How to Get Money Through the Affordable Care Act (And How Much You Can Put Back into Your Pocket)?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helps millions of Americans save money on health
insurance, so how do you get your share?

We’re here to help you out with steps for how to not only save money, but to let you
know how much you can save and how you can save it every month instead of
getting it back as a tax return.

How Much Money Can You Save with ACA Plans?

The ACA allows Americans to get great insurance with good deductibles and
comprehensive coverage for a much lower price. So, how much lower? Well, it
depends on the coverage you need and whether you qualify for subsidies.

The amount you pay for insurance, and therefore the amount you save, will depend
on a variety of factors including your age, whether you smoke, how many people
will be covered in your plan, you location, household income, the health insurance
company, and more.

However, 12 million Americans have ACA plans and receive advanced premium tax
credits, which means they save money on their monthly premiums, putting cash
right back in their pockets. Even better, it’s not a few cents they save each month.

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In fact, ACA users save an average of $508 per month, with many individuals and
families saving even more! That’s over $6000 a year that you can use to pay for
gas, rent, bills, or even a nice vacation or two.

How to Get $6000+ Per Year from the Affordable Care Act?

To get your money from the Affordable Care Act and see how much you can save,
you can visit, complete an application, choose your plan, and pay
your first premium. To do so, you’ll need to fill out questions based on your identity,
location, household, taxes, income, and more.

Additionally, you’ll have to select from metal tier categories. Bronze plans have the
lowest monthly premium, but the highest deductibles and costs when you need care
while Silver, Gold, and Platinum have increasingly higher premiums, but lower
copayments, deductibles, and costs for care.

You need to be aware of the open enrollment times, which are usually from early
November through mid to late January of each year. However, these times can differ
depending on your state.

However, it’s also critical that you get Advanced Premium Credits because that’s
the way you put money back into your pocket each and every month. That’s
because these tax credits directly and instantly reduce the amount you’re paying
for insurance.

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Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify for Advanced Premium
Credits and get support to help you through the process of redeeming $500 or more
each month!


You can save thousands of dollars every year with the Affordable Care Act
(ACA) also known as Obamacare. Plus, with Advanced Premium Credits, you
basically put those savings directly into your pocket or bank account every
month, which means more help to pay bills, buy food and gas, or do things
you enjoy.

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