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Sell Stuff Online

9 Best Places To Sell Stuff Online

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Sell Stuff Online
Everyone tends to hoard from time to time. Shoes, clothes, books, little figurines…

Whether you're redecorating, relocating, or just short on cash, it's good to get rid of that clutter. You can start fresh. A new beginning.

But how do you go about doing it?

If you're wondering where to sell your belongings online, you're in luck! We've put together the ultimate list of apps and websites to give you the most bang for your buck (or buck for your bang).

Where to sell your stuff online

#1 – Decluttr

Decluttr is a fantastic website for selling all your unwanted goods.

They make it safe and easy to sell a wide variety of items online. Whether you have a stack of CDs and DVDs, or older tech items like gaming consoles and phones that are still in good working condition, Decluttr is sure to pay.
How Decluttr Works
First, you'll need to register a Decluttr account, either via their website or their app (iOS or Android).

Using Decluttr's evaluation engine, enter or scan your items' barcodes. For electronics, you'll need to enter the make, model, and condition.

Decluttr then gives you an instant price offer. To complete an order, you need a minimum of $5 worth, at a maximum of 500 items per order.

Once your order is confirmed, Decluttr will send you a shipping label. Simply box everything up – no more than 200 items a box – and ship it to the Decluttr warehouse free of charge.

After conducting a Quality Assessment, Decluttr will process your payment on the next business day. You can opt for direct deposits into your PayPal account or receive a check.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
If you have a referral code, Decluttr will give you a $5 joining bonus. Their only condition is that your first order totals a minimum of $15.

Once you've been paid for your first order, you'll also get your own referral code to share with friends. For every successful referral, Decluttr rewards you with $5, up to a total of $100 for 20 friends.

Decluttr also understands that students can be especially hard-up for cash. To help make things easier, once they've confirmed your status as a student, you'll receive a special code that earns you 10% extra on books, media, and games that you sell them.

Sell Your Clothes Online

#2 – Poshmark

Poshmark markets itself as the largest online market for fashion items – and with more than 5,000 brands bought and sold, it's easy to see why.

The community is vibrant, powered by millions of sellers and stylists.

If you're not only looking to sell your clothes online, but to help your buyers curate new looks, then Poshmark is a doubly-attractive option!
How Poshmark Works
Register a Poshmark account using your email, Facebook, or Google profile.

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You can immediately start listing items by uploading a photo, description, and price. You can do so on the website itself, but will need to be logged into the app (iOS or Android) at the same time.

Once a sale is confirmed, Poshmark sends you a UPS shipping label with the buyer's address.

After the buyer receives and accepts your item, your Poshmark account will reflect payment within three days – minus commission ($2.95 for orders below $15, 20% for orders $15 and up).

At any time, you can redeem your Posh Credit as a direct deposit or check.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Poshmark rewards new users with a $5 joining bonus if you use an invite code.

You can also earn an unlimited number of referral bonuses by sharing your unique invite code with your friends! Every time someone makes their first purchase after signing up with your code, Poshmark gives you $5.

#3 – Tradesy

Tradesy is a designer-wear selling platform made by women, for women. No matter what designer brand you're looking to resell, if Tradesy can authenticate it, you'll be able to sell it here.
How Tradesy Works
Simply sign-up via the Tradesy website or iOS/Android app with your email or Facebook.

It takes as little as 60 seconds to create a listing. Upload a photo, follow the listing prompts, and publish. Tradesy will even help by enhancing your photo for you.

Once you have a buyer, Tradesy will send you the shipping label and packaging at no cost to you.

Tradesy charges 19.8% commission on all sales, and may keep payment in pending status for up to 21 days after delivery to ensure security.

At any time, you can choose whether to spend your Tradesy earnings on the site, or withdraw via debit card, PayPal, or ACH transfer. Do bear in mind that there is usually a 2.9% transfer fee over and above the commission.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Tradesy's current sign-up special gives you $50 off the price of your first purchase, provided your total purchase is $400 or more.

In general, if you join with a referral code, Tradesy gives you $20 off your first purchase of $50 of more. And for every successful referral you make, you'll earn $10 in Tradesy Cash.

Sell Your Belongings via Sales & Auctions

#4 – Amazon

If you're looking to sell your belongings online, Amazon is a go-to marketplace. One of the largest online platforms internationally, our list would be incomplete without it.
How Amazon Works
Create an Amazon account via their website using your email and navigate to the “Sell” tab.

You can either opt to use the Professional Selling plan, which costs $39.99 a month, or become an individual seller if you'll only be selling fewer than 40 items a month. Individual sellers don't pay a monthly subscription. Both accounts are charged referral and variable closing fees, but only Professional is charged a $0.99 per item selling fee.

Upload your items using the Add Product feature.

Amazon will notify you via email or text once you have a buyer.

