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Where to Sell Jewelry Online & From Home In 2019

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People outgrow everything they once loved. The clothes you wore last year may no longer be inspiring, the movie you used to re-watch when it got released eventually bores you. And that may be the case of jewelry too. May be your tastes and preferences have changed or you want to get rid of a memory from a past relationship.

There are many platforms where you can sell your jewelry whether online or in the local shops around you. The easiest way to sell your jewelry is to showcase it online platforms where you will get ready buyers much faster.

Reasons why you should sell your jewelry

Gone are the days when people would keep quiet about the sale of their jewelry because they thought friends would believe they were facing hard times. Selling jewelry was considered not elegant. The prices were hidden and the weighing practices were unreliable. But nowadays things are completely different, ladies are selling their unused jewelry every day for cash. Here are some of the reasons why you should sell your jewelry online or locally today:

1. The Price of Jewelry has increased

The prices of precious metals such as gold and silver are rising by the year and will not fall any time soon. About 10 years ago the price of a troy ounce of gold was 600 dollars, and currently the same amount goes for over 2000 dollars. So make money now by selling your jewelry!

2. To Reduce Clutter

You can get rid of jewelry when trying to keep your house in order. If you no longer wear a particular necklace that was given to you by a close relative or friend, then it is time to sell it. And make good use of the money earned from selling the jewelry. You can even buy new clothes or china or furniture for your living room.

3. To move forward into the future

Some jewelries that were acquired in your previous marriage or relationship may remind of memories you want to forget. To move on, the best thing to do would be to sell these jewelries and use the proceeds on meaningful things.

4. To make fast cash

Jewelries are the simplest way to make fast cash any day. All you do is walk into a jewelry store and present your jewelry for a price to the business owner. Once you come to an agreement, you get your cash and leave the shop a happy lady.

Selling your jewelry online vs local

Selling your jewelry locally may have many advantages such as better bargaining of price between the owner and the buyer. But selling jewel online has more benefits such as:

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Presence of a huge market

The internet has reduced the world to a global village. People from every part of the world can access online stores and get to purchase any kind of product they want. The jewelry stores have not been left behind when it comes to online shopping. There are many online jewelry stores that are accessed by millions of people monthly such as Worthy, Cash for diamonds USA, Cash for Gold USA among many others. With the huge traffic enjoyed by these ecommerce sites, you can get your jewelry sold within hours or days.

• Safety

Most online payments made by the buyers of the jewelries are normally sent to mobile wallets or through popular Fintech companies such MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. These payments are less likely to get lost as compared to when you are physically paid cash at a local pawn shop in town. Your cash will be safe in the bank within a short time after the transaction is made.

• Large Variety

Selling your jewelry online gives you an opportunity to showcase a huge variety of jewelries to one customer at the same time. The customers get to have a large selection to choose from when you advertise all your jewelries online.

• Convenience

Instead spending lots of hours driving around the town trying to get an ideal jewelry buyer, you can get an instant buyer on the ecommerce platforms. All you do is showcase your product on the ecommerce site and wait for a potential buyer to show interest. After the bid, you come to an agreement with the interested party and make the sale.

Selling jewelry online is therefore much easy and effort less as compared to local sales.

Where to sell jewelry online

Did you know that last year more than 29 million people bought jewelry online daily? Therefore, buying and selling jewelry is therefore a great business to do in this year. There are many online platforms where you can sell your jewelry successfully at a high price within a short period of time. Here they are:

• Worthy is an online marketplace for pre-owned luxury products such as diamonds, diamond jewelry and brand watches. It was founded in 2014 by Ben De-Kalo who is an investment banker. It has an A+ BBB accreditation.


They have an excellent customer service.

Their staff will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to advertise your product and finally close a deal with an interested buyer.

A user-friendly website.

The website has a simple to understand interface. You will easily locate whatever you are looking on the homepage and dashboard of your account.


Non-competitive offers. accepts your jewelry at unreasonably low prices when compared to its competitors.

• Cash for Diamonds USA Review

This online precious metal store is owned by CJ Environmental Inc. Because of the numerous number of offices across America and its huge online traffic, Cash For Diamonds USA is able to make faster transactions for its clients on a daily basis. They do not have a BBB accreditation.


Their prices are competitive.

Cash For Diamonds USA have payouts that are consistent with the highest paying diamond buyers in the whole of America.

Excellent customer service.

You can live chat with the customer care staff over any questions you have through the live chat button available on the website.


Advertising issues.

For the past three years, they have been having issues with advertising their clients’ diamonds.

• Cash for Gold USA

It buys gold, silver and platinum pieces from its customers. It BBB rating is C following numerous complaints from its customers.

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It is a busy website? Yeah, there are many customers within this website who are busy trying to close deals on their precious metals.


Poor customer service.

Customers are unhappy with their service and that is why there are numerous complaints on BBB.

• Mondiamo

This is one of the best sites to sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry. It is recommended by Blue Nile which is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry in the world. It has an A+ BBB Accreditation.


Their customer service is top notch.

Most customers praise Mondiamo staff in the reviews stating how clear their communication was during their dealings.

