out both of the platforms for yourself to get to see which is best for your needs.

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