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31 Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

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Being an introvert may make you anxious about getting a job. However, there isn't anything to fear. You may not be able to work in a traditional work setting. However, there are plenty of options for you, regardless, and you won't end up homeless over this trait.

Lucky for you, if you hate people, you don't have to work around them! There are plenty of workplaces that you'll be able to go to and work in seclusion. Or, even better… you may be able to work from the comfort of your own home.

So, don't fret and understand that you're not alone.

What is an introvert?

The definition of introvert is “someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Socialization can cause introverts to feel exhausted, and they need to be alone afterwards to feel better.

They feel this way because the dopamine in the body of an introvert receives a different response from their brain to those of extroverts. Meaning, you were likely born as an introvert, unless you suffered trauma that made you become more introverted.

Keep in mind that introversion isn't abnormal; there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. Even if people say otherwise, you aren't alone in this trait. In fact, 30-50% of people in the United States have introverted personalities.

Not all introverts are the same. Some people's introverted personality takes a serious toll on their lives, but for others, it isn't too bad.

Also, being shy and being an introvert are two different things. Being shy is when you become nervous in social situations, which can occur in both introverts and extroverts. However, being an introvert means that social interaction literally wears you out physically and mentally.

To clear up some assumptions about introverts:

  • They aren't necessarily socially awkward. Their personalities can be totally charming, but they may just need smaller doses of social interaction at a time than others.
  • Being introverted isn't the same as being rude. If an introvert avoids being social, they're looking out for their health.
  • Introverts don't need to change. While they can improve for their own sake to be able to have more fun and be social, they don't need to be “fixed.”

31 Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

1. Janitor

As you likely know, being a janitor comes with any tasks associated with cleaning, such as

  • sweeping
  • mopping
  • washing walls/ glass
  • vacuuming
  • locking up doors
  • collecting/ disposing of trash

If you're timid or just tired of being around people, a janitor job is perfect because you can work in silence. There are various ways that you can work as a janitor.

For example, you can be a school custodian. A day shift for this may not be the most practical option for somebody like you, as an environment filled with children isn't always ideal for somebody who doesn't like being around people.

However, janitors often pick up shifts after everyone has cleared out of a workplace. Therefore, you'll be able to enjoy the calming motions of cleaning, only accompanied by radio silence.

Janitors are needed at virtually every workplace, such as:

  • hospitals
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • office buildings
  • libraries

The average annual salary of a janitor is $29,913.

2. Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is an excellent option for people who enjoy being on the road while maintaining a solo status.

A truck driver's daily responsibilities include:

  • Transporting goods/ raw materials to and from manufacturing plants/ centers
  • Inspecting vehicles for potential issues in regards to mechanics and maintenance.
  • Planning truck routes
  • Complying with any truck driving rules and regulations
  • Placing trucks in their designated locations for pickup/drop off of goods
  • Keeping track of and following delivery instructions

To be a truck driver, however, you need to be able to handle long hours of driving and regularly travel, which isn't ideal for some people's lifestyles.

The average salary of a truck driver is around $40,000, but some companies offer more to their drivers.

3. Zoologist

Zoology is a great career path if you are an introvert that prefers animals over humans (understandable). Zoologists are biological scientists whose jobs are to study animals and their ecosystems.

The daily duties of people in the field of zoology include:

  • Researching animal behavior
  • Collecting zoological data for analysis
  • Writing papers, reports, articles, etc. based on their findings.

Zoology work occurs either in the field or in a lab, depending on what route you want to take. If you are a more outdoorsy person, then going out and physically being with animals may be the road you want to go down. Working in a lab may result in you having to work with other scientists.

The average salary of a zoologist is $72,219 annually.

4. Accountant

Who doesn't love money? It's what makes the world go round. If you're somebody interested in the process of earning and handling money, accounting may be the job for you.

Since working as an account will mainly consist of working with documents and financial statements, you'll be alone for the most part.

