23 Best Side Hustle Apps To Make Money Fast (2023)

Discover the top 23 side hustle apps to boost your income and explore new opportunities. From gig platforms to microtask apps, these innovative tools offer flexible ways to earn extra money and make the most of your spare time. A side hustle is something that you do part-time as a quick, sometimes passive source of income. Here are the 23 best side hustle apps:

1. Survey Junkie

This is probably my favorite side hustle app because all I have to do take surveys and get paid for it. They have been around for a while and the real deal. With the app, you can get compensation for simply providing your opinion.

This is great for business is because they are often looking for views to improve their services and products. For each survey, you’ll earn anywhere from 10 cents to $75. It’ll be based on how long the survey is.

Survey Junkie works as a point system, in which 100 points will translate to $1. Your points will be exchanged for money and sent through PayPal. However, you can’t cash out until you’ve amassed at least $10 (1,000 points). You can also receive your money in the form of gift cards for participating vendors.

On average, within a year, you’ll earn about $1,095, as you likely won’t get many large surveys that are worth closer to $75. However, if you do, you may earn more. This may not be a fortune, but it is an effortless way to get some extra cash.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another great option, which was created as a survey-taking platform. However, I appreciate that it also has various other money-making options, such as entering contests, shopping online, using coupons, and playing free or paid games through GSN.

You can even surf the web, which you and I obviously do anyway, especially since most people’s lives consist of internet usage. Just for registering, you’ll get a free $5. Once you’ve earned at least $40, the points you make on the platform can then be redeemed for gift cards or money.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another option that I love to use to get paid for everyday things, such as watching videos. You’ll have a wide array of topics, including pop culture, gaming, etc., and what’s better than getting paid to be entertained?

Outside of watching videos, you can also take surveys, play games, and surf the web. You can also get cashback when you shop — any time you spend money at participating retailers. Additionally, you can gain access to exclusive deals and coupons.

Just like other platforms, this one using a point-based system that you can use to redeem gift cards and cash. However, you get more options in terms of actions in return for money, while on Survey Junkie, surveys are your only option.

According to The Penny Hoarder, you can earn around 90 a month with Swagbucks. This is about $1,080 annually!

4. MyPoints

Recently, the site MyPoints blessed us by opening a video portal in order to gain money from watching videos/ads. Some other things you can do are:


    • Reading emails

    • Playing games

    • Searching the web

    • Printing coupons

    • Referring friends

Sadly, however, to earn money from watching ads and videos, you need to stay within the video section and watch multiple in succession. If not, the timer that ticks until your reward is available pauses.

Once you amass $20, you will get a bonus of $10. You can cash out once you gain 700 points, which is the equivalent of $5, which will be paid via PayPal. You can also redeem your cash in the form of a gift card.

5. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is an online research community. Its purpose is to assist companies in making better decisions for their businesses through surveys. The questionnaires are on a variety of topics, such as


    • electronics

    • mobile

    • sports

    • toys

    • apparel

    • accessories

What I find interesting is that the platform is formatted by “levels.” The more surveys that you do, the more points you’ll earn, and the higher you’ll move.

The app also has SweepLand, which is a sweepstakes in which your points may potentially win a prize. Each point you use is considered an entry. Another cool aspect is Bidland, which is an auction where your points can be used to bid on various prizes. If you don’t win the bid, your points will be returned.

6. LifePoints

LifePoints is yet another app that influences the work of big brands. I find it great because it’s a way to earn money for everyday things, such as shopping, going to the movies, or trying new services. You try different things, share your feedback, and that’s it. You make cash!

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Most surveys will be brief- 10 to 15 minutes. How much you’ll get for a review will depend on how long it was, as well as how desperate the company is for opinions.

You’ll automatically get ten free points for signing up. 1100 points are the equivalent of $1, and you need $5 to request a reward. You can either cash out through gift cards or through PayPal. If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate to charities.

7. Poshmark

Whenever I have designer clothes and accessories that no longer fit me, I look to Poshmark to earn a profit, and you should do the same and make hundreds of extra money every month,

You can also sell wholesale. This means that you can purchase designer products on sale in bulk in order to sell them on Poshmark and earn a profit.

To start selling, sign up. You’ll automatically get a bonus $5.

8. Long Game

Long Game is more of an investment app, meaning you’ll have to give up money to earn money. The way it works is that you’ll set aside money in a saving account. Saving money unlocks mini-games as an attempt to make saving fun.

To get started, you’ll need to open up a savings account. The platform has a partnership with Blue Ridge Bank. Next, you’ll create a savings plan. You’ll link a source of funding, such as a checking account, and go from there. You’ll need to decide whether you want to give up cash weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly automatically. You can manually set aside money at any time, as well.

You can also create Savings jars, designating money for specific goals, such as travel.

Anyway… Let’s get into the actual fun part and the money-making part. When you give up money, you earn coins that you can use to play games. Also, you earn money by making interest on your savings.

