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How To Get Free Paypal Money Fast And Easy: 12 Best Ways To Earn Paypal Cash In 2019

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Even in a growing economy, earning a comfortable income can be difficult. Experts estimate that more Americans than ever before are working multiple jobs. However, being out in the workforce is almost impossible for some groups of people; forcing many to live with a restricted budget.

It’s also not unusual to find people unable to leave home for a job. Such housebound individuals might be stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities or illness, or senior citizens.

Approximately 18% of parents do not work outside the home, and close to 6% of senior citizens are considered homebound and out of the workforce. Even more people live on a fixed income, whether through retirement or disability pay.

The good news is: there are dozens upon dozens of ways to make money without ever leaving home or stretching an already tight budget.

All it takes is some computer work and knowing what sources are out there for making money online. PayPal is one such source for earning free money by participating in online activities.

Let’s take a look at some of those key activities.

How to Earn Free PayPal Money Online

1. Sign Up for Free PayPal Money


One way to get free PayPal money is through Ebates: a cash-back program you can join for free through their website or app. In fact, new members earn $10 just for signing up.

Stores give Ebates commission incentives for promoting their business, and Ebates shares cash back with those customers. Those who are housebound can shop online and receive cash-back rewards, and those who shop in-store can earn cash as well.

Coupons are also available through Ebates, as are double cash-back awards at certain times and for some businesses. Even those on the tightest of budgets have some shopping to do. Ebates is a great way to get and save money for doing something you already do anyway.


InboxDollars is another great way to earn extra money from home through activities online. This site also offers a sign-on bonus of $5.

Stores fund InboxDollars for consumer input, and InboxDollars pays members for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. Members earn extra cash for their input, and some companies will even send free coupons or sample merchandise.

If you are housebound with WiFi and a computer, InboxDollars is a great way to earn extra money. You can take as many surveys or watch as many videos as you like and get money for your time. Members can also influence businesses by providing their opinions – from their own home!

If you utilize all aspects of InboxDollars, you can make approximately $700/year!


Swagbucks is similar to InboxDollars in that members are paid for feedback, and you can earn $5 for simply signing up with an email and password.

The difference with Swagbucks is that it works on a point system rather than direct cash—every 100 Swagbucks (SBs) is worth one dollar. Once you earn enough points by watching videos or answering surveys, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash through PayPal.

If you enjoy watching videos, then Swagbucks is an easy way to make extra money right at home. There are video categories for nearly every subject, from pets and politics to parenting.

And while these Swagbucks videos are playing, you can be doing other things around the house such as helping the kids or even filling out additional surveys.

In fact, surveys are another way to earn points/money with Swagbucks. Members can earn 40 to 200 SBs per survey. Spending a couple of hours a day giving feedback online can generate close to $25 per week, and over $1,000 per year of supplemental income.


SendEarnings is yet another source of customer feedback for companies, which means another chance to earn money at home through giving your opinion. They also offer $5 as an incentive for signing up.

Offers for members to earn cash come through surveys and trying new products and services.

Another way of earning cash through SendEarnings that stands out from similar sites is the opportunity to play online games. From casino games to virtual game-shows, players can earn cash doing something they enjoy.

Earning potential through SendEarnings is rather low ($200/year if you’re lucky), however for those who are unable to be out in the workforce or are on a tight budget, any income can help.

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Netspend operates differently from the previous sites in that it appeals to “underbanked consumers” who don’t have traditional bank accounts or need different financial services. Essentially, Netspend allows users to manage their money with prepaid cards with no credit check or activation fee.

Users of these prepaid, reloadable cards can add money with direct deposit and use the card to shop or pay bills with the balance.

Those who sign up receive $20 through PayPal. This means, once you receive the Netspend card with $40 loaded as a beginning balance, you will actually have $60 to spend.

Some stores offer Netspend Payback Rewards which can be redeemed and added to the cardholder’s balance. This “payback” can turn shopping into a chance to earn a little extra money.

2. Cashback PayPal Money


It bears repeating that Ebates pays new members $10 through PayPal for just signing up. Experts also consider Ebates to be one of the most consistent ways of earning cash back for shopping online and in stores.

Ebates users earn on average 5-7% cash back from participating retailers. For those people who are housebound and do the bulk of their shopping online, it’s possible to earn up to $1,000 per year through Ebates.

Even if you aren’t that much of a shopper, Ebates is worthwhile for earning a little cash back for whatever shopping you do.


Shoppers can join Honey’s website for free to find the best discount codes online. Users that sign up for Honey can do their regular shopping and the site will find the best promo code to apply as discounts for purchases.

