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26 Hobbies That Make Money From Home And Online (Moms & Dads Too!)

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If you’re looking for ideas to help you make some extra money to supplement – or perhaps even replace – you’re primary income, look no further than your hobbies. You’d be surprised at just how many different past-times can be rather lucrative!

Online Money-Making Hobbies

Many of us enjoy spending time online. We’ve found 15 ways for you to turn your hobbies into money just about anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

1. Become a Freelancer in the Gig Economy

The gig economy is a relatively new kid on the block, but not so new that it’s difficult to find opportunities. In fact, you could even say you’re a little spoiled for choice here.

All you need to do is join one (or more) of these website platforms, create a profile, and either post a gig or respond to those that potential clients have uploaded. If the client likes your bid, you’ll get hired to complete the task.

What’s really great about the gig economy is that it’s relatively easy to break into – and the jobs can turn into long-term projects. Here are some sites to get started with:

2. Writing

Got a gift for words? You can make money as a freelance writer online!

There’s a lot of potential here, from blog articles to news features and more. Holly Johnson, a professional blogger and columnist, teaches how she went from $0 to $225,000+ as a writer through her online Earn More Writing Course.

3. Editing

Not much of a writer, but love the written word and can’t stop yourself from correcting others’ mistakes? Perhaps becoming a freelance editor is more in line with your interests!

Writer’s Edit is one of the best websites for you. Their guide on How To Get Started As A Freelance Editor will the be first of many stepping stones to building a successful career for yourself in this field – even if you only intend for it to supplement your writing income.

4. Video Editing

If you prefer tinkering around with video footage to enhance their visual appeal, then you’ll benefit from How to Become a Film and Video Editor by the Career Girls.

Yes, you’ll probably need a Bachelor’s Degree to get started with the bigger companies. But even if you don’t have one, you can start small on gig economy platforms (above) and let your portfolio speak for itself.

5. Become a Website Designer

With an eye for detail, some digital know-how, and buckets of creative juices, you could do website design. And if that doesn’t sound quite like the job for you, you can always do graphics for logos, personalized gifts, and/or book covers.

CafePress is one of the best online resources to join if you want to sell this type of digital product. Once again, gig economy platforms – as well as Etsy (below) – will help you expand your horizons.

6. Sell Graphic T-Shirt Designs Online

If you’re looking for more of a wearable statement, then you can sell graphic t-shirt designs (and other personalized gifts) online with a platform like 99 Designs. It’s also a great supplementary resource for those looking to sell website designs, logos, book covers, etc.

7. Start a Blog and Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Starting a blog opens up many doors. Not only can you promote any other hobbies you’d like to turn into money (in fact, most of those in this section!), but you can earn a passive income through affiliate marketing.

First things first – you’ll need a website to create your blog on. Bluehost is simply the best: you can get a free domain name, SSL (security) encryption, and a 1-click WordPress installation with WordPress Pro starting at just $2.75/month.

Next, head to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner uses the platform to teach the methods she used to go from $0 to $50,000+/month with affiliate marketing!

8. Open Your Own E-Commerce Store

You know what else you can do with a website and blog? Open your own e-commerce store to sell stuff online.

Whether that’s digital graphic designs, products you’ve made yourself, or even acting as a middleman between customer and supplier by using the dropshipping model, this can be a very lucrative hobby.

One caveat though: if you’re wanting to open an e-commerce store with a Bluehost WordPress site, you’ll need to use the WooCommerce plugin. We much prefer using Shopify instead – and they have great resources on How to Start a Profitable Dropshipping Store too!

9. Create an Online Course

Have a knack for teaching and helping others?

With a good knowledge base on a topic you’re passionate about, you can create an online course using platforms like Udemy or

The key to making money with an online course is to put all the effort into the making thereof and let your marketing on social media and your blog turn it into passive income.

10. Become an Online Tutor

Another option is to become an online tutor. With a platform like VIPKids, you can make up t0 $22/hour tutoring young Chinese students from the comfort of your own home. The only catch? Potentially odd hours and the basic requirement of a Bachelor’s Degree.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re not quite ready to teach courses, but you’re passionate about a popular topic, you can make money by starting a YouTube channel. It does take time and effort to build and maintain a following, but the potential for earning money this way is nearly boundless.

12. Make Money as a Gamer

Most of us grew up playing games. Some of us are still gamers – and why not? It’s a great hobby! Sure, it can be expensive… but it can also be lucrative.

Using player-to-player peer platforms such as Playerup or Playerauctions, you can sell online accounts (or even in-game items) legally. And if you’ve gotten bored of a game and want to sell it, head to eBay or Decluttr to make some extra cash.

