31 Sewing Jobs From Home

Explore our list of 31 sewing jobs from home. Sewing and other stitch crafting is considered a hobby and an art. However, less people are learning and undertaking such skills. With the popularity of sites such as Pinterest and Etsy, combined with the millennial mindset of wanting goods that are ecologically sourced rather than mass produced, hand-sewn and hand-crafted products are in high demand. If you are someone who is experienced in sewing and other forms of stitchery, and enjoys creating projects, you may be able to earn extra money by sewing from home.

Ways to Sew from Home

There are several ways to sew from home and earn extra income, from doing local jobs to creating an online sewing business of your own.

Start Your Own Sewing Jobs from Home Business Near You

Becoming an independent sewing contractor means that you can do your sewing jobs from home. Many companies look to hire people with skills and expertise to sew, crochet, or create other projects on a remote basis. These jobs may include assembly work, such as completing a pre-made pattern or design provided by the company, or alteration work, etc.

Doing freelance or independent contract work means that you can determine your workload and accept jobs for which you feel you are qualified.

Work from Home Sewing Job for a Local Business

There is a significant demand from local businesses and companies for seamstresses, crafters, and other creative talents in many areas. If you are able to affiliate yourself with the daily production of a local business, you may have a good chance of getting hired and working from home doing these sewing jobs. Companies would more than likely pay by the hour, and benefits may be an added possibility.

Start an Online Sewing Business

After a while, being a freelance or independent contractor may feel tiresome. In this case, you may wish to start your own online sewing business. Etsy is currently the popular site for people who want to sell their handcrafted art and products as online business owners. Ebay is another online site for establishing your own business.

Handmade creations are also sold on other sites such as ArtFire and Handmade at Amazon. However, there are a range of fees attached to participation. For those who wish to create their own online store, Shopify or Wix allow you to do just that from scratch. You can take the opportunity to sell creations that you’ve already made and/or take custom orders from others. This is a great way to capitalize on your skills and experience, as well as share your creations at your own pace with others who appreciate your work.

Get a Virtual Sewing Job from Home

Another way to earn money while sewing from home is to do it virtually. You can share your knowledge with others through videos and/or blogs without ever leaving the house and earn some passive income as well.

For example, you can create “how-to” video tutorials and eventually earn money from YouTube by posting them and hoping they get web traffic. You can also host online sewing workshops (or knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, etc.) and make a profit by building a “members-only” community in which the fees go to you. In addition, you can blog about your projects and creations and earn extra money from Adsense.

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Where to Find Sewing Jobs from Home Online and Near Me

There are various job posting sites where you can find sewing jobs to do from home, both locally and online. Here are some examples:


FlexJobs helps users search and filter jobs from all areas. This is an excellent resource to utilize if you wish to seek out current sewing jobs. There is a fee for their service, which $15. However, the site performs research for you, saving enough time that the membership is worth it.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows people to post photos and list items for sale to people in the local area. The buyer contacts the seller in order to set up payment and delivery of items. If you have a portfolio of crafts or other handmade items, this is an excellent resource for advertising and selling your products.

Though there is some measure of security when it comes to Facebook Marketplace in that members must have a profile, it’s advisable to use caution during any interactions and limit the exchange of personal information.


Craigslist is a classified advertisement site. Some use it as an online job posting site, advertising work opportunities available in your local area. There are often sewing jobs posted on Craigslist that range from alterations to unique creations. In addition, you can locally sell your creations on Craigslist by making your own posts and advertising your products.

It’s important to consider safety when replying to these jobs and the exchange of personal information should be limited.

Sewing Jobs on Upwork

Upwork is a website that allows skilled freelancers to apply for posted jobs. Members can view sewing jobs of all types and send a proposal in order to be hired. The sewing work would be done from home, and earnings vary based on the type of project and experience level required. View sewing jobs on upwork

Companies That Have Sewing Jobs From Home

There are several companies that offer sewing jobs that you can do from home. This is an excellent way to utilize your sewing and crafting skills and make some extra income while being in your own house.

Sewing Jobs From Home

1. Abundant Resource

Abundant Resource is a company that makes lovely baby bonnets. They are looking for people with solid basic sewing skills with a straight stitch sewing machine. Seamstresses can earn nearly $500 per week if they choose to complete the maximum of 5 units, each consisting of 30 bonnets.

2. American Consolidated Enterprises, Inc.

American Consolidated Enterprises, Inc., produces little “Buddy Bear” creations. They hire people with good sewing skills that own sewing machines. They pay based on the production of each unit that is completed to their quality standards. One unit consists of 10 Buddy Bears and earns $80.

3. American Home Crafts

American Home Crafts requires its remote sewing employees to have a basic sewing machine with zigzag or satin stitching capabilities. They produce baby bibs and pay approximately $120 per unit of 36 bibs. If you are able to return the 4 units they accept per week, the income would total over $450 weekly.

4. Calico Studio

Calico Studio creates lovely angels from muslin and flannel. The angels require easy, straight stitch sewing and are trimmed with simple embroidery using floss and silk ribbon. The patterns for the angels are the same; however, the trim varies to differentiate angels for each season. Each unit is made up of 24 angels and the company pays approximately $100 per unit if completed according to their specifications. Employees are required to purchase any raw materials.

