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35 Best Passive Income Apps & Websites That Are Legit In 2019

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What if you were told that you could make a decent amount of money with little to no effort, sometimes without even switching up your daily routine? While this may sound unbelievable, it is totally possible through passive income.

Gaining passive income is earning a living without having to work very hard to get it. The most effort will likely come from finding what works for you. Once you discover what is suitable, you'll be earning money in no time!

Best Passive Income Shopping Apps

Chances are, you enjoy buying new things that you desire. However, we aren't always able to get everything that we want and need. That is where some of these passive income resources come in.

With these apps, you can receive significant cashback and deals that can make all the difference in your transactions.

1. Ebates

Ebates, currently also known as Rakuten, is a resource that allows you to avoid having to limit your shopping because of budgeting. This is because it gives you some cashback on thousands of items.

All you need to do is sign up, browse what’s available, purchase, and watch the money flow back into your wallet.

Just for signing up, you’ll get $10, and you can cash out once you earn $25.

2. Swagbucks

Chances are, at some point you watch YouTube, as more than 4/5 of the United States population watches YouTube.

If you enjoy watching videos, then Swagbucks is a great way to earn some quick cash by simply watching videos on a variety of interesting topics, like food.

You can also earn cash back from shopping at certain merchants.

With Swagbucks, you can earn around $90 a month (about $1,080 annually).

3. Paribus

Using Paribus, you can find out if you are entitled to any refunds from stores or if you can get cash back from any price changes. All you have to do is allow the app to scan and look for any store receipts that you have in your inbox.

One of the only drawback is that Paribus doesn't work for all retailers. However, it does work for 25 big retailers, such as Amazon and Target.

Paribus is also a useful resource for finding savings in regards to pricing for hotels.

Another drawback is that it's only available on Apple devices as an app. However, you can use your desktop to access it.

4. Ibotta

With Ibotta, you can make your purchases less wasteful by earning some cashback. To do so, when you purchase something, enter the checkout amount to get a partial refund automatically.

You get $10 just for signing up. However, you can’t redeem this until you begin using the service and earning rewards.


Dosh is a cool service that will locate any available coupons and promo codes automatically. It will also instantly get you cash back from thousands of retailers. Over $25 million has been given to users so far.

You’ll also receive a $5 sign up bonus, which you’ll be able to redeem once you link a credit or debit card.

6. Birch Finance

Birch Finance is regularly evaluates your spending habits. The analysis will allow the app to provide you with information to maximize your credit card rewards. It may also recommend credit cards that are superior and more suitable for you than the one(s) that you already own.

Credit card rewards are a great way to earn some money back on your purchases.

7. Seated

Seated is an app that is targeted toward people who frequently eat at restaurants. Using the app, as you make reservations at eateries, you can earn gift cards with up to $60 on them.

This is great because eventually, you'll be able to enjoy free meals!

Best Passive Saving Money Apps

Saving up money doesn't always come naturally to everybody, hence why it's a good idea to have a game plan and get help. Various passive income apps can help you with budgeting, sometimes even earning you interest just for saving money.

Even if you think that you don't have room to save up with the costs of your daily expenses, you may be surprised. Sometimes, just saving up the cents that you won't miss is enough to have a decent amount of money saved up eventually.

8. Digit

Digit is a platform that analyzes your purchasing patterns through your daily transactions, bills, and other financial information. Then, the algorithm will decide when to save how much you need to save.

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Along with the analysis, your personal goals are also taken into account. Meaning, the amount that you save can then be used for something of your choice, such as paying off your credit card, saving up for a vacation, or building up emergency money. This is an alternative to just leaving the money in your savings account. The goals that you pick can always be adjusted.

Generally, Digit will move anywhere from $5-$30 every 2-3 days. The money is transferred to and from FDIC insured banks, which means that your cash is under protection.