Your day-to-day work would likely consist of the following:

  • Account information analysis
  • Documentation of financial transactions
  • Recommendations in regards to financial actions
  • Summarization of monetary statuses (profit, loss, etc.)
  • Auditing documents
  • Accounting control maintenance
  • Database backups

Annually, accountants make between $50,000-$90,000.

5. Museum Technician

If you're somebody that has a keen interest and takes a liking to art, science, etc. exhibits, consider working as a museum technician.

You'll get to enjoy your job genuinely, not only because you'll have an opportunity to be around your interests, but you also won't have to work in an environment filled with people. Instead, you're focused on maintaining the quality of the exhibits behind the scenes.

Tasks that your job will consist of include:

  • Installing, arranging, assembling, and preparing artifacts for exhibition
  • Ensuring the safety of the objects to be displayed and reporting their status/condition
  • Identifying and fixing any problems associated with the structure of the exhibit
  • Performing quality tests and examinations
  • Preparing artifacts for storage/transfer
  • Photographing contents of the displays

On average, museum technicians earn about $40,030 a year.

6. Librarian

Preserving the desire to read and retain new knowledge through books is a critical concept to keep. However, in a digital era like the one we're currently in, the number of people that go to libraries is becoming lower and lower, so they're relatively empty.

Not only that but even in busier places with more people, such as universities and schools, libraries are known for being a quiet place, so you won't have to deal with a ton of bustling people. So if you have a love for books, then this may be your future career.

As a librarian, you'll do the following:

  • Maintain records of circulation and materials
  • Supervise budgeting, planning, etc.
  • Check books in/out
  • Classify/categorize library materials
  • Compile list of available materials
  • Assemble displays
  • Keep track of overdue materials

The average salary of a librarian is $64,602 a year.

7. Online Support Rep

As an introvert, you likely have a skill that is very useful in customer service- being a great listener. This will allow you to pick up on details that others might let go over their head.

Working as an online representative may sound scary because you have to communicate with people. However, you can do it just through typing, so you won't have to face or speak to anybody.

Your job will likely consist of:

  • Providing product/ service information
  • Answering any product/ service related question
  • Opening & updating customer accounts
  • Resolving product/service issues
  • Recommending products and services

The annual salary of online representatives is usually around $32,890 a year.

8. Medical Transcriber

Medical transcribers are people that use transcription technology to listen to recordings of the dictation of vital information that needs to go into medical reports, including patient visits to the emergency room, imaging studies, operations, chart reviews, etc.

If you have an interest in medicine but don't want to join the field in the sense of becoming a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc. this is a great way for you to be involved without human interaction.

As a medical transcriber, your day will include the following:

  • Deciding which information should and shouldn't be in reports
  • Correcting any inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms
  • Data entry
  • Producing medical reports, records, statistics, research, and other material
  • Editing dictated material/ reports
  • Listening to dictation using transcription technology
  • Transcribing dictation
  • Translating any abbreviations and medical jargon
  • Office tasks
  • Maintaining medical files/ databases (x-ray, lab, procedures, etc.)

The pay is about $34,770 a year.

9. Music Composer

If your an introvert with musical talent, you should definitely put those skills to use. For example, if you know how to compose songs, then you can do that with the comfort of seclusion.

The job of composers is to:

  • Create original music
  • Transcribe/record musical ideas, turning them into notes on scored music sheets
  • Develop patterns of harmony using music theory
  • Create musical/ tonal structure

10. Auditor

Another career path for introverts is to become an auditor. Auditors are specialists who review company and organization accounts and financial records to verify validity and legality.

Tasks of an auditor include:

  • Analyzing and organizing spreadsheet data
  • Examining company accounts and financial data
  • Determining financial risk in companies
  • Checking the validity of financial reports/ records
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Preparing reports/ financial statements
  • Making sure and procedures and regulations are followed
  • Reviewing employee wages

The salary is around $70,000 annually.