5. City Capes

City Capes requires basic sewing and applique skills in order to manufacture quality hair-cutting capes for the beauty industry. Each unit is made up of 20 capes and their remote employees are paid about $125 per unit, provided the capes are completed according to the company’s standards. City Capes accepts up to 4 units per week.

6. Craft Works International, Inc.

Craft Works International, Inc. manufactures and distributes stuffed animals called “Dino Dinosaurs.” They supply materials to their remote workers who just have to follow their specific pattern and assembly instructions. The stuffed animals are assembled through sewing by hand and machine. The potential income is approximately $550 per week.

7. Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions manufactures “Big Sister” shared hearts dolls and holiday decorations for wholesale and retail. Their designs are well-known, and they require remote employees to have basic sewing experience as well as a straight stitch sewing machine for dolls. For the dolls, each unit is made up of 12 and earns about $95 per unit. For holiday decorations, seamstresses can earn about $60 for production and $9 for cost of supplies.

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8. Datslor Creations, Inc.

Datslor Creations, Inc. produces “huggable” lambs that can be sewn by those who have experience in using a pattern for sewing a product. The lambs can be sewn by machine or hand, and each unit consists of 10 lambs. There is no limit to the number of units produced and the company pays $75 for each assembled unit that is acceptable.

9. Elk Creek Case Company

Elk Creek Case Company hires remote workers who can assemble eyeglass cases for ladies or CD cases. The cases can be sewn at home with a straight stitch sewing machine. There is a maximum of 5 sets accepted per week for eyeglass cases, with a set consisting of 48 cases and generating about $70. CD cases are set at a maximum of 6 units per week, with 32 cases making up a unit and earning about $85.


10. Far Bank Enterprises

Far Bank Enterprises hires people with the skills to sew, knit, crochet, or create jewelry as part of a home-based production company. The nice for this business is high-quality products for the fly-fishing industry. They require training at Bainbridge Island, Washington, but once you are certified you can set your flexible work schedule.

11. Faye’s Friends Mice Company

Faye’s Friends Mice Company produces mice ornaments for Christmas. There is no sewing experience required to assemble them, and a needle and thread are the only necessary tools. There are 27 different mice characters available and the assembly is very simple. The pay is about $291 for each unit of 57 mice completed.

12. FranciePants

FranciePants is an interesting niche and opportunity for seamstresses. The company produces all-cotton women’s underwear, sewn by a team of people remotely. FranciePants does require attendance for three sewing classes, offered for free, near Baltimore, Maryland. So, if you are interested in the job and can travel for the unpaid classes, you can become certified by FranciePants.

Certified creators earn a $100 bonus and an opportunity to work for the company from home. Work is paid per item delivered, and employees can determine their own workload.

13. Heavenly Occasion Purchasers

Employees can sew year-round for Heavenly Occasion Purchasers. They produce 4 items:

  • Randolph baby bib—made of broadcloth and polyester cotton, zigzag stitch needed, $80 per unit of 35 bibs
  • Buster the Happy Goblin—door or wall hanging made of poplin and broadcloth, zigzag stitch needed for detail, $60 per unit of 12 hangings
  • Heavenly Angel—9” angel made of muslin and adorned with ribbon and lace, straight stitch project, $110 per unit of 26 angels produced
  • Little Nick—9” Santa made of broadcloth and mohair, straight stitch project, $120 per unit of 30 Little Nicks

14. Jaclens Quilts

Jaclens Quilts offers work involving sewing quilt blocks together. A sewing machine is required, though there is no quilting or applique needed. Finished quilts are 14.5” square. Each unit consists of 25 blocks, earning $100 per unit, with 3 units accepted per week.

15. Kitchen Crafts

If you are skilled at sewing and applique, Kitchen Crafts may hire you to help them produce their quality homemade household items. These include placemats and oven mitts, which are simple to make and require only basic sewing and applique skills. They accept 4 units per week, paying $115 for a unit of 30 placemats or 40 oven mitts.

16. Kraftco

Kraftco produces baby bands, requiring basic sewing skills and a sewing machine. Seamstresses are paid over $500 for every 4 units of baby bands submitted, including costs for supplies and shipping.

17. Promotional Duffel Bag

Promotional Duffel Bag manufactures duffel bags for sporting shops often located in shopping malls. They pay remote workers about $39 per completed bag and accept up to 16 bags produced per week.

18. Shannon Fabrics

Shannon Fabrics offers a unique income opportunity to those that have a sewing or crafts blog and wish to become a “brand ambassador.” Those who are interested participate in several sewing classes for hourly pay at their office based in Los Angeles, California. Once the coursework is complete, ambassadors then represent the business at various stores, demonstrating techniques learned from the workshops.

For those who would rather not become an ambassador, they offer jobs to sew their kits and tradeshow items, paid per piece.

19. Stitch Diva Studios

Stitch Diva Studios is an opportunity for those who enjoy crocheting, lacing, or knitting. People can begin as test knitters and will receive a new pattern or project from the company. Then, knitwear designers pay for completed designs.