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Payment is made directly to your bank account via Amazon at regular intervals.

You can also use the Amazon Seller app (iOS/Android), which is separate to their regular app for buyers.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Amazon do not offer any sign-up or referral bonuses, unfortunately.

#5 – eBay

eBay is another major platform for online bidding and auction sales. They have a huge following, and a team dedicated to keeping eBay a safe, secure place for buyers and sellers alike.
How eBay Works
Create an eBay account with your email address via their website or iOS/Android app to get started.

Post up to 50 listings a month (auction-style and/or fixed price) free of charge. Simply upload a few photos, write a product description, and eBay will help you with your pricing. If you list more than 50 items at a time, eBay charges a very reasonable $0.35 insertion fee per item.

Once you have bidders or a buyer, eBay will notify you directly.

Link your PayPal account to your eBay seller's account in order to receive payments directly from buyers (2.9% plus $0.30 PayPal surcharges will apply).

eBay will send you postage labels via email that you can print out at home. They're also often able to arrange up to 25% off in your shipping fees, and offer tips on packaging.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Unfortunately, eBay does not currently offer any sign-up or referral bonuses. However, they occasionally do – be sure to sign up for their newsletter to keep updated.

Sell Your Belongings Online Locally

#6 – OfferUp

OfferUp is an online platform that lets you sell just about anything to local buyers in the US.

What's really great is that OfferUp currently doesn't charge any listing fees or commission, which means you'll get to keep 100% of your selling price (minus transaction fees, of course).
How OfferUp Works
You can register via the OfferUp website or their iOS or Android apps. The sign-up process is a little different depending on which route you go: via the app, you'll need to activate your location before signing in with your email, Facebook, or Google account.

To list an item for sale, you'll need to use the app. Upload at least two photographs and follow the on-screen prompts to include all the details OfferUp requires, including location.

Once you have a buyer, you'll be able to arrange for a pick-up and cash sale via the app's messaging function, or arrange for shipping.

If you go the shipping route, OfferUp will hold the funds until after your buyer receives and accepts your item. You'll need to link debit card or bank details to your OfferUp account in order to get paid this way.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Because they don't charge any commission or listing fees, OfferUp don't offer any sign-up or referral rewards at present.

#7 – LetGo

LetGo is another popular online marketplace for selling your belongings locally without being charged membership, listing, or commission fees.

The company's biggest markets are Canada and the US, but they are available in other countries as well.

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LetGo's only real downside is that they don't assist with payments at all.
How LetGo Works
Sign-up on LetGo via their website or app (available for both iOS and Android) using your email, Facebook, or Google account.

Choose a category that best matches the item you want to sell and upload a photograph.

Include your asking price, or set it to “Negotiable”, and select “Done”.

You can also expand on your listing – with additional pictures, description, or title – by tapping “Add more details”.

Chat with potential buyers to seal the deal and arrange for a meet up and cash transfer.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Similar to OfferUp, LetGo doesn't offer any sign-up or referral bonuses because they're 100% free-to-use.

#8 – Craigslist

A lot of people have become very wary of Craigslist, but the online selling platform is still a great way to sell all your unwanted goods by connecting with local buyers.

Most items don't have a listing fee and Craigslist don't charge commission either.

However, bear in mind that there are posting fees for certain listings in specific areas, and you can opt for a paid posting account if you plan on selling upwards of $2,000 worth a month.

How Craigslist Works

Sign-up for Craigslist via their website. Although they do have apps for iOS and Android, it's generally better to stick with the site for selling.

Choose your area (country is automatically detected, but you can also select state or city).

Select “Post to classifieds” and “for sale by owner”, then choose your category or “general for sale”.

You'll be prompted to enter your posting information – title, price, specific location, description, email address, etc.

Upload a picture or several, and click on “continue” to publish automatically within 15 minutes.

Buyers will contact you and you can arrange to be paid in cash or to your bank account.
Sign-Up Rewards and Bonuses
Craigslist does not offer any sign-up or referral rewards.

#9 – Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an easy way to list items for sale in your locale.

Because it's a feature of the social media platform, it's absolutely free to use – no hidden costs or fees whatsoever!
How Facebook Marketplace Works
All you need to do is sign-in to your Facebook account and navigate to the Facebook Marketplace tab. While it is possible to do so via their app (iOS or Android), it's best to stick to their website instead.

Select “Sell something” to activate the pop-up screen.

In 100 characters or less, describe your item.

List a price, select a category, upload a photo, and add a more detailed description (optional).

Click on “Next” to complete your listing.

Interested parties will contact you via Facebook Messenger (or Chat) and you can arrange to meet up and exchange goods for cash.
Sign-up Rewards and Bonuses
Because Facebook Marketplace works off of the free social media platform, there aren't any bonuses or rewards for signing up or making referrals.

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