11. Postal Delivery Person

This option is similar to being a truck driver. At this point, everyone is familiar with the mailman. That could be you. So again, if you enjoy driving and being alone, being a postal service driver.

This is what postal service carriers do six days a week (closed on Sundays):

  • Deliver packages and mail in mailboxes
  • Set up a delivery route
  • Take outgoing mail from mailboxes
  • Place packages on front porch/ doorstep
  • Leave package notices on doors
  • Operate approved delivery vehicle

The average annual salary for postal service carriers is $58,760.

12. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists tie the knot between information on paper and digital data. The job of a data entry specialist is to move written data on various documents, such as checks, bills, reports, etc. to an online database. There, the data is analyzed.

This is a good option for introverts because you can silently work on data transfer by yourself.

Your work will consist of:

  • Preparation, compilation, and sorting of documents for data entry
  • Verification of accuracy of records & data
  • Data input, rearrangement, and update
  • Information transcription

The salary of a data entry specialist is, on average, $30,930 a year.

13. Surveyor

Surveying is a good option for people interested in the structure of properties. A surveyor decides property boundaries through specific measurements. The data they find is then used for construction, mapmaking, and engineering.

Introverts can do this job indoors or outdoors, working by themselves.

What your day will include:

  • Preparing and maintaining sketches, maps, reports, etc. of surveys
  • Verifying survey data accuracy
  • Directing/ conducting surveys
  • Establishing legal boundaries
  • Recording survey results
  • Calculating heights, depths, relative positions, property lines, etc.
  • Searching through records for property information

The average salary of somebody in the field of surveying is about $62,580 annually.

14. Housekeeper

Similarly to janitorial jobs, housekeeping is a great job for introverts hat find cleaning relaxing. Housekeepers mainly do light cleaning in homes or commercial buildings.

Here are some of the things you'll need to do as a housekeeper:

  • Keep facilities and other vital areas clean
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Dust
  • Clean and restock restrooms
  • Collecting and discarding trash
  • Clean furniture

The average annual salary of a housekeeper is about $24,630 a year.

15. Photographer

You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The ability to capture moments beautifully is a great talent to have. Working as a photographer can give you an opportunity to travel and see gorgeous scenery for the sake of getting good shots.

You can choose what you want to photograph. However, photographing people may not be the best option for an introvert that generally doesn't want excessive human interaction.

The average pay for a photographer is $34,000 a year.

16. Archivist

Archivists are specialists whose goal is to hold on to original material and assisting people in the process of obtaining it. This includes paper documents, photographs, maps, films, online records, etc.

This is a great career if you're interested in history, as archivists generally work in museums or libraries. You'll be able to sift through the past silently.

Your daily tasks will include:

  • evaluating, selecting, retrieving, and arranging materials
  • making archives available to a wide range of people
  • storing and maintaining documents that could potentially perish
  • producing materials used for teaching

In the United States, archivists make an average salary of $46,795.

17. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are essentially storytellers, in the sense that they work to create visual concepts. They complete their work using digital software or by hand. The work of a graphic designer varies based on the work that they are currently doing and the path they choose to take.

However, regardless of what you enjoy drawing, it's perfect for introverts as you'll be able to get “in the zone” and simply focus on the art.

As a graphic designer, you'd do the following:

  • Plan concepts through studying information and materials
  • Illustrate your vision through a designed rough layout of your art,
  • Make final product using typesetting, printing, and other similar equipment
  • Paste together finished copy and art

The average salary for graphic designers is $52,589 a year.

18. Lab Technician

Lab technicians are heavily trained workers that work with specific systems or perform tests to analyze various substances. Being able to work by yourself while also being engaged in the medical field is an excellent option for anybody with scientific talent but an introverted personality.

A lab technician's average workday is laid out like this:

  • Creating and executing laboratory testing based on standard procedures
  • Conducting experiments under very specific conditions in order to prove or deny hypotheses determined through the scientific method.
  • Receiving, labeling and analyzing samples, such as blood, toxic, tissue, etc.