Honey is essentially a browser extension that streamlines finding the best promotional discounts for shoppers depending on the retailer and item being purchased.

This saves both time and money for members since Honey accesses the best deals almost instantly for products that are already planned for purchase.

3. Taking Surveys

Survey Junkie

Nearly every receipt given to customers these days includes a survey at the bottom for “a chance” to win something. With Survey Junkie, customers have more than just a chance at getting money when providing opinions.

Those who sign up with Survey Junkie create a profile to be matched with surveys. Members then complete the surveys provided to them and earn reward points, which can later be converted into PayPal money.

By matching people with particular surveys, the company creates meaning for both the customer and business rather than generating haphazard opinions of products. Most of the surveys take minutes and pay between $.10 and $.90.

So depending on the time and effort you are willing to commit, Survey Junkie could generate a little extra income – or up to $1,095/year!

4. Get Paid to Watch Videos


Again, if watching videos for extra money is preferable over filling out surveys, Swagbucks is an excellent choice. Most Swagbucks users report earning about $5 per day. Think of all the time that most of us watch videos online.

Earning extra money to do so is quite worth it.

Experts give recommendations and tips for how to maximize earnings through Swagbucks. This will help new members get a running start in adding to their income.

5. Find Hidden Money in Your Email


Paribus is a site that tracks your confirmation emails when you make a purchase. As you do your shopping, Paribus locates price changes and notifies you when there is a chance to save money.

Paribus can help you get compensation for late deliveries, such as through Amazon. In addition, the site can watch for lower hotel rates based on your bookings and notify you of a better price.

Paribus essentially requires no work for members, other than providing an email address. However, some potential users might be hesitant as far as email privacy.

6. Walk Into Stores & Shop

Shopkick App

Shopkick is a mobile application that shoppers can use to earn rewards both in-store and online. When shoppers make a purchase with a retail partner, they earn a “kick” for each dollar spent.

These kick points can be redeemed for digital gift cards. App users can choose their gift cards from a wide variety of retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

7. Be A Friend


Everyone needs companionship, and for those who have time, special skills, and friendship to offer, then RentAFriend is an excellent way to get paid for being there for others.

Becoming a friend on the site gives you the potential to earn up to $50 per hour. The best part is you get to set your own schedule and be your own boss.

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People hire RentAFriend for many reasons. Some are interested in hiring a companion for a social event, learning new skills, or having someone to hang out with while traveling or moving to a new city. The site is careful to emphasize that its purpose is friendship—not dating or non-platonic encounters.

If you have time and skills to share with others in your area, then becoming a RentAFriend is an unusual but rewarding way to earn money—just by being yourself.

This would be especially beneficial and gratifying for seniors who have so much to offer but can’t manage typical employment.

8. Scan Your Receipts


ReceiptHog combines the fun of gaming with earning extra money. For any receipt received when shopping, members take a picture of the receipt and post it as a “snap.”

Each snap is rewarded with “coins,” so the more receipts you snap, the higher the coin reward. These virtual coins can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or cash via PayPal.

ReceiptHog is a means of market research for companies. However, taking pictures of receipts is a fairly easy way to earn a little extra for the shopping you’ve already done.

9. Make Money with PayPal by Shopping Online


Qmee is a website and app that offers cash rewards to users for completing surveys and utilizing Qmee as a browser to search and click on other websites.

Qmee pays cash reward for every survey completed, and members can receive their cash immediately via PayPal with no minimum amount required. Members can also shop and search online and win cash rewards.

Some experts call for caution as far as privacy issues when using Qmee as a browser, but most reviews are positive. Qmee is another decent way for those who are housebound or on a tight budget to earn a little extra PayPal money.

10. Be A Tester


Usertesting is a way for businesses to hear directly from customers, as opposed to data gathered from surveys. Testers can earn up to $60 per test.

Testers are asked to visit websites or apps, go through a list of tasks, and then create a video where they share their thoughts. Each 20-minute video submitted by a tester earns $10 via PayPal. Therefore, testers must have minimum video equipment such as a computer and microphone.

This might sound like a great way to earn a good amount of extra money, however opportunities on Usertesting might not be plentiful.

Testers qualify for tests on the site based on demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. In addition, the quality of tester videos factors into how many tests are offered to each tester.

11. Become A Reviewer

Slice the Pie

Slicethepie is an internet site that pays users cash for their reviews. This company primarily looks for people to review music and occasionally clothing. Unlike sites that provide surveys to fill out, Slicethepie asks for a rating of the item and then responses to questions.

Slicethepie pays on a tiered level based on a reviewer’s Star Rating which reflects the quality of the review.

