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Indeed vs ZipRecruiter

Indeed and ZipRecruiter are among the most extensive employee recruitment and job posting site in the whole world. Employers from large companies and SMEs will come to these sites seeking to see which job applicants can fit into the existing vacancies. The two sites are famous among users and as a result, there is confusion among them in deciding on the best between the two.

Considering this challenge, we dedicated our time researching on which among the two offers better services. We look at their prices, customer care services, and the signup process. We shall also look at which one suits the employers the best and which one is preferable for the users.

Through the comparison, it’ll be possible to give a clear answer on which site is better than the other giving reasons why. Therefore, consider reading through the whole text for a chance to have a better understanding of the two.

Indeed Overview

Indeed is a web-based site that works as a resource for employers to access a pool of labor force from an enthusiastic crowd. The site accommodates both big and small companies. As a job applicant, you create a resume and email it to the Indeed customer care desk. After this, the platform will keep you with updates on a new job post that you can apply.

Also, employers who have vacant positions in their offices will be able to access your resume. That means, if you qualify for an interview, they’ll not require you to the application process. Instead, they’ll call you in for an interview. The platform features more than a hundred thousand hundred employers using the platform to seek employees. You can install the Indeed application in your iOS and Android devices.

ZipRecruiter Overview

ZipRecruiter is an HR solution website which is easy, affordable and effective for use by the employer companies to search for employees. The site features over a hundred thousand companies from the US alone which use the site to seek employees. Also, job seekers use the website to post their resumes.

In this way, job applicants can share the educational, training, experience, and contact information with companies of their interest throughout the globe. It’s easy for the companies to select applicants who qualify for the jobs. You can install the ZipRecruiter app in both the iOS and Android devices. It’s also good to note that the site is web-based.

Indeed Vs. ZipRecruiter: Price Comparison

With the Indeed site, they use the “Pay per Click” method to make charges on the users. Every post costs $0.00, and the maximum amount you can spend on here depends on your pay per click budgeting. That depends on what the user sets for the sponsored posts.

To use the app is subscription based, and you can consider having a free account. Also, no credit cards are necessary for making payments. There is however no information on the availability of free trials, but some of the sources claim that they do offer this service.

On the other hand, the ZipRecruiter makes charges based on Pay per post. The payment starts at $249 in a month for a single reusable slot. If you pick 50 slots, the price hikes up to $1, 569 in a month. All the slots are reusable. The account is also subscription based, and there are no free accounts for the users. The best thing with their pricing is that they offer a free trial test. In this way, the user can tell if the services are worth a pay or not. Therefore, you have a chance to make an informed decision. You can also use credit cards to make your payments.

Indeed Vs. ZipRecruiter: Customer support

Indeed do have a reliable customer support desk. If you have any questions, you can always contact them, and you’ll have the answers promptly. You can use the customer support desk to get information on the pricing information, or how to get started using your account. You can send them an email or make a call via 800-475-4361.

Sending them a tweet can also be a perfect way to present your quarries to them for more information about their customer support, consider checking on this link, All the emails, calls and tweets you send to the customer support get instant replies. Also, the services are available at a 24/7 time system, meaning that you can present your inquiries at any time day and night.

The two websites mostly deal with freelancers, small enterprises, mid-size and big companies. ZipRecruiter features among the best customer care support services. They classify their helpline in categories. You can consider getting help on getting started, how to manage candidates, account setup, and job posting plan among other fields.

To contact them, you can try sending them a message. What you need to do is fill in the reason for contacting them, your name, email address, then type the text. If you don’t like writing emails, you can consider making a call via 877 252-1062. All messages sent to their customer representatives get prompt replies. You can also think of contacting them through the live chat with their customer representative who is available 24/7.

How User-Friendly are the two platforms

The two sites have the best customer care services, and that is a plus for the two. However, in terms of prices, the Indeed is friendlier to the users. It’s relatively cheap and uses a better technique of charging the users. Also, we note that the platform is more reliable and effective to use. Indeed it is easier to use and simpler to understand its way of functioning in comparison to ZipRecruiter. Therefore, we consider Indeed platform to be a better choice in this case.

Indeed Vs. ZipRecruiter: Signing Up

If you want to sign up with the Indeed, you need to search for their website. On the website, look at the right-hand side at the bottom of the page. There they have a signup section. Send them your email address, and they will send you a confirmation message. Click on the email to activate your account. You need to specify what type of account you need to create. That is, are you looking for a job or an employer? Fill in your details, and you’re ready to get started. You can sign up for a free account or the premium account.

In using ZipRecruiter, you must create an account as a job seeker or an employer. When creating an account as a job seeker, you need to fill in your details from the expected salary to the educational qualifications you have. In comparison to Indeed, ZipRecruiter requires the users to offer much of their information. Visit their website, and depending on the type of account you want to create, you’ll get a step by step guide on the process. Use this link for further information on the same,

Which one is better for a job applicant to use?

As a job seeker, you are looking out for a website that is simpler to use to avoid many complications and take advantage of as many vacancies available as possible. Also, it’s good to note that all applicants are different from each other, and the same case applies to job posts. In this way, an applicant wants a site that makes the application process simple.

As a result, the indeed website appears to be the perfect choice for job applicants. It helps the users to create and save their resumes within the site. If they feel they fit in a particular vacant position, they are a single click away from completing the application process. As a result, most of the applicants find the app more useful and reliable. At the same time, it helps to save time.

Which platform is better for employers to find new employees?

When it comes to employers, the choice depends on the size of the company. Small scale enterprises might find ZipRecruiter more convenient in comparison to the indeed platform. However, a large company calls for a site that covers a large share of the market. In terms of users, Indeed tends to cover a broader market in comparison to the ZipRecruiter.

For this reason, most of the international companies find the platform more suitable than ZipRecruiter. In terms of the cost of operation, small businesses that lack enough cash to run a premium account might find the Indeed platform a better option. The reason behind this is because the Indeed website does offer a free account for users but with limited access to features.

Final Verdict

When you compare the two websites, The Indeed website appears to have a better catch on customers. However, the two sites seem too attractive employers and job applicants from all over the globe. They create a pool of jobs for the applicants and a source of labor for the employers. For the employer, the preferred website depends on the size of the business. However, it would be better if users try both platforms and make an informed decision on which one suits their businesses’ needs.

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