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10 Money Giveaways | Free Money & Win Prizes

Need A Quick & Easy $370+ Every Month For Free?

Chances are, if you're human (and you probably are), you'd love to get money with minimal effort. Lucky for you, this is possible. A great example is earning free money by entering different contests and sweepstakes offering cash prizes for lucky winners.

Entering giveaways can earn you anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars. And while winning isn't always likely, it's always worth a shot.

But there are also other ways to earn money with little effort. You can do simple tasks, such as watching videos and/or taking surveys. Not only is this a great way to pass time, but the videos and surveys can be pretty entertaining.

The bottom line is – earning money with little to no effort is easy, and we’re going to show you how in this article!

Let’s get started!

List of Free Money Giveaways and Prizes

1. Survey Giveaway

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website that gives you money in exchange for genuine feedback on businesses with the goal of improving their products via survey-taking. Each survey earns anywhere from ten cents to $75. The more extensive the survey is, the more you receive.

You’re awarded for each survey in the form of points. Every 1,000 points is the equivalent of $1. To cash out, you need at least $10, which is 10,000 points. You’re paid through PayPal. You can also opt to get your reward in the form of gift cards.

Annually, you have the potential to make around $1,095. You can even make more if you qualify for more extensive surveys. While this might not be an amazing salary, using Survey Junkie is a decent and exciting way to make easy money.

2. Money Giveaway for Watching Videos


If you’re a regular internet user, you likely enjoy watching videos on YouTube. In fact, more than 80% of citizens in the United States use YouTube. If you fall into this category, we suggest trying Swagbucks.

When using Swagbucks, you’re able to earn cash by watching videos on a variety of topics, such as fashion and food.

You’re also able to earn a profit through Swagbucks by shopping both online and in-person. When you make a purchase, you can earn cash back or exclusive deals. There’s also the option of participating in surveys and mini-games.

With Swagbucks, you can earn $90/month. This amounts to $1,080 annually. You’re paid via points that can eventually be exchanged for cash.

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And just for signing up, you get a $10 bonus. This comes in the form of 1,000 points. To receive it, activate it under settings in the “Swag Ups” section.

3. Shopping Giveaway


If you’re trying to budget when shopping, the goal is typically to spend less. If this sounds like you, in addition to budgeting, you should also try Ebates.

Ebates provides some flexibility when it comes to shopping by giving you a percentage of your expenses back.

Once you sign up, simply go through whatever deals are available, shop at the participating vendors and watch the money settle back into your wallet.

Plus, just for signing up, you earn a $10 gift card as a welcome bonus. You can redeem the card once you make at least $25.

4. Join A Lottery

You’ve probably heard of the lottery. Who hasn’t? Every year, billions of dollars are awarded to lucky winners. Yet, many people don’t enter because of how slim the chance of winning is. After all, if you register, you have roughly a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning.

However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try. A slim chance is better than no chance. Plus, the prizes are more than worth it (duh).

On the other hand, lottery works as a form of gambling. You typically need to purchase numbers, which are then drawn to decide who the winner is. The government conducts the lottery, and there are different varieties you can opt in for.

The highest jackpot is usually around $1.6 billion, and while winning is a longshot, the prize speaks for itself. If you do win, you have the choice to get it all in one payment or receive it annually over the span of 30 years.

5. Join Talent-Based Contests

If you have a particular talent, you can participate in a contest based on that talent. For example, competitions centered around:

  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Puzzles

There are also expert level competitions, but those have more requirements to enter – you truly need to be proficient in your skills if you want to participate in one.

If you win a competition, you typically win a cash prize. You might also be recruited by companies trying to find new talent to join their brand or bring traffic to their products.

6. Enter Cash Sweepstakes

Another great way to earn easy money is by joining sweepstakes to win cash. Sweepstakes are contests in which you can win rewards through a random drawing.

In this case, look for cash sweepstakes specifically. The prize can be anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars. There isn't a huge chance you'll win, but it's significantly bigger than the lottery.

With some cash sweepstakes, you might need to purchase a company's product to qualify.

7. Enter Online Contests

Entering online contests is yet another way to have cash put in your pocket with minimal effort.