The average salary of a lab technician is $36,991 a year.

19. Artist

Art is a beautiful pastime to do alone and quietly. You can spend hours just immersed in art, doing what you love to do. As an artist, you can do what you please, depending on what you like to do- whether it be painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.

The average annual salary of an artist is $58,370.

20. Audio or Video Editor

If you have a keen ability to edit, whether it be audio or videos, consider putting that talent to use to assist others into putting their own visions together and perfecting them.

The duties that this job involves include:

  • Assembling raw footage
  • Inputting sound/ visual effects
  • Fine-tuning appearance
  • Reordering content
  • Experimentation with styles/techniques
  • Adding music

The average salary of an audio or video editor is about $59,000 a year.

21. Animal Care Worker

Who doesn't love animals more than people? Just like zoology, this is a great choice for animal-loving introverts.

Your animal assistance will likely consist of:

  • Giving food and water to animals
  • Cleaning any equipment used for the animals
  • Keeping animal living quarters clean & tidy
  • Monitoring animal behavior, diet, and physical condition
  • Examining the health of the animals
  • Exercising the animals
  • Maintaining the hygiene of the animals (bathing, trimming nails, clipping hair, etc.)
  • Training animals

In this field, you could make about $23,950 in a year.

22. Software developer

If you happen to have talent in regards to creating stuff digitally, then you may want to consider creating online software. As a software developer, you'll be able to create your own services or edit preexisting ones, such as video games, apps, etc.

This work can be done entirely on your own; it doesn't have to be in collaboration with other creators unless you want to work with one or more.

If you choose this career, you'll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Producing clean new code
  • Testing and launching programs and systems
  • Improving/ expanding on existing software.

The amount of money you'll be making should be about $105,590 a year.

23. Court Reporters

If you're an introvert that happens to take an interest in law, then consider working as a court reporter. You just need to sit in the stands, observe, and take down information.

This career is vital because keeping an exact record of legal cases is a perfect way to have a valuable reference for the future.

As a court reporter, you'll have to do the following:

  • Attend legal court proceedings, depositions, & administrative hearings
  • Report any words, actions, and gestures using stenography machines, microphones, recording devices, audio, and video equipment

Annually, court reporters make about $57,150 a year.

24. IT professionals

If you happen to be technologically skilled, you can pass your skills on to others and assist them with any issues they may have with their computers, phones, and other devices.

You won't necessarily have to work in an environment filled with people. Instead, you may be able to have devices sent to you, fix them, and return them.

As an IT specialist, you'll do the following:

  • Installing new software/ hardware
  • Ensuring the security of data storage
  • Resolving issues with IT systems/ software
  • Regularly evaluating IT systems

As an IT specialist, you'll end up with a salary of about $53,470 a year.

25. Chef

Some people have a natural liking for cooking or baking, which is understandable. If this happens to be you, why not jump into the kitchen and showcase your talents? While, as a chef, you'd be cooking for others, you won't have to be interacting with others constantly.

What you'll do on the daily will depend on what kind of eatery you work at and what types of foods you enjoy and are good at making.

The salary of a chef is about $48,460 a year.

26. Astronomer

Astronomers are scientists who specialize in the study of celestial bodies and the events that occur in space. Space is fascinating, and if you agree, astronomy is a career that won't have too much of an effect on your introverted personality.

Astronomers have an exciting work day, completing a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Performing tests, collecting and analyzing data, and applying aspects of math and science to further the human education on space, planets, stars, and moons.
  • Developing theories, software, and technologies
  • Writing scholarly articles based on what they discover
  • Drafting funding proposals
  • Traveling to labs/ observatories worldwide to continue and expand on their studies of celestial events

Astronomers make about $111,090 a year.

27. Pilot

Every time you go on a flight, you're probably not thinking about the behind the scenes situations, such as all the hard work that the pilot puts in. However, this is an essential and fulfilling career path that isn't in entire seclusion but can be a slightly thrilling push for introverts to leave their comfort zone somewhat but still have fun.

