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19+ Best Places to Sell Shoes Online & Near Me In 2019

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From Clutter to Cash

Too much of a good thing really can become a bad thing. It starts with a few cute shoes that you wear once in a while, and before you know it your whole room is full of them.

No one wants to just throw out their unworn, unused shoes though. So why not turn that clutter into cash?

If you've been wondering where to sell shoes, you're in luck. We've put together a list of the best places to do exactly that!

Where to Sell Shoes Online

Selling anything online is always a great option, as it really opens up the market for finding buyers from further away. Here's some of the best places to sell your unwanted footwear online.

#1 – The RealReal

The RealReal is an online trading platform that caters toward luxury fashion items, including shoes.

That really cute pair of Chanel heels that you bought for a work function and haven't worn since? You'll definitely find a buyer for them on The RealReal.

You'll need to ship your shoes to the company so they can be authenticated before your listing gets posted. The RealReal charges a high commission once your shoes have been sold – 15% to 45% – but there's no listing fee and you'll be selling to a targeted customer base.

The RealReal can be used via their iOS App, Android App, and website.

#2 – thredUp

ThredUp is another popular online consignment store where you can resell your secondhand shoes.

There are a lot more brands available on thredUp, as they're not as exclusive. You send your unwanted footwear to the company and they offer to pay upfront, on consignment, or with in-store credit.

Consignment is your best friend if you're looking to make money, as thredUp doesn't pay much. They try to resell with profit for up to 90% less than retail price.

ThredUp have apps for both iOS and Android, as well as their website.

#3 – Poshmark

Poshmark is easily one of the best places to sell all sorts of fashion items, especially shoes.

There are more than 5,000 brands to be found on Poshmark, which means you'll be able to sell any pair of shoes there. Simply post a listing, and Poshmark will send you a pre-paid USPS Priority Mail shipping label with the buyer's address.

This means that other than the commission ($2.95 for all items $15 or less, 20% for items higher than $15), it's absolutely free to sell via Poshmark – no shipping costs whatsoever!

You'll need to login via the app (iOS or Android) to post listings, but you can create the listing via their website.

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#4 – Tradesy

Tradesy is a top-rated platform for selling your designer shoes online.

They accept anything, from Zara to Louis Vuitton, as long as it's in good condition. Posting only takes a minute, and Tradesy will help to enhance your images to help you get that sale!

Once you make a sale, Tradesy sends you the packaging and shipping kit, pre-paid and addressed, free of charge.

Their commission rates may seem a little high – $7.50 on all items less than $50, 19.8% for items $50 and higher – but you're guaranteed to make your sale at a good price.

Tradesy is available for iOS, Android, and their website.

#5 – Grailed

Grailed is a great place for selling androgynous footwear such as Doc Martens and combat boots if you have any pairs you're looking to get rid of.

The company uses its community to ensure items are authentic, and offers both buyer and seller protection via PayPal. Item listing is offered free of charge and they have very low commission rates, especially compared to other options provided here. Grailed only charges a 6% commission fee, plus 2.9% and $0.30 PayPal surcharges (4.4% plus $0.30 for international transactions).

You can sell with Grailed using their iOS and Android apps, as well as via the official website.

#6 – Heroine

Heroine is a curated, community-based online marketplace, “for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.”

Hundreds of brands are accepted by Heroine, from popular names such as Saint Laurent to lesser-known designers like Haider Ackermann, so whatever your style, you'll be able to sell. Heroine do have a high community standard, as well as buyer and seller protection via PayPal.

Listing shoes for sale on Heroine is free of charge. The company keeps afloat by charging very reasonable commission fees: 6% for themselves, and the same PayPal surcharges as usual.

Heroine doesn't have an app unfortunately, so you'll have to sell via their website.

#7 – Kixify

Kixify specializes entirely in sneakers. In fact, they describe themselves as the world's largest online sneakers marketplace.

Creating a listing is relatively quick and easy. Once you open up an account, Kixify helps you create a store and post your sneakers for sale. All of this is absolutely free of charge, and their commission is only 8% plus the usual PayPal fees.

Kixify can be used to sell via their website, as well as their iOS and Android apps.

#8 – buyMYheels

No matter where you are in the world, buyMYheels is one of the best online marketplaces to sell designer heels.

Their website (no apps unfortunately) may looks a little outdated. However, their product quality standards more than make up for it. You'll need to open a buyMYheels account and include four images per item (side, back, inside, and detail), but they guarantee sales.

Which is a good guarantee to have. While buyMYheels doesn't charge any commission, they do ask for an upfront payment of $5 per listing (automatically converted to dollars by PayPal).

#9 – Mercari

Mercari is an all-round online marketplace for selling everything from electronics to – you guessed it – shoes.

