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25 Best Places To Sell Jewelry Near Me & Online

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The gold watch sitting in your jewelry box, the diamond necklace you no longer love, or the diamond ring from your ex. We all possess unwanted jewelry that we can turn into cash. Selling this jewelry is an option, but it can be challenging to know where and how to get it done once you want to sell them. Though there are lots of buyers to sell your jewelry to, finding a convenient, competitive and honest buyer can be daunting. Here is an exclusive guide on where to sell jewelry near me.

Sell Jewelry Near You or Online

You can sell your jewelry to three main places including pawn shops, local fine jewelers and online gold buyers. However, pawn shops and local fine jewelers are more preferable than online gold buyers.

1. Pawn Shops

You can sell your jewelry near me at pawn shops. You can get pawn shops near you using a quick google search. Pawn shops operate in two ways. You can pawn or give your items to the pawn shop, and they in return lend you money. Your jewelry will act as collateral. You will get your jewelry back immediately you pay the money back obviously together with some interest. Alternatively, you can sell the jewelry at the pawn shop. They will buy your item and give you cash in return.

2. Local Fine Jewelers

Local fine jewelers mostly operate by buying jewelry at a low cost and reselling at higher costs for profits. They also purchase jewelry to melt them down and remold them into different items. You can use google to check out more information on local fine jewelers near you.

3. Online Gold Buyers

Some companies operate online jewelry stores that you can sell your items to. However, you should be aware of the various guidelines you should follow when selling jewelry to the online Gold Buyers. It is important to note that you have to sign a contract when selling your jewelry to a pawn shop or local fine jewelers. The contact contains information on the item you are selling, the amount of money and conditions on how you will repossess your items. Ensure that you understand and satisfied with the conditions of the contract before signing the deal.

Chain Jewelry Stores That Buy Jewelry

Below are the top best places for you to sell all types of jewelry. Although these are highly trustworthy jewelry dealers, it might be a good idea to shop your jewelry to all of them to ensure you are getting the best deal and the most amount of money.


Jared jewelry is popularly known as The Galleria of Jewelry. You will find their stores throughout the US.

What they buy: Jared buys gold jewelry, high-grade platinum jewelry, nuggets, scrap gold, gold dental fillings, and flakes.

How to sell: to sell your jewelry, take it into a Jared location. Visit their official website to get mailing instructions for the item you want to trade.

-Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds has more than two hundred locations in the US. They have a purchase program that enables them to purchase gold jewelry.

What they buy: The company buys platinum and gold jewelry such as lockets, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. They also purchase money clips, cufflinks, keychains, tie bars and tacks, and charms. More so, they are buying dental fillings that are higher than 16k.

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How to sell: For Helzberg Diamonds, you will not be able to retail your jewelry by going to their retail location as it is the case with Jared. Go to their website and get information on mailing your jewelry in and trading it.

-Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers locations are all over the US. They have The Kay Gold Exchange program that helps you to sell your jewelry item to them and have cash for it.

What they buy: the company purchases gold jewelry, higher grade platinum jewelry, scraps, gold flakes, dental gold, and nuggets.

How to sell: you must ship your jewelry to Kay Gold Exchange program address indicated on their website. You can’t trade your items on the spot at their store locations.

-Daniel’s Jewelers

Daniel's Jewelers is famous in California with a couple of stores found there.

What they buy: Daniel's Jewelers buys any gold jewelry items including scraps, dental fillings, and nuggets.

They also purchase large silver items and platinum jewelry.

How to sell: the company has an official online gold-selling website which you will use to have your items shipped for free. After reviewing your items, they will send you a price quote and send the money via PayPal or any other ideal option.

-Reeds Jewelers

Reeds Jewelers have jewelry stores across the east and the southern United States.

What they buy: Reeds Jewelers mostly buy gold, sterling silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry.

How to sell: Reeds Jewelers are convenient. You just have to stop at any of their location stores and get the price quote for your jewelry item. You get to have your cash at the spot.


Circa has many jewelry stores in the US. More so, they purchase jewelry through Circa jewelry store that has been approved.

What they buy: Circa purchases diamonds, watches, and fine jewelry.

How to sell: you can either take your jewelry into their store location or sell through their mail-in program.

-Shane Company

Shane Company is found in more than thirteen US states with over twenty locations.