As a pilot, you'll do the following:

  • Pre/ post-flight plane inspections
  • Choosing the best flight routes in terms of safety and efficiency
  • Determining potential risks
  • Maintaining accurate flight records

The salary of a pilot is about $140,340 a year.

28. Horticulturist

A lot of people find plants boring. But they are important. Without plants, we wouldn't be able to sustain life. The oxygen they release is what gives us the option to breathe.

If you have an appreciation for the beauty of Mother Earth and enjoy gardening, horticulture can be a fulfilling career path for you, which you can entirely alone. Working outside, you can just be engulfed in nature.

Horticulturists do the following in a workday:

  • Cultivate and maintain plants/crops
  • Manage and control weeds, pests, and diseases
  • Organize horticultural trials
  • Maintaining financial records

Horticulturists earn about $64,020 in a year.

Work From Home Jobs For People Who Hate People

29. Freelance

The term “freelancing” is pretty broad. It's applicable to a wide variety of careers and talent. Freelancing is receiving work through self-employment rather than having one specific employer. This is great because you'll get to have a sense of independence and flexibility.

Freelancing is great for introverts because they can work from the comfort of their own home or anywhere else. The income is different for every field.

30. Create A YouTube Channel

A new age way of making a living that is becoming increasingly popular is creating videos on YouTube. Thousands of influencers make great money doing this. Therefore, YouTube is a great way to have fun and express yourself while making money.

This is good for introverts because, while you will be addressing your audience, you don't have to be suffocated by the presence of other people physically. But, you shouldn’t expect to get rich from making videos automatically. First, you need to begin with building up a good following. Once you do, your channel can become monetized.

In order to partner with YouTube, you must amass 1,000 subscribers and 4,000+ minutes of watch time. As your channel grows, you can make anywhere from hundreds to millions annually.

31. Teach People Stuff

If you have knowledge of a particular subject, you can put that to use and create a course through which people can learn from you. Everything will be premade, in the sense that you won't be directly teaching anybody.

This is an excellent option for anybody that wished to become an educator but felt too introverted to do so.


Udemy is an online teaching site on which about 800 new courses are added to their catalog on a monthly bases. Costs for patrons range from $10-$500, depending on the course. The more popular ones are $100+.

The courses you teach must have 30+ minutes worth of video content. There also has to be at least 5 lectures in the course. Any courses that are to appear on the site go through a “Quality Review Process.”

Your pay will come through PayPal, on which you will be paid on a monthly basis. How much you make will be dependent on the pricing of your course and how many people sign up.


Teachable is an excellent option for potential course creators. You're able to offer courses on their own or within bundles with other classes. You can also charge a one-time fee, a payment plan, or a subscription.

You're able to create coupon codes for your customers and to attract attention. You can also add course affiliates that will get a percentage of course sales. There's also an email marketing tool through which you can sift through students and message them after their enrollment.

You can also collect feedback from your students and find trends in regards to progress through Google platforms, such as Google Forms.

The Basic plan will cost you $39 every month. This price includes a custom domain for your website, email/ affiliate marketing, coupon codes, course content, and a 5% transaction fee.

Some other examples of great jobs to do from home are:

  • Becoming an author
  • Transcribing online
  • Virtual assistance
  • Online data entry
  • Online notary
  • Social media
  • Bookkeeping

Jobs For People Who Hate People Conclusion

An introvert is somebody who becomes worn out because of social situations, in which there are a large number of people around. Situations like these can be overwhelming for people with all kinds of personalities; however, with introverts, the effect is particularly negative.

Chances are that if you're on this article, this describes you.

Now, hopefully, you've been able to find or begin laying out some career options that suit not only your interests but your personality as well. Nobody should need to feel alienated in society due to a character trait, and it definitely should not affect anyone's ability to sustain themselves financially.

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