All you need to do is sign up for a seller's account, take a few photos, add a description, and set your price. Listings are 100% free, though Mercari does charge 10% commission on all sales once your buyer makes payment. They also send you a printable shipping label via email, which can make things a lot easier.

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Mercari has an app for both iOS and Android that you can use for selling, as well as via their website.

#10 – eBay

No list of where to sell shoes online would be complete without mentioning eBay.

The site is incredibly popular, making it an ideal platform for making sure potential buyers from around the world see you. In fact, its high traffic volume makes up for its cost to sellers.

eBay's downside is exactly that: unlike the other online marketplaces we've mentioned, they charge around 10% commission as well as a listing fee. You won't be charged a listing fee for all items, but do keep the possibility in mind. They will at least help you to plan your shipping costs too, which can help you plan your asking price better.

You can sell your shoes via eBay's website, iOS app, or Android app.

#11 – Smart Bride Boutique

Smart Bride Boutique is a fantastic online marketplace specializing in all things related to weddings.

With the Basic Account, you can list your shoes for free – and sell them commission-free. This is a rare opportunity when selling online.

The only catch is that if you want your listing to appear on Smart Bride Boutique's homepage, you'll need to sign up for the Premium account at $4.95 per month. Doing so can cost you in the long run, but will also increase your chances of selling quicker.

Unfortunately, Smart Bride Boutique does not have any apps available, but their website link is provided above.

#12 – Once Wed

Once Wed is another resource for selling your wedding shoes – or those bridesmaid shoes that you'll never wear again.

You'll need to set up an Escrow account (which works on a transaction fee basis and is linked to your bank account) for managing your sales. While Once Wed don't take any commission, they do charge $19.95 per listing. This fee covers your listing for a full year though.

Once Wed doesn't have any apps either, but they do have a beautiful website.

Where to Sell Shoes for Cash Near You

While selling online has many perks, selling for cash to buyers near to you can eliminate extra costs such as listing fees, commission charges, and shipping. Here are a few of the best ways to sell.

#13 – Letgo

LetGo is an online marketplace for selling all manner of items locally – including shoes.

While LetGo operates in several different countries, the US and Canada are its strongest markets. Listing items is as easy as uploading a pic of your shoes with a brief description and your asking price, and it's totally free. LetGo doesn't charge any listing fees or commission, but it may begin to do so in the future.

One downside is that LetGo doesn't handle payments at all. This means you won't be able to receive any assistance with disputes or refunds.

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Originally only app-based (iOS and Android), you can now also sell on LetGo via their website.

#14 – OfferUp

OfferUp is another platform ideal for selling your shoes locally.

At the moment, similar to LetGo, OfferUp charges zero listing fees or commission. Again, do bear in mind that this may change in the future, but at present it's a major bonus that you'll get to keep 100% of what your buyer pays for your shoes.

OfferUp is currently only available to use via their iOS and Android apps.

#15 – VarageSale

VarageSale, as the name suggests, is like a virtual garage sale for all your unused goods.

The company manually reviews all of its users, which gives you a peace of mind knowing that your buyer (or potential buyer) is authentic. This is great, because you need to connect with each other via Facebook in order to complete a transaction.

VarageSale limits listing visibility to within a 5-mile radius to ensure that sales are made locally. As with the previous two marketplaces, it's also listing fee- and commission-free.

You can buy and sell on VarageSale using their iOS and Android apps, as well as their website.

#16 – Facebook Marketplace

Facebook doesn't only operate as a social media platform – you can also sell almost anything with Facebook Marketplace!

As with Facebook itself, there's absolutely no cost involved. You simply upload a picture of your shoes with a brief product description, asking price, and selling area, and let the buyers come to you.

While you can use Facebook Marketplace via the Facebook app, it's best to do so using the website instead.

#17 – Craigslist

Craigslist can be a little scammy, but when it comes to selling shoes, it's still a viable option.

Although Craigslist does charge a listing fee for things like job postings, services, rentals, tickets, and vehicle sales, you won't have to pay anything to list your shoes. And they don't charge commission either, which is great.

It's generally better to use their website, but Craigslist does also have apps for iOS and Android.

#18 – 5Miles

5Miles is another great online-based way to sell locally for cash.

As the name implies, the company allows your listing to be visible up to a radius of five miles from your selling location. While they don't take any commission, they do charge a listing fee. How exactly they determine the amount they charge you is unclear, but shoes will generally fall under “garage sales” at $1.99 per listing for seven days.

5Miles has an app for both iOS and Android, as well as their website.

#19 – Shpock

Last but not least on our list of where to sell shoes is Shpock.

Shpock focuses mostly on local sales, which is where their strength lies. They don't charge any membership, listing, or transaction fees, which is really great as it allows you to keep 100% of your sale.

The Shpock website is super easy to use, as are their free apps for iOS and Android.

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