The platform probably sounds excellent so far; however, there is a slight catch. You have to pay about $3 a month. But, you will gain some of that back through a 1% savings bonus that you'll receive every three months.

9. Acorns

Saving up money is an important task that can push you towards being able to buy something that you want or set you up for your future. Acorns is useful because it allows you to save up even when you're tight on cash, as it merely saves the spare change from your purchases.

For example, if you bought something for $1.50, about 50 cents would be invested in your Acorns wallet.

Just for signing up, you will receive $5. You can also potentially win a $1,000 bonus through referring at least 12 friends that must sign up.

10. Capital One 360

With Capital One 360, you have a variety of options to get extra money options to earn extra cash through your transactions. The platform gives you interest on checking accounts and additional interest on savings accounts. There are also a small number of fees.

Top Passive Income Investing Apps

If investing is something that you enjoy or would potentially like to get into, there are plenty of resources that can push you in the right direction. If you don't fully understand the process, some platforms will virtually automatically manage everything for you.

There are also sometimes options for you to speak to advisors whose goal is to assist you in improving your skills in regards to investing. The goal is that you can eventually become independent.

If you already are proficient in investing and have a higher net worth, you can also complete deals with other professionals or engage in high-level projects. These require more massive amounts of funding to work.

11. Stash

Stash is a small investing app through which you can invest money, but only in increments of $5 at once.

Stash provides individual stocks in which you can invest your money and foundations for exchange-traded funds or ETFs.

This app is a great way to get started with investing if you are a beginner.

12. Betterment

Betterment is an app that works as a sort of an advisor for your investing journey. It will create and manage your portfolio for you, so you won’t have to do any of the work.

However, you will have to pay a small fee to use the service.

13. Swell Investing

Swell Investing serves as a virtual advisor, assisting you in your investment endeavors.

The main focus of Swell Investing is six different kinds of companies, such as companies promoting healthy living and green causes.

This platform is best for investors who are looking to give money to companies with a good cause.

The only downside is that there is an annual fee of 0.75% deducted from your assets, which is higher compared to other platforms.

14. Wealthfront

Wealthfront is a great resource that turns your investments into a variety of exchange-traded funds.

The way it works is: 1) You'll invest money into your account. It must be at least $500, as that's the minimum. You can use an individual retirement account or IRA if you want. 2) The money you input will be separated into ETFs. 3) Wealthfront will use Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to organize your assets automatically.

High-Yield Savings Account To Make Passive Income

As motivation to use your savings account, you can earn interest on the money that you leave in it. Gradually, your money will build, and you'll eventually have a decent amount of money to pocket.

15. CIT Bank

The CIT Bank app is perfect for managing your finances. Through the app, you can check your account balances, transfer money, and look through your past transactions.

Another essential feature is the ability to move money to your savings account, which can gain a lot of interest, providing high amounts of yield.

This is a great way to earn money without having to do anything but allow your cash to sit in your savings account.

16. Aspiration Account

The Aspiration Account is one of the best checking account options. Not only are you able to earn high amounts of interest and cashback, but there also aren't any fees whatsoever, not even overdraft fees.

Therefore, this is a great option to earn some easy money while saving up what you already have.

Dividend Investing Apps For Passive Money

Dividend investing is a way to earn money by growing a portfolio that you'll have to create as it increases in market value. Purchasing stocks that will pay in dividends is a great way to earn cash. Dividends are payments that are awarded to shareholders.

There are plenty of apps that allow you to do this.

17. Ally Invest

Ally Invest is an app designed to lead you into a world of independent investing. However, there is an A1 advisor, called Ally Invest Managed Portfolios, in which you can have your financing managed without the hassle.

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Ally Invest Managed Portfolios comes with some significant pluses, such as a low fee (0.30%), low minimum in terms of investment, 24-hour service, and automatic portfolio rebalancing.

The best part is, Ally advises you based on what you want. You tell them how you want your money handles, and the robo-assistant does the rest.

18. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is yet another excellent investment app that comes with the convenience of hands-on assistance.

With TD Ameritrade, you are able to trade stocks, options, futures, forwards and other things.

Currently, there is a promotion running that rewards investors with $250,000+ in their account with $600 and 60 days worth of free trade.

If you refer people to the service, you can earn $200 or 20 free shares (it’s your choice).

Bond Investing Apps

One bond is a section of a jumbo loan, as the entirety is comprised of loans from various sources. Bonds, as a whole come from a variety of investors.

Investors lend money to a company when purchasing bonds. The company will then pay back the loan with interest (a preset percentage) and returns the loan.

This is an excellent way to earn some cash, hence why there are apps for this method of gaining passive income. Although, you'll have to wait for the return to make some profit.

19. Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds is a company that gives out loans to people with small businesses. This will allow them to build up an inventory and maintain their finances.

Then, they charge the businesses high interest on their loans, which is then passed onto the people that invest in the company.

By investing a minimum of just $10, you’ll earn about 5% of what you spent, which is pretty decent.

Peer Lending Passive Income Apps

Through peer lending apps, people are able to lend money to other people or to businesses, to later receive it with interest, similarly to purchasing bonds.

The only downside is that, unlike bonds, these apps are not government protected. But, the app moderators usually have that covered.

20. Lending Club Invest

Lending Club is a prevalent option for peer-to-peer lending. The purpose of the platform is to connect lenders and people looking to borrow money. Lending Club has made over $35 billion dollars.

The Lending Club does loans of all kinds, such as:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Credit card payments
  • Home improvement
  • Business loans
  • Patient financing
  • Investing

The minimum loan amount is $1,000, and the maximum is $40,000. However, for a business, the minimum is $15,000, and the peak is $300,000.

21. Prosper Invest

Prosper Marketplace, Inc. was a pioneer in terms of peer lending marketplaces, being the first-ever platform. It continuously develops, and has currently amassed billions of dollars through hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can use Prosper for a variety of loans, such as debt consolidating, home improvement, bridge loans, vehicle loans, business loans, baby and adoption loans, etc. Loans of $2,000-$40,000 are given every few years.

Crowdfunded Real Estate Apps To Make Passive Income

Real estate crowdfunding is a simpler version of completing a real estate project. This is a great way to gain exposure to the field if you don't have it already.

22. Fundrise

Fundrise welcomes investors from all over the United States, experienced or not to invest money in various properties (both commercial and residential) around the country. In order to create your starter portfolio, you'll have to invest at least $500.

The properties that you'd be investing in include renovation/development of apartment, home construction, commercial developments, and rent-stabilized apartments.

Once you reach a balance of $1,000, then you can start investing in accelerated plans that have an emphasis on particular areas, such as LA and Washington DC.

23. Peerstreet

PeerStreet is a platform associated with debt investment loans. However, unlike Fundrise, they are looking to work with accredited investors. The contract related to the load typically remains valid from six to 36 months. The return is 6% to 9%.

You can consider investing in PeerStreet, and it's residential properties. You can also invest in commercial/multifamily deals. There is also the option of looking into the automatic investment option. In this case, your opportunities will be filtered by property type, loan maturity date, region, and borrower.

The fee associated with PeerStreet is lower than that of other websites, at around 0.25% to 1%.

401k Apps For Retirement Passive Income

A 401K is a plan for retirement that is provided through your employer. A small portion of your paycheck will be saved as a retirement fund so that when you are older and can no longer or don't want to work anymore, you can live off of the money.

401K apps are a way to do this outside of having one through your workplace.

24. Blooom

Blooom is unique in the pool of platforms that work as robo-advisors. This is because its main focus is 401K plans. Blooom makes sure that you have the assets necessary to be able to retire, assisting with savings management.

Crowdfunded Equity Apps

Equity crowdfunding is when private company securities are offered in exchange for investment. There is also protection around these transactions, so it is a safe procedure.