9. Turo

Turo is like Airbnb, except it’s for cars! Just like the property version of it, you just list your car for rent. You don’t have to much work after this.

Similarly, you can also make $1,000+ per month through the app. If it’s a lower or average market value vehicle, you may make $300-$600. In fact, they have a calculation tool that you can use to determine how much you can earn per month with your car.

There are some requirements for what you can sell, which are:


    • Vehicle is less than 12 years old

    • Vehicle has fewer 130,000 miles

    • Car has a clean title

10. Lyft

If you desire a bit more traditional job, consider working for a ridesharing company, such as Lyft. These are phenomenal for flexibility, as these services are running 24/7. Once you get the job, you can begin driving people around within a week.

To drive with Lyft, these are the requirements.


    • Be at least 21 years old.

    • Pass their free, online DMV, and background checks.

    • Have a U.S. driver’s license and provide proof of insurance

As a driver, your tasks will be:


    • transporting people in need of a ride

    • reporting any potential issues

    • maintaining a clean and safe environment for anybody who enters your car.

Therefore, if you are at least 21 years old, driving people around can be an easy job to take on.

How much you earn by giving rides will vary greatly depending on location. The amount of hours you put in are also a significant factor, as the ride rates shift at various times throughout the day, being the highest in the evening and on weekends. People are also able to give tips, and being a hospitable driver is a great way to get extra tips.

Lyft drivers make about $17-$25 an hour.

11. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service that I use often. As a driver, or “dasher,” you’ll pick up meals from a wide variety of restaurants and merchants. You’ll then deliver it to hungry customers.

This is a very lenient job, such as Uber and Lyft, as you can work from wherever you want and choose your own hours. And, like with Uber Eats, you’re able to use a bike. To become a dasher, you must:


    • Must be at least 18 years old

    • Have a valid drivers license

    • Have a valid insurance with name on the policy

    • Have access to a car or bike

    • Have a smartphone

You can earn up to $25 with DoorDash.

12. Healthy Wage

Struggling with weight loss can be frustrating, so why not get paid to lose the belly fat as motivation? HealthyWage pays you for taking part in both individual and team tasks. Corporations can also be involved.

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You place a bet on a certain amount of pounds that you plan to lose in a designated time frame. The challenges will take anywhere from 1 month to a year. To get paid, you need to reach that goal.

When placing your bet, you need to enter some money to have a stake. You also need to add to the wager every month. If you win, whatever you bet may be doubled.

Your start and end weight, as well as your progress, will need to receive verification at a doctor’s office, health club, or a Weight Watchers location.

You are able to earn up to $10,000 with a five-person team. You will get paid by PayPal or check.

13. Airbnb

I’m not lucky enough to have one, but if you have a nice enough house that’s an extra or that you’ll be away from for a bit while you’re on vacation, consider being an Airbnb host. Outside of renting out your house, you can also just rent out an extra room or suite,

This, in my opinion, is one of the superior ways to generate passive income. It’s so simple because all of the heavy work is done for you.

Here’s how it works:


    1. Have a property to rent out (obviously)- suite, room, entire property, etc.

    1. Wait for interested customers

    1. Provide any home essentials

You choose your own rates, but you can make over $1,000 a month, varying based on your location and your property.

14. Instacart

If you’re like me and you love shopping, why not get paid for it? With Instacart, you can get paid to purchase other people’s groceries. If you’re an in-store shopper, rather than a full-service shopper, you don’t even need a vehicle.

You’ll receive and manage any requests and trips through the Instacart app. The platform will then do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

The requirements are:


    • Age: 18 years or older

    • Eligibility to work in the United States

    • Having a smartphone

    • Being able to lift 30 to 40 pounds

Doing this, you can earn around $20 an hour.

15. Postmates

Like DoorDash, Postmates is an on-demand food delivery app meant to connect hungry people with customers. It’s extremely popular. For example, Kylie Jenner spends thousands on the platform annually.

As with any other food-delivery service, you’ll pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to people’s homes, schools, offices, etc.

You also don’t need a car. You can drive, walk, or bike as a delivery driver. It’s also extremely flexible as you can work however often you want and when you want.

You’ll earn up to $25 per hour.

16. Uber or Uber Eats

Just like, Lyft, Uber is a great ridesharing app, which is my favorite to use for transportation. It works the same way as Lyft.

There is also an option for working with Uber Eats. You have more oppurtunity with this option, as you don’t even need a car to use it. You can deliver food to customers using a scooter or a bike, depending on where you live.

The steps to becoming an Uber driver are:


    • Completing an application

    • Getting an inspection for your car

    • Passing a background check

With Uber, you can make about $25 an hour.

17. TaskRabbit

If you’re someone who sometimes experiences moments of extreme laziness (I know I am!) or just extremely busy, then you’ll truly understand why someone would utilize this service. People who don’t have the time to do something or don’t want to will hire workers, or “taskers” to do it for them.

