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OpinionSurvey Review 2019: Is It Legit or A Scam?


OpinionPlus has been replaced by Op4G, originally their sister platform. But is Op4G any better than OpinionPlus was, or does it have the same issues?

Op4G (OpinionPlus) Review

About OpinionPlus

Founded in 2016, OpinionPlus – now Op4G (Opinion 4 Good) – is still a relatively new online surveys platform. There doesn’t appear to be any official news on why Op4g (which was originally a separate surveys platform that also managed OpinionPlus) shut their product down and merged the two.

However, it does seem to be related to the fact that an app used to connect patients with physicians has the same name. This latter site has an unknown birth date, so it’s not clear which of the two came first.

Whatever the case may be, it immediately put us on guard when we decided to look into Op4g and write this review. And the more we looked into the platform, the further back we shrank.

How Does Op4G Work?

Op4G is somewhat fuzzy on this information (another red flag).

It does appear to have a relatively simple sign-up process, which we’ll take a look into in the next section. Once signed in, you’ll complete a profile and start answering surveys.

As is the case with all online survey sites, Op4G performs market research (as mentioned in the introduction). It does appear that businesses are able to sign up on the same site in order to contract the company to handle their survey campaigns, while members of the public are “recruited” as participants.

According to Op4G’s website, the company recruits for the following research methods:

  • Quantitative surveys
  • Usability and concept tests
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Online communities
  • Tablet and mobile studies
  • Re-contact studies

While it isn’t clear how the platform connects members of its “panel” with clients to assist in research trials, Op4G does claim to include “hard-to-reach demographics” – such as patients diagnosed with various medical conditions and high-income earners.

The list of demographics is rather impressive from a client’s point of view, but for someone considering joining that panel, it seems a little invasive. Most of these are fairly standard, but Op4g is the only paid survey platform we’ve come across that wants to know your sexuality, political party affiliations, and political views.

While it does make sense that certain companies or research teams would want to know such details for specific studies, these are usually the type of questions one would expect to be asked in the survey rather than as part of your profile information.

Sign Up for Op4G

As mentioned, the sign-up process for Op4g seems incredibly simple.

All you need to do is navigate their site and select the Member Login button located in the top-right corner. If the link is broken (another red flag, as it always appears to be), backspace the “login” part of the URL and replace it with “sign_up” instead.

Here’s a working link for anyone wanting to give the company a try. We had to find it on Google, which doesn’t exactly instill confidence in Op4G.

At first, you’ll be asked to provide your first and last name, as well as your email address. After setting a password and completing a Captcha verification, click “Sign up” and wait for the email confirmation.

Once your email has been verified, you’ll need to provide that long list of demographics information we mentioned earlier. This is to complete your profile so Op4G can begin sending you survey invites by matching you to the requirements of their clients. Op4g will also credit you with a $2 registration bonus.

Although OpinionPlus used to be available to citizens and permanent residents of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US, Op4g has drastically narrowed down their scope. In addition to being at least 13 years old, you also need to be a citizen of the US or Canada. It’s not clear whether permanent residents will also qualify.

Get Op4G Rewards

After completing your profile and collecting your $2, you’ll sit and wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

At most, depending on your particular demographics, you can expect between 3-5 survey invitations a month.

Once you do receive the rare invitation, you’ll spend up to 15 minutes answering qualifying questions before even reaching the actual survey. A lot of users have complained about this because it seems impossible to actually qualify. Not only that, but many of the qualifying questions ask for information already provided to Op4G when building your portfolio.

This is hardly unique to Op4G, of course. Many other paid online surveys platforms experience exactly the same issues. The usual reasoning is that the qualifying questions are set by the client, not the platform.

However, if you do manage to qualify, you’ll spend another 10 to 20 minutes completing the survey. Once finished, Op4g will reward you with $1 or $2.

One great thing about Op4g is that you shouldn’t have to actively request payment. The company claims to automatically pay on the first of every month, provided you’ve earned a minimum of $10. Payments are made via PayPal.

How Much Money Can I Make With Op4G?

The short and brutally honest answer is that if you make as much as $60 a year with Op4g, you’re one of the very, very few.

As mentioned in the previous section, you can expect to receive a maximum of 3-5 survey invitations every month. And many months, you won’t receive even one. You’re also never guaranteed to qualify for even half of those that you are invited to.

Let’s say that you’re incredibly lucky and you receive 5 survey invites every month. Even luckier, you’re in the 1% of users who actually qualify for 3 of those 5 (a little more than half – veritably unheard of among Op4g users). And for some reason, the company seems to like you, because they always pay $2 per survey rather than the much more common $1.

