7 Best Online Juror Jobs That Are Hiring Now

These are some of the best online juror jobs that will pay you good money. Get paid to participate in mock trials to help attorneys prepare for their court cases.

Become an online juror and get paid to participate in mock trials to help attorneys prepare for their court cases. 7 legitimate sites (no scams).

Best Online Juror Jobs Companies

If you’ve spent some time looking for ways to make money online, you’ve likely come across the idea of becoming an online juror.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking all online juror jobs are obvious scams. This isn’t the case – though there certainly are plenty of scams out there. If you can find a legitimate company that pays online jurors, then you can definitely make some money this way.

And you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of 7 legitimate sites to find online juror jobs – so you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself.

After you’ve taken a look at that list, keep reading to find out what online jurors do, how much you can expect to get paid, how to avoid the all-too-common scams, and more.

1. eJury.com

eJuror pays less than other online juror companies – only $5 to $10 per case – but it’s a great company to get involved with if you want to get a feel for what being part of an online jury entails.

What’s really great about eJuror is that their “Learn About” page includes a great breakdown of the process. They even have a sample case (one that was previously used in an eJuror mock trial) to help you get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to use the platform as an online juror.

2. JuryTalk.com

Jury Talk conducts 1-day legal focus groups and mock trials for the Wilmington Institute Network.

The Wilmington Institute Network is a nationally recognized trial and settlement psychology firm that has been operating for 40+ years. In addition to Jury Talk, they also use Virtual Jury to find paid volunteers for their mock trials.

It’s worth noting that JuryTalk.com is reticent on information, and the website does not appear to have been properly updated since it was launched 19 years ago. Jury Talk also appears to only handle in-person mock trials. While there’s no information on how much they pay, it can be assumed that Jury Talk pays in the region of $100 for participation.

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If you’re only interested in online jury jobs but would still like to be involved with the Wilmington Institute Network, we do cover Virtual Jury below.

3. JuryTest.net

JuryTest.net pays between $5 and $50 per mock trial, depending on its length.

Once you’ve completed the registration process via their sign up page, JuryTest.net will add your details to their database. Any time there’s an available mock trial in your area that needs an online juror matching your demographics, you’ll receive a “summons” via email. After providing feedback, you’ll receive payment.

4. OnlineVerdict.com

OnlineVerdict.com is looking for online jurors to participate in the mock trials they host. Attorneys have the option to request a virtual jury of 25 to 50 online jurors, so depending on your area and demographics, there could be a fair amount of work.

You’ll receive an invitation via email when there are available mock trials. Depending on the estimated length (typically 20 to 60 minutes), you’ll be paid $20 to $60+ per trial. All payments due are made at the end of the month via mailed check.

5. Resolution Research

Resolution Research takes an interesting approach to mock trials. You can decide whether to join their Consumer Panel, B2B Panel (requires that you be a business professional), or Medical Panel (requires that you be a medical professional).

Invitations to participate are sent via email and include a link to a qualifying questionnaire, similar to doing online surveys. If you match the particular requirements, you’ll then be redirected to the relevant survey.

Resolution Research also hosts in-person taste tests, focus groups, and mock juries.

While the pay range is not specified online, Resolution Research will pay via electronic payment, or via a check or visa cash card (either sent through the mail or handed to you in person depending on the study).

6. Sign Up Direct

Sign Up Direct doesn’t conduct online mock trials, focusing instead on 1-day in-person trials.

Participants are selected at random based on location and demographics. In order to qualify, you’ll need to register online. Persons with military experience can sign up via this link, while those with no military experience are asked to join via this link instead.

Sign Up Direct pays $100 to $150 per mock trial.

7. Virtual Jury

Last on our list is the Wilmington Institute Network’s second portal for recruiting mock jurors: Virtual Jury. Unlike Jury Talk, Virtual Jury is a fully-online opportunity to earn money as a juror for mock trials.