If you’re someone who enjoys doing physical work and can lift heavy objects, you may want to consider becoming a tasker.

The requirements are:


    • Age: at least 21 years old

    • Passing a background check

    • Possession of a bank account and a valid credit card

    • Having a smartphone

Some taskers only make a few hundred a month. However, top TaskRabbit contractors earn up to $7,000 every month.

18. Fiverr

As somebody who has done freelancing, sites like Fiverr are great resources for freelancers to connect with clients. A freelancer can post a ‘gig’ saying something such as, “I will do _ for $_.” A client can then purchase, or “order,” the freelancer’s services, becoming their employer.

A buyer can also post a request to find any freelancers willing and able to do the job they need to be completed. They pay the freelancer in advance. You can set whatever rates you see fit.

Freelancers get to keep 80% of their earnings, while Fiverr takes 20%.

19. Handy

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I find that cleaning and or fixing stuff up can be relaxing. If you agree, use that as an opportunity to make some cash by becoming a housecleaner or handyman/ woman on the platform Handy. It works by connecting professionals with clients that need help.

It’s great and lenient because you’ll be able to do what you want with your schedule, only taking on work when you want to.

There is a requirement of having had a similar paid position in the past. The pay is seemingly worth it. Cleaners can earn around $22 hourly, while handymen can earn up to $45 an hour.

To get started, you’ll need:


    • A smartphone

    • Cleaning supplies (if applying as a cleaner)

    • Tools (if you’re working as a handyman)

    • Transportation

    • Previous experience

20. Rover

I love dogs, and if you don’t are you even human?

Anyway, Rover is a pretty great site that connects dog owners and dog walkers. The website will take about 15% of what you earn, but it is still a great way to earn a considerable amount of money. For example, all you have to do is walk 2-3 dogs monthly, and you could earn around $1,000. And, if you become a full-time dog walker, you can gain around $3,300 every month.

These are averages, but you choose your own rates.

21. DogVacay

Just like Rover, this is an excellent job for dog lovers. Through DogVacay, you can show pups a good time while their owners are away while having fun yourself.

The plus is you get to decide exactly what you want in regards to what kind of pups you’d like to care for. You also get to determine your own rates, which are usually $20-$50 a night. You can also choose whether you want to dogsit from your house of from the owner’s home. The services you’d like to offer are also entirely up to you, including walking, grooming, overnight care, etc.

The downside is that there is a 20 percent service fee.

22. OfferUp

If you’re like me, you’ve built up a substantial amount of clutter in your home. You may want to get rid of it and make money. If so, OfferUp is the platform for you. Through the app, you can sell any used goods you may have,

It’s pretty simple to use. You just photography whatever it is that you’re choosing to sell and create a listing with a title and a quick description to promote it.

A great feature is ratings, through which buyers and sellers can grade each other based on how they conduct business. This way, you can choose to only deal with people that are seemingly trustworthy. There’s also a chat function that you can use to not give up your personal information.

Your rates are entirely up to you and based on what you see fit.

23. Pact

Pact is similar to Healthy Wage, With Pact, you are able to make health goals on a weekly basis, called “pacts.” You will also make pacts related to vegetables, working out, and eating meals.

Pact allows you to link with a variety of apps and or devices that track and store information related to your health to sync the data.

The compensation comes in when you work out and do other healthy things. You will get paid for doing fitness-related things such as working out at the gym, eating healthy, running, and meeting goals.

If you meet your goals, you will win money. However, the catch is that the money is from other users who did not meet theirs. This is where your stake in the app comes in. If you don’t meet it, you have to give some of your money. This serves as encouragement for you to follow through.

You’ll receive about $0.30 to $5 weekly. This may not seem like a lot, but it is a bit of an incentive to work out.

This app is only available to people with an Android device, but it will soon be usable by people with iOS devices.

Side Hustle Apps Q&A

How Much Can I Make With Side Hustle Apps?

The amount you can make varies, based on how much work you choose to do and pay from different apps. You can earn anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars through these apps.

How much can a side hustle make?

The income potential of a side hustle varies widely depending on various factors such as the type of side hustle, the amount of time and effort invested, and the market demand for the particular service or product. Some side hustles may generate a few hundred dollars per month, while others can become lucrative and earn thousands of dollars.Are side hustles worth it?

Are side hustles worth it?

Side hustles can be worth it for many individuals, but it ultimately depends on personal circumstances and goals. Side hustles can provide additional income, help pay off debts, build savings, or explore new interests. They can also offer flexibility and the opportunity to develop valuable skills. However, side hustles require time and effort, and the returns may vary.

Side Hustle Apps Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of resources that you can use to earn some quick cash. With many of them, you simply have to give your opinion and don’t even have to get out of your bed. It can also be fun or relaxing, as opposed to being stressful, like many traditional jobs.

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