This can be frustrating to those who rate lower stars, but if you happen to be a good writer and savvy about the music and fashion industry, then you might have an edge in earning more money for your reviews.

When your Slicethepie earnings total $10, you can withdraw that money into your PayPal account for a little extra income.

12. Sell Your Stuff


Everyone has unused stuff lying around, especially media clutter. Decluttr is a way to not only get rid of what you aren’t using, but to make money as well as space in your home.

Dusty cds, dvds, books, and games often outlive our enjoyment of them. Decluttr makes it easy to get rid of old entertainment and make some money. All you need to do is scan or type in the barcode numbers and Decluttr will give you an instant price.

If you decide to sell, they will provide you a free shipping label. Then all you need to do is pack up the unwanted items, send them off, and get direct deposit in your PayPal account.

The same procedure works for tech devices, such as phones and tablets. Decluttr will even pay for some old Lego toys. If you have stuff lying around the house collecting dust and not in use, Decluttr is an excellent way to earn extra money by getting rid of it.


Craigslist is another platform for selling your stuff to people in the local area. Sellers can submit a free post, which works like an advertisement for the item(s) you intend to sell.

Once you set the description of your item(s), you can add pictures by uploading images so potential buyers can see what you have. Those buyers can contact you through verified email addresses if they are interested in purchasing what you advertise.

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There are several tutorials and guides on YouTube for smart and effective ways to sell your stuff on Craigslist. Experts don’t recommend selling high value items on this site. However, Craigslist is an excellent way to advertise what you’re selling to make money for the extra stuff you don’t want or need.

Since Craigslist buyers are local, it is important to practice safety. Experts recommend meeting in safe, public places to exchange items for cash. The Craigslist website has recommended safety guidelines.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is similar to Craigslist for selling items to local buyers. Sellers follow the same procedure in listing/posting what the item is, creating a good description, and then uploading photos. Available items can be seen by local buyers who can access Facebook Marketplace.

Both sellers and buyers must adhere to Marketplace’s commerce policies. In addition, Facebook Marketplace provides tips for sellers, including measures for safe transactions.

One of the potentially positive aspects of Facebook Marketplace when compared to Craigslist is the idea that your listing will be more visible to Facebook “friends” than strangers searching the site. This isn’t exactly how Marketplace operates, but there does seem to be more accountability between buyers and sellers due to the Facebook profile links.


LetGo is a relatively new company that provides a website and app for buying and selling things in local areas. LetGo is similar to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but differentiates itself by encouraging sellers to advertise big-ticket items such as cars, furniture, and even housing.

With the LetGo app, sellers can post an item in minutes and chat with potential buyers right away. LetGo is considered a mobile classifieds application that is easy to use with quick results.

LetGo is another means of selling your stuff to people in your area. It’s a great way of getting rid of what you don’t need or want and making extra money by selling what you already have. However, it’s important to follow safety measures when meeting up with buyers and making a transaction.

Free PayPal Money FAQ

What is the easiest place to get free PayPal money?

The easiest place to get free PayPal money is on your computer or smart phone. Realizing these aren’t actually “places,” the question can’t be answered with just one website.

There are many sites that require different levels of effort to earn free PayPal money. It’s up to the individual as far as where it’s easiest to do that.

Some people might consider watching videos on Swagbucks to be the easiest place for free PayPal money. Others might find Ebates requires less effort. And some might decide any site that offers surveys is the easiest place.

Free PayPal money is never going to be the equivalent of a decent income. However, the savings and earnings can significantly add up. The ease of it depends on what each individual is willing to do considering the variety of options listed in this article.

What’s the fastest way to make PayPal money online?

Everyone wishes to make money fast, and PayPal money is no exception. Several sites such as Ebates and InboxDollars offer PayPal money just for signing up. Many of the sites mentioned in this article allow users to make money online immediately.

However, users must understand it’s nearly impossible to make a large income online with PayPal money regardless of the amount of time spent pursuing it.

Instead, a healthier outlook would be to decide what time you have to devote to sites that offer PayPal money, and go with whatever is easiest and enjoyable. Another option is to gather items that you own and sell them online for a profit.

If you’re interested in what you’re doing to make PayPal money online, then whatever you earn will seem to add up quickly.


Income is not always easily earned in the workplace, and hard economic times can fall on anyone. Parenthood, illness, disability, and age can cause people to be housebound and not able to earn money outside the home. Combined with a fixed or low income, budgets can get tight very quickly.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, people can earn extra money from home and even free PayPal money online. It takes some time and dedication – but it’s definitely worth it!

Whether you’re watching videos, sharing your time, giving your opinion in a survey, or selling your stuff to earn extra cash, the rewards can add up to supplement your income.

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