That’s still only $6 a month, which works out to $72 a year ($74 in your first year if you count the registration bonus).

But there’s another catch – the automatic $10 payment on the first of every month.

Let’s use a table to illustrate how your payments are going to work out:

Month Income Payout on 1st Account Balance on Last Day
January $8 $0 $8
February $6 $0 $14
March $6 $10 $10
April $6 $10 $6
May $6 $0 $12
June $6 $10 $8
July $6 $0 $14
August $6 $10 $10
September $6 $10 $6
October $6 $0 $12
November $6 $10 $8
December $6 $0 $14

That’s a maximum total of $60 paid out to you. And at 15 minutes per qualifying questions, plus another 10 to 15 minutes per survey, that’s 21 to 30 hours a year. All told, you’re considered extraordinarily lucky for making about $2 to $2.86 an hour with Op4g.

Alas, there’s yet another catch…

Is Op4G a Scam?

There are several worrisome complaints online about Op4G. The worst of them is that they don’t seem to pay more than once.

If you are going to go ahead and sign up, earn your first $10 and stop right there. Numerous users have come forward to say that they never received their second payment. Even worse, when they contacted Op4G to query this lack of payment, their accounts were shut down (without any pending funds being transferred) and told they had violated the company’s terms and conditions of use.

This already seems suspicious, but their reasoning makes it even more so. The most common excuse given for shutting down accounts claimed users had more than one email address registered to their IP. Considering each router has its own IP address, it’s not at all uncommon for this to happen if you have more than one person in a household or business.

The second most common excuse given was that users had logged in from an IP address that didn’t belong to an area Op4G was available in. If everyone was using a VPN and forgetting to switch it off before logging into their Op4G account, this would be somewhat more forgivable. However, competitor platforms such as Prize Rebel merely suspend the account until you open a support ticket.

It also begs the question of whether you should bother signing up for Op4G if you travel at all. With so few opportunities to participate in surveys, it makes sense that users traveling abroad for business or pleasure are going to want to log in once they receive an invitation.

Before OpinionPlus was shut down, the same complaints were made about that platform too. Some online reviewers have put forward the theory that this is the real reason they gave up the name.

All told, this is very suspicious behavior. The lack of information on their website, broken Membership Login link, and the mysterious disappearance of OpinionPlus as a survey site adds to the number of red flags that Op4G throws up, even under the most rudimentary examination.

Finally, they also claim on their website that members of their panel “cannot be found elsewhere,” which seems to suggest they have an exclusivity clause. If this is the case, it cannot be found anywhere in their Terms & Conditions.

Why I Like Op4G

In all honesty, there are very few reasons to like Op4G.

To be fair, the automatic payment of your first $10 – without having to submit a payment request – is certainly refreshing. And the fact Op4G pays in cash rather than with points redeemed for gift cards is also rather attractive.

However, it’s rather soured by the following:

  1. It’s incredibly difficult to earn that $10
  2. Payments are only made once a month, on the 1st
  3. Even if you do manage to somehow earn more than $10 in a month, you’ll only get paid $10
  4. Op4G has a bad reputation for hardly ever paying users more than once

Add to that all the many other cons (I’ve added a condensed version in list format below), and Op4G leaves a rather bad taste in your mouth.

Op4G: Conclusion

While there are one or two good things to be said about Op4G, it seems the company has inherited all the complaints and issues that beleaguered their mysteriously vanished sister platform, OpinionPlus.

Those complaints are not to be ignored.

As it is, here’s a short list of the platform’s pros… followed by its dishearteningly longer list of cons:


  • Quick initial sign up process
  • Payment is made automatically at the first of the month once your account reaches a $10 balance
  • Payment is made via PayPal as cash, rather than as a gift card


  • Despite having to spend several long minutes (up to half an hour easily) filling out your profile with demographic information, you’ll still need to repeat most of the same process with every set of qualifying questions, prior to participating in a survey – and you aren’t likely to qualify very often
  • Survey invitations are so rare that receiving 3 to 5 a month is like winning the jackpot
  • You’ll never earn more than $10 a month (paid to your PayPal)
  • Op4G have a long history of withholding payments following the first, so you’re not likely to earn more than $10 period
  • Lack of transparency on their site
  • User accounts closed under largely nonsensical pretenses
  • No referral program

All told, I wouldn’t even bother signing up to try earn that $10. While Op4G isn’t obviously a scam site, it does throw up way too many red flags. Sometimes you’re better off with a firm, “no thank you.”

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