What to buy: the company buys gold jewelry, diamonds, estate jewelry, platinum jewelry, and sterling silver jewelry.

How to sell: visit at any of their store locations and sell your jewelry. You can also visit their website and get free shipping package through their mailing services.


Zales has its location store throughout the united states.

What to buy: the individual manager of Zales location store decides what to buy and what not to buy.

How to sell: visit the nearest Zales location to get more information on how to sell your jewelry item.

Pawn Shops that Buy Jewelry

While most of the jewelry stores only buy gold, pawn shops also buy gemstones and diamonds. Many pawn shops near you will buy your items. Below is a list of pawn shops that will buy your jewelry.

-Pawn America

Pawn America has locations across the US.

What they buy: diamond and gold jewelry.

How to sell: take your jewelry into any of Pawn America store and have it accessed by professionals and gemologists to determine the price quote.

-Cash America

Cash America is famous throughout the US with over eight hundred pawn shops.

What they buy: you can sell white gold, yellow gold, rose gold jewelry, diamonds, broken jewelry and dental crowns to Cash America. Jewelry items that they buy include bracelets, class rings, earrings, gold watches, and chains.

How to sell: you just need to visit any Cash America Pawn shop with your item, and they will give you a price quote.

-First Cash

First Cash is available in several US location including Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina.

What they buy: silver, diamond and gold jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and earrings.

How to sell: stop at any of their location stores and get your cash on the spot.

Sell Jewelry Online with These:

There are several online companies in which you can sell your jewelry. Some of these top online companies include:


Worthy is a fast and secure online website to sell your jewelry.

What they buy: according to their website, they buy necklace, rings, diamond, earrings, bracelets, and watches.

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How to sell: they offer free shipping and professional assessment for the most accurate and professional evaluations. They then give a price quote and pay within 24 hours.

-Cash for Diamonds USA

Cash for Diamonds USA works similarly to Worthy.

What they buy: They buy cracked, chipped and flawed diamonds.

How to sell: the company sends you a FREE SAFEPAK mailer to ship your diamond jewelry for free. They will then mail you a check within twenty-four hours.


Mondiamo helps you to get the maximum value of your diamond.

What they buy: they buy any diamond jewelry and other precious metals.

How to sell: they have four easy steps which include; telling them about your jewelry, they then give a guaranteed price range, you send your item through free shipping and they give you a final quote based on the evaluation.

-Diamond Buyers International

The company is fully equipped in buying diamond s and appraising your valuable jewelry.

What they buy: loose diamonds, watches, designer jewelry, and diamond jewelry.

How to sell; they give you an instant price estimate, a free shipping kit and offer the highest prices after evaluation of the jewelry value.

-The Real Real

The Real Real is a company that believes in the lifecycle of luxury.

What they buy: they buy luxury necklaces, Gucci jewelry, bracelets, fine jewelry, and earrings.

How to sell: the selling process is similar to most online dealers in which they give free shipment, and they give a price quote.

-WP Diamonds

WP claims to have the most honest price ranges for your jewelry.

What they buy: some of the items they purchase include all kinds of diamond jewelry brands, certified and non-certified loose diamonds, luxury watches, estate, and designer jewelry.

How to sell: you only fill an evaluation form, and send your item to them through free shipment. They give your item back in case things don’t work out between you and them.

-IIDV, aka the International Institute of Diamond Valuation (De Beers)

IIDV is one of the top online platforms to sell your jewelry.

What they buy: This online company buys all types of precious diamond jewelry including watches and necklaces.

How to sell: It offers free shipment and a price quote after evaluation. You will receive the money within 24 hours.

-The Diamond Valet

The Diamond Valet is a trusted platform to sell your diamond jewelry.

What they buy: they buy certified or non-certified diamonds of any color, clarity, and shape.

How to sell; You only need to complete their evaluation form, and you will receive their free Valet return package. They will evaluate your diamond jewelry and give you the highest offers.

-Sell Your Gold

Sell Your Gold is an online jewelry platform that offers you cash for your jewelry within twenty-four hours.

What they buy: their website lists several items that they purchase including; diamonds, gold, and precious metals.

How to sell: get an appraisal kit from their official website and send your jewelry by mail. They will give you a price quote which they will pay through Direct Deposit, PayPal or mail a check.