However, you do need to keep an eye out for scammers. With how quickly technology is advancing, cybersecurity isn't keeping up. Scammers will sometimes create fake contests to receive your personal information.

For this reason, take caution when filling out forms. You might be tempted by large cash prizes, only to be scammed.

8. Enter A Promotional Giveaway

With promotional giveaways, you enter a contest formed by one or multiple companies looking for publicity. They’re trying to gain more customers and direct people to their products.

Promotions can be used by a variety of people and companies, such as small businesses and authors looking to increase their engagement. Prizes are typically products patented by the company, but sometimes cash is included.

9. Use A Sweepstakes Directory

A sweepstakes directory is a service that puts various contests from all over the internet in one place. By using a service like this, people looking to enter sweepstakes have easy access to the competitions.

Through this directory, you’re able to locate cash sweepstakes with large prizes and potentially earn money for free.

10. Join Blog Giveaways

Some bloggers work with various companies to create a giveaway – boosting both their popularity and the company they’re working with. Sometimes, multiple companies work with influencers, giving away products or money in order to gain attraction to their brand.

Entering these blog giveaways is often as simple as giving your name and contact information, through which you can be notified if you win.

Money Giveaway FAQ’s

Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Money Giveaways?

Usually, you need to pay taxes if you participate in a giveaway and win. Here are the typical steps for paying taxes on money giveaways:

Keep a Record

Keeping track of what and how much you win makes the process a lot simpler and more efficient. You should take note of the name and sponsor of the contest, the date the money comes in, and when the money actually arrives.

Collect 1099 Forms

If the prize you win is more than $600, you will receieve a 1099 form from whoever sponsored the contest by the end of the year. Sometimes, you receive one for smaller wins as well. The information from the forms will go on your taxes, so keep a record.

Fair Market Value

Your sweepstakes taxes are paid on the Fair Market Value of FMV and not the ARV of the sponsor. If you kept up with the FMVs of what you won, that amount should be used on your taxes. But you will need to explain why the value is different than the one on the 1099.

Add Up the Total Value

Legally, you're supposed to report all sweepstakes wins on your tax forms, not just larger ones. This means everything you won during the tax year needs to be added up and put on your tax form.

“Other Income”

Once you gather your FMV information with all your wins, the data should be placed on line 21 of a 1040 form, in the spot titled “Other Income.”


Lastly, simply finish filling out the 1040 form and submit it as normal.

What is the History of Winning Cash?

The practice of creating drawings for rewards became popular in Europe in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

In 1612, lotteries were linked directly to the United States for the first time, when King James created the first “official government” lottery. In this time period, lotteries were used by various organizations to fund town, wars, colleges, and other essential expenses.

In the 1760s, George Washington conducted a lottery to gather funds for the Mountain Road. Benjamin Franklin used lotteries to pay for cannons in the American Revolution. In the 1820s, however, people began to dislike lotteries because they saw them as detrimental to the public.

When it reached the 1860s, the southern states heavily used lotteries after the Civil War for the purpose of funding the Reconstruction. A company called “Louisiana Lottery Company” was designated to become the only lottery provider of the state, earning and providing a huge amount of profit.

However, the Louisiana lottery was abolished in 1894 because the transportation of lottery materials across state lines was outlawed. It was then discovered the lottery was involved in illegal business. Once this came to the public's eye, opinions on lotteries became negative.

Lotteries came back to life in the 1960s, when the New Hampshire legislature organized sweepstakes to gather money for educational programs.

In the 1980s, the positivity towards lotteries came back in full. The following locations partook in the formation of lotteries:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • District of Columbia

In the 1990s, these locations were joined by:

  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

Today, lotteries are currently generally accepted and liked. Billions of dollars in cash prizes are awarded annually.

How Much Money Can You Win?

With money giveaways, you can win anywhere from hundreds to billions of dollars. Prizes vary depending on who is running the sweepstakes.


Lotteries and other forms of money giveaways have attracted many companies and customers, resulting in billions of dollars being won every year.

You could potentially tap into this profit by entering a variety of giveaways. Even if the odds aren't in your favor, the potential is still there. And if, by chance, you did win…you might get an early retirement!

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