13. Invest Online

If you love research, finance, and a little bit of healthy risk, then investing online is the way to go. With the right investment choices, you can turn a small fund into a relatively large sum – almost entirely passively!

Start off using Acorns or Robinhood to invest your small change, or play with the big kids through an online brokerage like Ally Invest or Betterment.

Never invested before? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Investing.

14. Flip Garage Sale Finds Online

Everybody loves a good garage sale – and they’re rather common. With a good eye for detail and some fixer-upper know-how, you can easily flip your garage sale finds online to make a profit.

15. Sell Art, Antiques, and Handmade Crafts on Etsy

Art, antiques, handmade crafts, woodwork, graphic designs, personalized gifts… “If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s on Etsy.”

This is a great way to leverage a well-known platform’s market reach to connect directly with your target market. Moms Make Cents has a great guide on How To Make Money Selling on Etsy (Up To Six-figures!) that you should check out.

Local Money-Making Hobbies

In addition to turning your hobbies into money online, we’ve found 18 ways for you to earn some income in your local area. Some of them do require an online presence – and some can be supplemented with online alternatives too.

16. Become a Handyman-for-Hire With TaskRabbit

If you’re good with your hands and don’t mind doing odd jobs, then you can put your skills and your strength to work with TaskRabbit.

After joining the platform, you can browse for local handyman tasks and apply. You might be asked to help someone change a tire, pack and load their moving van, unpack, put up a frame.

It’s a great way to turn your spare time into cash and can even become a full-time opportunity, depending on your skills and area.

17. Create a Local Weight-Loss Team on HealthyWage

Looking to lose weight and know of some other people with the same goal? You can join forces and create a local weight-loss team on HealthyWage.

As the name implies, you’ll enter a team challenge by placing a small monetary bet on your ability to lose a set percentage of your body weight. It’s great motivation to actually stick to your goal, as the winning team can win up to $10,000.

18. Become a Fitness Instructor and/or Teach Nutrition Classes

Maybe you’re not looking to lose weight, but you do enjoy working out and/or nutrition.

As long as you have access to a gym area or a suitable alternative gathering space, you can turn that interest into cash by becoming a fitness instructor and charging per-customer, per-hour. And if you use the Achievement app, you can earn extra at the same time!

Alternatively, you can also help others learn how to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals by offering cooking and/or nutrition classes.

What’s really great about this is that you can also take it online. YouTube fitness videos, online recipes and courses, affiliate links to the gear and ingredients you endorse… the possibilities are nearly endless.

19. Sell Fresh Produce and/or Honey From Your Garden

Got green fingers and love spending time in your garden?

If you’re growing any fruits and vegetables, and/or keep bees, you can sell your fresh produce and local honey at markets.

20. Food Preservatives (Pickling, Canning, Jams, etc)

Another great home-cooking idea that can help you turn a hobby into money is by selling food preservatives.

Whether you’re pickling your own baby onions, canning your secret recipe, or making jams, there’s a huge market for homemade food preservatives that can supplement your fresh produce income.

21. Home Brewing

If you’ve got a taste for homebrewed beers and ales, you’re certainly not alone. The craft/homebrew market has exploded in recent years.

It doesn’t take too much know-how to upscale your home brewing hobby into a micro-business. Check out this YouTube video by Larry Bodine on how to go about doing so.

22. Recycling

Recycling isn’t just great for the environment – it can be good for your wallet too. Whether you’re focusing on recycling wood pallets, cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, or more, check out our guide on How to Make Money Recycling.

23. Become a Music Teacher, Street Musician, and/or Wedding Singer

They say that music soothes the savage beast… and what beast is more savage than hunger?

Okay, so you might not win the next Grammy Award, but you can still make fairly decent money by using that skill and hobby the right way.

You could become a music teacher and sell your time tutoring students of all ages; a street musician busking the popular tourist spots or public transport systems; and/or offer your services as a singer or musician at weddings and other events.

24. Coach or Referee Local Youth Sports

If you’re a sports fan with time on your hands, then you could make money as a coach or referee for local youth sports.

You’ll need to talk with your local sports organizations about paying opportunities and where to find them, though – if you approach the school (for example), they’ll likely think you’re looking to volunteer.

25. Babysitting

No, it’s not just a job for 12-year-old girls. Plenty of adults continue to offer their services as a babysitter or au pair – and many earn a full-time living this way. So if you love spending time with kids, register with to find local opportunities.

26. Pet Sitting and Walking

Who doesn’t love animals?

Well, some owners can’t take their dogs for a walk as often as they’d like. Most aren’t able to take their pets with when they go on vacation.