-Express Gold Cash

Express Gold Cash operates in a similar way as Sell Your Gold.

What they buy: hey purchase necklaces, gold pendants, earring, rings, and other gold jewelry. They also buy silver coins and diamond jewelry.

How to sell: make a free appraisal kit order, get free shipping and you will receive a call with the price quote. You will be paid within twenty-four hours of accepting the quote.


Goldkit is a perfect online jewelry dealer.

What to buy: Goldkit will buy watches, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces made of gold.

How to sell: through their website, you will get free shipment for your jewelry. They then give you a price quote and pay you if you accept.

According to my research, online stores pay less compared to jewelry stores and pawn shops. Do extensive research before deciding to sell your jewelry to online buyers.

What Kinds of Jewelry Can I Sell?

As you consider to sell some of your jewelry, you need to know the kinds of jewelry that you can sell. Some of the jewelry item that you can sell include;

• Gold chains and necklaces

• Gold earrings

• Gold ankle bracelets and bracelets

• Diamonds and gemstones containing a jewelry

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• Gold rings

• Specific silver jewelry depending on the buyer

• Other forms of gold jewelry.

Every jewelry store has its specifications on the type of jewelry that they purchase and what they don't buy. Some location stores buy scraps, dental fillings bullion, and coins. You should find more information about the store dealers near you.

How Much Money Will I Get for My Jewelry?

You now want to know how much money you will get after selling your jewelry. As pre advice, you should be sure not to get what the jewelry item is worth. The primary reason why pawn shops, online dealers and jewelers buy your jewelry willingly is to resell it for profit. You should hence expect to obtain considerably less cash for your item than what it is actually worth. This is a painful pill to swallow, and you should hence carefully consider the reasons why you must sell the jewelry. Majority of the people trade their valuable jewelry due to cash desperations. Jewelers buyers know this and tend to take advantage of it.

How to Get the Most for Your Jewelry

Several ways can help you get the most for your jewelry. You can try cleaning the jewelry using some mild dish soap and warm water. Using adverse chemicals is not recommendable. Clean the dirt from your jewelry item using gentle massage or a bristle and soft toothbrush.

How Can I Avoid Getting Ripped Off?

When selling your jewelry, you won’t be treated fairly and honestly by everybody. Below are some tips for you to avoid getting ripped off as you retail your jewelry.

Know Current Metal Prices

Having an idea of how much your jewelry is worth before you go to sell it can help you know whether you are getting a fair deal. Though the prices of silver and gold fluctuate regularly, Kitco can help you understand what to expect. The site gives you the current silver and gold prices.

Know the Amount of Gold in Each Piece You Want to Sell

Gold or silver is not equally made. For instance, gold is valued in terms of karats which refers to the gold purity. Pure gold is considered to have 24 karats. The number of karats in gold jewelry is a determining factor on the amount you will receive for the jewelry. Most jewelry is made with gold mixed with a small percentage of other metals such as silver or copper. Most of the jewelry items have the number of karats indicated on the piece. The more the karats, the more valuable the item is.

Have Your Jewelry Appraised

It is worth to appraise your jewelry especially highly valuable jewelry than selling it to avoid being ripped off. Although it will cost some money, it is actually worth it.

Read Reviews and Check the Better Business Bureau

Reading reviews and checking with your state’s Better Business Bureau before selling your jewelry is crucial. This is mainly when you decide to retail your jewelry through online buying companies. There are many bad people out there ready to use your desperation to rip you off.

Get a Few Different Quotes

Before you resort to selling your jewelry to an online company, it is advisable that you check out the local pawn shops and jewelry stores. Get a few price quotes locally and compare them to get the best buyer. Due to the varying fine and jewelry prices, check the store that pays the highest for your jewelry.

Don't Let Your Emotions Tied to A Piece of Jewelry Effect You

It is common for people to have emotions tied to a jewelry item. For example, if you want to sell a gold bracelet given to you by your grandmother or a wedding ring that your divorced husband gave you, you need to think about it carefully. It is hard if not impossible to get the jewelry back after selling it. If you repossess it, you will have to pay more than what you sold it.

In conclusion, it might be the best move to sell your jewelry if the money will serve you better than the item. Retailing your jewelry is a great way to aid in paying your bills or paying off your debts.

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