In fact, there are apps for this process.

25. AngelList

AngelList is one of the pioneers for equity crowdfunding platforms, originally created to connect entrepreneurs that were short on money and rich investors.

There are different ways to invest using AngelList. The first option is Deal-by-deal investments, in which investors can partner up with professionals to complete deals together.

The next option is to use the AngelList Access Fund. With this, you are able to gain access to a plethora of deals to complete individually. AngelList carefully examines each of the deals on the site, so that's one less step for you. However, the minimum investment through this method is $100,000, so this may not be the most practical for beginners.

The last option is Professional Investors. This service is only for people with significantly high net worths. As a testament to this, you'll have to invest at least $500,000 at once for this option.

If you happen to be able to afford it, then you will receive your own AngelList representative and exclusive access to some of the executives and founders of the platform.

There is also a job board meant to serve as a link between professionals looking for jobs with growing companies looking for workers. For this option, you don't have to be an investor with the app.

26. CircleUp

The purpose of Circle Up is to provide a gateway for investors to be able to invest in businesses that are just starting up. These investments are used to expand these businesses.

To be involved, you have to invest at least $1,000.

27. Fundable

Fundable is less confined than other similar platforms, as it’s not associated with a particular type of business. Therefore, there is a great sense of freedom as you can invest in whatever you please.

The point of Fundable is also to assist companies in developing and expanding their businesses. That’s where your investment comes in.

However, the minimum investment of $1,000 remains the same.

Passive Income For Renting Out Your Stuff

You can make a lot of money renting out your stuff as long as people are willing to pay for it. Therefore, if you have a house, vehicle, or something similar that you don't use very often, an excellent idea would be to allow people to use it in the moments that you aren't and earn a living.

28. Getaround

Getaround is a platform for renting out your vehicles to people willing to pay. This is great for if you have any vehicles that you don't currently use.

29. Fat Llama

Fat Llama is a unique online marketplace, as the platform isn't restricted to one thing. You are able to rent out and sell a wide variety of things, which is a great way to make money!

30. Turo

Turo is a platform on which you can rent out your vehicle either through the app or online. The rent will be a bit less than the costs associated with a car rental company, but you’ll still make decent money.

You also have the freedom of leading your car for as much or as little as you’d like. But, make sure not to make it too high. Otherwise, people won't be willing to rent it out from you.

31. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is aimed at people who own vehicles that are recreationally oriented, such as RVs. You will then rent your car out for cash when you’re not using it. This is a great way to keep up with the costs associated with the vehicle.

Passive Income Rental Property Management Apps

32. Landlordy

Landlordy is an advisor that fits into your handheld device. Through the app, you can manage your expenses and transactions, and do everything you can to ensure you earn money to the full potential.

33. Airbnb

With Airbnb, you are temporarily giving up your home for others to rent out. These people will then use them as travel spots as the cost will be cheaper than a hotel.

This is an excellent idea for people with second homes or who are often traveling.

You are likely to gain a lot of money if you live in a large city or a highly popular location for tourism.

34. Zillow Rental Manager

The purpose of Zillow Rental Manager is the assist in the management of the property that you are renting out. It makes sure that you are getting the most amount of money that you can.

Listing your property is also made easy, as you can quickly upload your rental on Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpad.

You can also do background checks on prospective renters. You’ll gain information such as criminal history, credit history, and past rental payments.

35. Cozy

With Cozy, you will receive the resources necessary to improve the efficiency of managing the property you are renting out.

You are able to have communication with employees of the app with the experience and knowledge to help you out. You are also able to immediately collect the rent that you earn and efficiently keep track of your earnings and other transactions.

Passive Income Conclusion

If you are looking to earn a decent living while not having to put in much effort, you actually have a plethora of options. The more things that you do, the more you can earn, and the things mentioned can easily be combined!

Keep in mind that not all passive income methods will provide yield immediately. Patience is key!

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