How To Get Free Stocks I 9 Best Ways To Get Free Shares Today

Learn how to get free stocksToday, the US stock market is worth roughly $30 billion. For this reason, many investors are looking to get a share.

While the stock market can be risky, if you think wisely and take your time, you’ll see a significant and steady rise in your earnings. Even if it does eventually go down, learn to be patient and your profits will likely rise again.

The problem is, most of the time, you need to lose money before earning double (sometimes less, sometimes more) than what you put in. Fortunately, there’s a method allowing you some financial freedom.

Companies in every field give away free things as an incentive for you to try out their services. This doesn’t exclude online brokers looking for investors to pay for stocks.

Many platforms will give away free stocks, which range in value. And if it’s free, what is there to lose? Really, there’s only gain, as you can get ahead on investing even if you’re on a budget.

How to Get Free Stocks

here are a plethora of websites allowing you to receive a certain amount of free stocks, ranging from a few dollars to $1,000 in terms of worth.

Typically, they aren’t worth much or there’s a limit on how many free stocks you can earn. Still, every bit helps.

1. Robinhood

Robinhood is probably the most popular option mentioned in this article. The company was created by two veterans who involved themselves in the stock market early on.

With Robinhood, you’re able to purchase with the goal of ultimately selling stock shares and exchange-traded funds or ETFs. You don’t need to pay any commission, which is what distinguishes it from other resources.

As an intense form of marketing, Robinhood also gives away free stocks, so you might tap into that if you join now. If you do get a free share of stock, it can have a value anywhere from $5 to $150. Usually, it’s around $10. There aren’t any requirements to participate in the deal.

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2. Webull

Webull is another option to get free stocks. You can only use this resource through the app.

The stocks you receive will generally be approximately $5, but you can occasionally get a surprisingly highly valued share of up to $1,000. To be eligible for the free stocks, you need to be a brand new Webull user and use a referral link to open your account. If you previously made an account, you won’t get free stocks.

To get started, sign up and wait for approval from the company. You’ll receive a referral link associated with your account once you register. This link can earn you additional free stocks if you share Webull with your friends, allowing you to accumulate up to $1000 worth of shares.

You have the option to let the shares remain in your account untouched so they’re able to grow.

3. Stockpile

Stockpile is one of the most highly regarded options for receiving stocks. If you’re a new investor, you can get $5 worth of free shares when you register or create a free account using a bonus link.

You’re also able to give stocks as a gift to either yourself, friends, or family members. Additionally, you have the opportunity to win $5 worth of a particular stock, including:

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Tesla
  • Disney Snap

The shares you receive will be deposited in your account.

The requirements associated with registering and receiving stocks include being a citizen of the United States with a US address and social security number.

And if you purchase stocks with Stockpile, the cost is 99 cents – more than affordable when compared to other options with the same purpose. Selling shares also costs 99 cents.

There’s a referral program in which anybody who uses your link will earn $5 in bonuses. You also receive $5 of payment, which goes in to your PayPal account. There isn’t a limit to how much you can make with the referral programs, so you can earn an unlimited amount of money with this method.

4. M1 Finance

With M1 Finance, you’re able to invest in M1 Finance Pies. These are bundles of hand-picked shares, such as:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • REITs

You can also pick an M1 Finance Pie created by experts.

The platform is similar to Robinhood in the sense that there is no commission you’re required to pay. It’s also comparable to Stockpile in that you’re able to immediately invest the money you earn into your “pie”.

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5. Acorns

Acorns is another excellent option to earn free stocks just for signing up. You get up to $5 in free stocks, and you can potentially make more if companies decide to purchase your share. There are also a variety of companies affiliated with Acorns. This means you earn free stocks any time you buy products from a participating company.

The partner companies include:

  • Uber: every time you use the Uber app, you receive 50 cents worth of shares.
  • Casper: any time you purchase a mattress, $75 will be placed in your account.
  • Amazon: for every dollar you spend on Amazon, 3 cents of stock will be placed in your account.

The only downside is, to have an account with Acorns, you have to pay $1 every month. This is still cheaper than the majority of other platforms.

6. TD Ameritrade Bonus Offer

With TD Ameritrade, you can trade stocks, options, futures, forwards and other things.

There’s a promotional period where investors who have an account filled with at least $250,000 receive a reward of $600 and 60 days worth of free trade. The bonus ranges from $100 to $2,500 if you have an account with $25,000 to $1,000,000.

By making referrals, you’re also able to receive a bonus. The reward is either $200 or 20 free shares, depending on what you want. This is a great way to get free stocks.

7. Vanguard

Vanguard is known for having the best options in regards to cheap ETFs and mutual funds, as there are very little fees. However, the cheap fees are only available if you invest in products from Vanguard. Otherwise, they’re a bit more costly.

Last year they also introduced over 1,800 ETFS and mutual funds for free.

8. Fidelity

Fidelity, available on both mobile and web, is another popular option where you can get free stocks. You can use any type of account and complete any kind of investing with the platform.

They currently have a promotion where you can invest free of charge for up to two years. There are no minimum IRAs and many ETFs that have no commission whatsoever.

There is also a fantastic promotion through which you receive 300 trades. However, they need to be used within the two years of the other promotion. Once that period is up, you’re still able to purchase stocks at extremely low commission rates.


NVSTR, pronounced “investor,” is a site where you can receive free stock worth anywhere from $20 to $500. However, there are conditions. You aren’t able to actually withdraw them for an entire year, and within that period, you need to place a trade.

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There is also a commission you need to pay, unlike some of the options listed prior. Each trade is $4.50, so it’s still pretty low compared to other platforms.

How To Get Free Stocks Q&A

How Many Free Stocks Can You Get On Robinhood?

With Robinhood, you can earn up to $500 of free stocks. Once the total amount is close to $500, you won’t receive anymore when the stock with the lowest value pushes your total past $500.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On the Stocks?

Yes, you need to pay taxes when investing with a company. To do so, fill out a 1099 Form based on however much the stock was worth. You’re required to include it on your tax return, likely to be taken as bank interest.

If you sell shares with the intention of receiving capital gain, you’ll have to pay an associated capital gain tax. However, these can be deducted if you sell the stocks for a loss.

This is how it works: say you receive a share for $75. You have to fill out a 1099 Form at the final stretch of the year. Then, if you sell that stock for $95 that year, you have to pay a certain percentage back as capital gain tax. You also have the normal income taxes for the original $75.

However, if you were to sell the same $75 stock for $60 instead, you’re able to take the $15 you lost and deduct it as a capital loss. Another option is to remove that amount from the regular income tax.

Can You Really Get Free Stocks?

Yes, it’s definitely possible! You can receive anywhere from $5 to $1000 worth of stocks free just for signing up to a website.

Why Do They Give You Free Stocks?

As an incentive for you to use their sites, many companies allow you to invest by providing shares either extremely cheap or free. This is a great way for them to attract new users who will eventually spend money with them.

Do They Offer Free Stock Trading Too?

Certain platforms allow you to participate in stock trading without paying anything. One of these sites is Robinhood, which is mentioned first in the section below.

Wrap Up on How To Get Free Stocks

If you’re an investor unable to spend large amounts of money on investing, it’s a great idea to sign up for a site offering free shares.

This gives you a decent jumpstart on your investment journey. While the shares won’t be worth huge amounts of money, it’s still a step forward. And it’s vital you take advantage of every single opportunity out there.

Additionally, keep in mind you’re still likely to spend money eventually. Your free shares won’t come indefinitely, as there’s usually a limit. For this reason, build a budget while you’re still getting free stocks.

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