That’s where you come in! Join Rover and get paid to look after the type of animals you love – whether it’s merely taking them for a walk, pet sitting, or even boarding them for a while. Some people even make 6-figures a year doing so full-time.

27. Become a Home Decorator

You might not be too thrilled at the idea of becoming a house cleaner. But if you have an eye for detail and your finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, you could become a home decorator.

Depending on your skills and interests, you could stick to interior decorating or branch out to include landscaping services.

28. Offer Gardening Services

Speaking of landscaping services – if you prefer just getting your hands covered in soil and pruning the rose bushes, you could become a professional gardener instead. The requirements aren’t as strict, but you can still make a very lucrative career out of your green hobby by helping to take care of other peoples’ gardens for them.

29. Join Lyft and Uber

With a working car and spare time on your hands, you could be making money driving around town. All you need to do is join both Lyft and Uber – whenever one app is quiet in terms of customers, the other is usually fairly busy.

You won’t necessarily break the bank, but it’s a great way to make money as a car enthusiast by spending time with your vehicle.

30. Use Your Car for Advertising

If you’re not too concerned about the outside of your car (and more interested in the nuts and bolts that make up the inner workings thereof), then you can make even more money.

Just like professional drivers have their race cars plastered with the ads of their sponsors, you can earn cash for driving around in a car with advertising. All you need to do is sign up with Carvertise and start earning.

31. Rent Your Car

We have one more suggestion for you car fanatics.

If you have more than one set of wheels, or you don’t get to drive much yourself and don’t want your car to just cost you money, you can rent it out to others. You’ll have full control over who may rent it, as well as for how long at a time, and even how far they’re allowed to drive it on any given day.

And when you list your car for rent with Getaround, they’ll take care of the insurance for you.

Are you a road trip enthusiast with your own RV that you’re not using all the time? RVShare is the best way for you to rent it out in a similar manner!

32. Rent Your Spare Room on Airbnb

Do you love traveling and/or playing host? Join Airbnb as a host right away.

Renting out your home while you’re abroad can be a great way to turn that particular pastime into some cash, albeit indirectly.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a host/hostess than a traveler, then you can do the same with your spare room instead of your whole apartment/home.

33. Become a Photographer

Everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days. And with DSLR cameras becoming relatively cheaper – and smartphone cameras becoming a lot better – it’s easy to see why.

But people are still hiring photographers for events like weddings, proms, bar mitzvahs, engagement shoots, portraits… the list goes on and on! So if you have a professional camera and editing skills, you can turn your photography skills into money by offering your services.

Turn Your Shopping Hobby into Money

Retail therapy is a real thing. Or maybe you just really enjoy shopping.

Either/or, you can spend that time earning money rather than merely spending it. Check out these 3 ideas to discover how.

34. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers aren’t just regular shoppers. They might be doing real shopping, of course – but they’re also doing things like evaluating a certain product or service. Usually, they’re hired by the store or sometimes by the mall.

But here’s the thing: the store doesn’t know who they are. Mystery shoppers are hired through an agency to get a real-feel and give genuine feedback.

Intrigued? Read How Do You Become a Secret Shopper? for more details.

35. Help Others Do Their Shopping

Some people need to do shopping but aren’t able to. Perhaps they’re too old, or they’ve been injured. If they don’t have a friend or family member to take care of the groceries for them, they’ll hire someone else to do the shopping.

You already know 2 of the most popular ways to get paid to be that “someone else” – TaskRabbit and, both of which you were introduced to earlier.

But if you’re looking for more options, here’s a quick list:

36. Use Cashback Portals and Receipt Scanner Apps

Finally, how would you like to earn some of your own spending money back when you shop?

You won’t necessarily get a lot of it back – typically between 1% and 20% on select items. But if you’re smart about it, you can double that amount.

All you need to do is sign up with a cashback portal as well as a receipt scanner app.

Ebates is one of the best examples of the former. Any time you need to make a purchase, whether online or in-store, first check whether there’s a cashback offer available on it.

Some may specify that you need to purchase the item/service from a specific retailer/provider, while others won’t. Simply make sure to follow the instructions and you’ll get some cash back.

Ibotta is our best-recommended example of a receipt scanner app. Simply sign up, book coupons in the app, and after you’ve made your purchase, snap a pic of your receipt. If you qualify (again, there may be specific retailers, brands, etc you need to buy), you’ll get some more cash back.


One of the best things about the fact you can turn your hobby into money is that we all have at least one hobby that will work for us. And if you’re already enjoying doing it, why not continue doing so in your spare time – with the added benefit of earning some extra money simultaneously?

Have you had any luck turning your hobby into money? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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