It’s important to know that some knitters are paid per design completed, but others are paid only for products that meet ready-for-sale standards. Payments vary from $50 to $300, depending on the complexity of the pattern.

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20. Stuff-4-Kids

Stuff-4-Kids is looking for remote workers with basic sewing and embroidery skills. The company designs and markets hand-crafted children’s products and primarily baby bibs. The bibs require straight stitch machine sewing and some hand embroidery. The company provides detailed instructions for creating the bibs.

21. Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas is another company that makes baby bibs sold at shows and markets. They require basic sewing skills and beginning-level hand embroidery. The bibs require straight stitch machine sewing, and detailed instructions are provided to make each bib.

22. The Flower Workshop

The Flower Workshop pays for people to hand-make flowers through at-home assembly in order to meet their demand. The company provides their flower-making machine and step-by-step instructions to make the flowers.

23. US Crafts

US Crafts produces hair barrettes for ladies, sewn by hand. They pay about $150 per unit of 60 barrettes made.

24. Very Vintage Designs

For those who live in southern California, particularly in the area of Canoga Park, Very Vintage Designs is an excellent work from home sewing job opportunity. Employees must live close enough to the area to potentially attend meetings a couple times per week. Very Vintage Designs creates collars for cats and dogs. They pay about $15 to $30 per hour or depending on the speed at which you can sew 10 collars.

25. Wunderkin Co.

Wunderkin Co. is an accessories company for children based in Denver, Colorado. It specializes in hair bows and scrunchies. If you join their virtual sewing team, you can set your own hours as long as you fulfill a weekly quota. For experienced workers, the earnings are approximately $15 to $20 per hour.

Sew & Assemble Jobs From Home

26. J&C Flores, Inc.

J&C Flores, Inc. produces lower lumbar back supports. The supports are 7” wide and 2” thick, made of polyester and cotton fabric. There is no limit to how many you can produce, and for a unit of 10 you can earn $75.

27. JD’s Key Chains

JD’s Key Chains are made from 2-ply, 100% nylon plastic canvas yarn. They require a registration fee as well as payment for a starter kit that contains simple instructions, diagrams, and materials to make your first unit of 60 key chains. They pay $130 per unit and accept 3 units per week.

28. Steadfast Fibres

Steadfast Fibres offers the opportunity to make money by sewing quilt blocks together. No quilting is required. Remote seamstresses cut out quilt block pieces and machine piece together the quilt blocks. Each unit consists of 25 quilt blocks and generates $100 per unit. The weekly limit is 5 units.

29. Unlimited Country Creations

Unlimited Country Creations pays for people to sew and assemble cute “country” bunnies. The bunnies are 12” tall and made from polyester and cotton fabric. They can be sewn by hand or machine, and materials are provided. The company pays $7 per bunny, with 10 bunnies per kit.

30. Valerie’s Hattery, Inc.

Valerie’s Hattery, Inc. pays to have little potpourri bonnets assembled. The task is easy, and no experience is needed. They pay about $15 for 12 bonnets and each one is reported to take about 5 minutes to complete.

Cross Stitching Jobs From Home

31. Son Rise Greeting Cards

If you know how to cross stitch, Son Rise Greetings produces and distributes greeting cards that are suitable for any occasion and pays about $145 for 24 cross stitched cards made per unit, plus supplies. They will buy up to 4 units if you are able to handcraft their specially designed cards.

Sewing Jobs from Home Q&A

What are some sewing jobs from home requirements?

For the most part, there are no formal requirements to doing sewing jobs from home. There are exceptions to this if you decide to sew for a company or if you participate in highly specialized categories that take years of training, such as wedding gowns.

It’s important to build a digital portfolio of your work, especially for independent contractor jobs. In addition, you may be asked to perform test jobs in order to determine your skill level and gain entry for company projects.

The most important requirement for sewing jobs from home would be to have a computer, camera, and good internet connection. This is essential in order to share, display, and sell your creations online.

How much can I make?

The amount of income made through at-home sewing jobs varies widely. Those who are paid hourly generally receive between $10-$25 per hour. However, this is dependent on skill level, expertise, and opportunity.

If you become an online business owner, you have the potential to sell both educational materials such as tutorials and workshops and handmade products at the same time. There would be no limit to this income with the right skills, effort, and plan.

As independent contractors doing “assembly” work, the pay can range from $25 to $75 per day. This is dependent on the contract, company patterns, and sewer’s level of skill.

Are sewing jobs from home worth it?

As a means of extra income, sewing jobs from home are worth it if you have a decent level of skill, creativity, and expertise. There may be an initial cost for equipment such as a sewing machine, or tools and materials with which to crochet, knit, craft, or quilt. Overall, if sewing or other hand crafting is something that you love and you have the skills, then doing it from home is generally worth the effort.

Sewing Jobs from Home Conclusion

Some feel that sewing and other creative skills such as knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching are somewhat dying arts. However, the demand for experienced and skilled people who can sew is on the rise. This creates excellent opportunities for people to develop their hobby or craft and market their skills online in order to sew from home.

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