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The Virtual Jury website also offers a more modern, better-updated experience than Jury Talk, though there’s still no information available regarding pay. We couldn’t find anything concrete anywhere else online either, and it appears that some people have had difficulty with the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does an Online Juror Do?

As an online juror, you’ll be part of a virtual surrogate jury weighing in on a mock trial.

A mock trial is most often used by attorneys in preparation for a court appearance coming up, in order to get a better idea of how the actual jury will likely view their case. This can be an important step for the attorney, as a mock trial may reveal weaknesses in their case that need to be adjusted.

While live mock trials are also a possibility, they cost a lot more and take more time to complete than virtual mock trials do. As an online juror, you’ll typically listen to audio, watch video presentations, read textual material, and then answer a few questions.

Depending on the number of materials there are to review, your participation could last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two.

How Much Does an Online Juror Get Paid?

This is the trickiest question to answer. Depending on which company is hosting the mock trial, how long you need to participate, and any number of other factors, you could get paid anywhere from $5 to $60 per case.

Your overall income is also going to depend on how many trials you review. The cold, hard truth is that you probably won’t be participating in many of them, especially if you only sign up with one company. Being an online juror is an inconsistent source of revenue, as mentioned earlier.

However, some of the companies we introduced also hire in-person mock juries. If you’re running your own online business and using this as a way to supplement your income, live surrogate trials typically pay $150 for the day.

What Requirements Are There to Become an Online Juror?

Each company has its own specific requirements that need to be met in order to become an online juror with them. However, there are typically a few universal requirements shared between them all.

As is the case for serving in an actual jury in any United States court, these include that you:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a US citizen (not a permanent resident)
  • Cannot have been convicted of a felony in the past
  • Cannot currently be under indictment or other legal accusation for any felony or misdemeanor
  • Be able to read and write in English at a native level
  • Be of sound mind and good moral character
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How Do I Become an Online Juror?

To become an online juror, you’ll need to visit the relevant sign-up page for any of the above companies that you choose.

Here you’ll find any additional requirement the company has for becoming one of their online jurors. Typically, they require that you:

  • Are not an actively practicing attorney, legal assistant, or paralegal
  • Are not employed by or associated with an attorney or law firm
  • Are not related to any practicing attorney within certain fields (specified by the relevant company as needed)
  • Are not employed as an insurance adjuster, nor associated with liability claims adjustments

If you meet all these requirements (and any others), you’ll be asked to swear an oath, verify your identity, and complete a demographic profile.

is Online Juror Scams?

No legitimate online jury company will not ask for any financial information, such as your bank account or credit/debit card number. These companies do not need such information, as payment is typically made via PayPal or mailed check.

Any site claiming to offer online jury jobs that does ask for such information is most definitely a scam. Do not provide them with any information.

If you come across any such site, or you find that you have been a victim of an online jury scam, please notify your local police or sheriff department, the US Marshals Service, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3), and/or the Department of Justice.

Who Hires Online Jurors?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of online scams masquerading as legitimate online juror jobs.

But you don’t have to worry, because we’ve put in the work to discover 7 of those that truly are legitimate opportunities to earn some money as an online juror. You’ll find them below, complete with a brief description of the company and their pay rates (where possible).

It’s worth pointing out that, even if you sign up with all 7 of these companies, you won’t be earning anywhere near a livable income. Online juror jobs are awarded on an individual basis per mock trial, so it’s an inconsistent income revenue. That said, you could make some very decent extra money with these companies, especially if you sign up with all of them.

Conclusion: Online Juror Jobs

Now you know: not every opportunity you see to become an online juror is a scam. There are. in fact. legitimate companies that hire members of the public to help real attorneys put their court preparations through a mock trial. And we’ve helped you find the 7 best such companies.

It’s worth repeating that, even if you live in an area where a lot of mock trials take place, becoming an online juror is not going to be a consistent, stable source of income.

By no means should you sign up with any of these 7 companies if you’re under the impression that you’ll be able to quit your job. Instead, approach online jury duty as an interesting way to make some extra money to supplement your other income revenues.

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