Environmentally Friendly.

They recycle used diamonds and other precious metals thereby reducing environmental footprint.


Fall in Price of Diamond.

If your diamond takes longer to be sold, then its value may be subject current market forces.

• Diamond Buyers International

This is a diamond expert firm that buys and sells diamonds directly through their customers without consulting any middlemen. It is headquartered in East Coast, Northeastern US. It has an A+ BBB rating meaning that it has an excellent service.


High Quality Customer Service.

Diamond Buyers International has an excellent relationship with its customers and that is why it has an A+ BBB rating because there are no complaints.

User friendly website.

Diamonds are appraised by GIA.


Limited insurance

Diamonds can only be insured up to 5000 dollars while in diamonds can be insured as high as 100,000 dollars.

Vague commission prices

The commission prices do not have clearly defined rates. Therefore, Diamond Buyers International limited customers are confused on what to do.

• The Real Real

This jewelry store was started in 2011 by Julie Wainwright who is an ecommerce entrepreneur. It opened its first physical store in 2017, in New York city. It deals in fine jewelry and preowned watches among many other luxury products. It has an A+ BBB rating.


Streamlined and secure mail-in process.

The website is also user friendly with interactive tools.


Strained Communication

There is limited communication between the customers and the management of the Real Real.

• WP diamonds

It is one the most famous diamond sellers in the Precious Metals World. It has a BBB rating of A+ because of its reputation among diamond traders.


Reliable- You can trust the authenticity of diamonds bought at WP Diamonds.

Higher Insurance Value- It ensures jewelry products up to 100,000 dollars in value.


It doesn’t use GIA or any other outside appraisers for its diamonds. It instead uses an in house appraisal team.

• IIDV aka the International Institute of Diamond Valuation (De Beers)

The IIDV is a recently launched branch of De Beers which is one of the oldest companies in the world. It has a BBB rating of A+.


An A+ rating with BBB

Secure shipping of the jewelry by FedEx shipping.

Payment within 3 business days by transfer and in a week if your mode of payment is by check.


The website has limited information on important factors such as commissions and the processes to take when you want to decline an offer.

Instead of getting a documentation for your appraisal findings, IIDV will grant you just an offer.

• The Diamond Valet

This company has a BBB rating of A-. There are no complaints regarding the business as of now on the BBB website and the reason why they got an A- instead of A+ is because they have been out of business for some time now.

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User friendly website

Diamond Valet has a website with a professional design. It is easy to navigate through its pages and get whatever you are looking for. It even has a live chat button on its pages for questions that you may have.

A 10-day guarantee

If you don’t accept their price within 10 days, then they will automatically return your diamond safely to you.


Offers only one form of payment

It pays its clients via checks sent through The FedEx Expedited Delivery. It doesn’t offer any form of electronic payments at all.

• Sell Your Gold

This company has an A rating with the BBB. It is popular with most gold dealers because of its simplicity and clarity in communication.


Quick drop-off for mailing of the appraisal kit.

Fast payment within days of closing the deal.


Miscommunication between the seller and the company may slow down the sale of gold.

• Express Gold Cash

This company is not BBB rated. They are defined by professionalism alone.


Fast services

Most customers review that their transactions with Express Gold Cash was superfast when compared to other online jewelry shops and dealers.

Excellent customer service

They have clear communication and great relationship with their customers. That is why they keep on coming back whenever they have a precious metal to sell.


Not BBB rated

• Goldkit

Goldkit has a BBB rating of B-. It has a 10-day guarantee period within which the deal can be cancelled or closed between you and them.


Online tracking is available for your jewelry.

Offer is made within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise.


It only has one mode of payment which is through checks. You cannot receive payment through PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit and Western Union.

Jewelry selling tips

1. Get your jewelry appraised

Jewelry appraisal entails getting to know the value of your jewelry from a reputable jewelry appraiser. This help you to determine the amount of money you will be spending on its insurance as well as the price at which you will sell the jewelry in the online jewelry shop.

2. Sell your jewelry clean

In a great condition, your jewelry can be valued higher as compared when you advertise it when uncleaned. Involve a professional jewelry cleaner to help you with the cleaning.

3. Get multiple quotes

Before deciding on the buyer, you should get multiple quotes from interested people. This will help you make an effective decision on the price of the jewelry.

4. Don’t be emotionally attached to your jewelry

You may suffer depression when you sell your jewelry, if you had a deep connection with it. You should avoid selling jewelries that you have deep memories about. For example, if you know you truly loved your husband and still love him up to now after divorce, why sell the wedding ring?

5. Get a GIA Certification Report Check

The GIA Certification Report Check reveals the current condition the 4C’s of your diamond. It gives a comprehensive report of color, weight, measurements and cutting styles of your diamond. You will be in perfect knowledge of the properties of your diamond when presenting for sale to any interested party.

6. Pick the Best Company

The best company to sell your jewelry is the This is because it has an A+ BBB accreditation as well an excellent customer service. You will be taken through the sale process step by step by their staff who will be ready to answer all of your questions. You will certainly get the best price for your diamonds and other jewelries.

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