12 Genius Ways To Get Paid to Text

12 Genius Ways To Get Paid to Text from home. Could you imagine if people were paid for each text they sent or received? Most of us would be millionaires. Though it’s not likely we will ever be paid for personal texts, there is a way to earn some extra money through texting and using your phone. Since most of us text throughout the day, anyway, getting paid for texting even more is a fairly simple and easy way to make some extra income for paying bills or having some fun.

Get Paid to Text (Receive – Chat – Answer – Flirt)

There are several apps and sites available for people to get paid through texting. Some apps pay just for receiving texts, whereas others pay for time spent chatting and flirting over text messaging. Other apps allow income through answering questions via text. Whatever you may feel is worth your time and energy and matches your comfort level, there is probably an app to join that provides the opportunity to make a little extra spending money just through texting or receiving text messages.

Make Money Receiving Text Advertisements

Most of us are used to online ads appearing in the margins of websites or playing before an online video. However, most of us don’t get paid to view them. When it comes to texting though, there are ways to make a little extra money for receiving advertisements through text. For the most part, this just means signing up through an app and being paid for each message received. Though users wouldn’t earn a great deal of money, they can certainly earn a few extra dollars each month for doing next to nothing.

1. McMoney

McMoney is an app that people can join for free to make money through text messages for doing pretty much nothing in return. Users install the app and receive random SMS messages on occasion with the potential to earn money for each received text message.

The purpose of McMoney is to facilitate testing for mobile operators in order to improve their operations. Through signing up, you allow text messages to be sent to your phone and this assists mobile operators with their work. However, it’s important to note that McMoney is an Android-only app. Those with iOS phones would not be able to sign up.

McMoney pays about $0.05 for each text message received, and you can delete the message immediately from your phone. It’s also possible to create settings in order not to receive messages during certain parts of the day if you wish. No response is required to any of the messages.

2. The Free Eats Network

The Free Eats Network works in a similar manner as McMoney. Users register their mobile number and then agree to receive random ads and links as they are available through text. Again, this is an option for making a little extra money for not doing anything.

As each text message is sent, the user is automatically credited and can cash out their earnings eventually through PayPal, though your account must be linked to your mobile number. For each Free Eats text, the receiver earns $0.25.

Unfortunately, the ads and links received from the Free Eats Network are few and far between. The company has indicated that they are growing their client base, which in turn is made up of companies who pay Free Eats to send out the ads. Until this client pool expands, however, members should only expect one to two text messages per week. In addition, the site indicates that ads will be capped at two per day per member.

For those with unlimited text message plans, it’s logical to sign up for Free Eats. As the company and its client base grows, members could potentially earn between $0.50 and $3.50 per week in extra cash. As passive income, even small payouts can be helpful.

Get Paid to Text with Ads

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As of now, unlike most digital services, texting is ad-free. However, if you don’t mind being sent advertisements and/or offers over text and responding to them, then you can actually get paid to text with ads. Here are some examples of how that can be done:

3. 1Q

1Q is a company that generates questions and answers, paying individuals for responses. Those who choose to participate will receive texts on their phone having to do with either market research questions, offers, or coupons. Messages can be sent using the 1Q app or with texts that utilize your native messaging platform.

Participants are required to fill out demographic information so that the app can match people with companies. Enabling the location tracing on an iOS or Android device will result in more questions sent to your phone, which allows the chance to maximize the money you can earn. Participants are also required to have a PayPal account.

For 1Q, each question or offer is known as an Askvert, and each Askvert results in a payout of 25 or 50 cents. If you respond to the message from 1Q, then a cash payment will be sent to your PayPal account. An important suggestion for 1Q is to choose the lower payment option. Even though this option offers a lower payout initially, this will give you access to more questions to answer so that money can be earned in bulk.

Some positive aspects of 1Q are that, unlike other services, there is no minimum level of earning before you can cash out and receive payment. 1Q is based on the simple earning structure of Askvert messages sent to a participant and payment for each participant response. In addition, 1Q operates on both Android and iOS phones, but a smartphone is not required.


IMGR is a bit more complex than 1Q, but an option when it comes to getting paid to text with ads. IMGR is an instant messaging platform. If you transmit messages to friends or other contacts, points accumulate for each one you send. The app facilitates connections and includes an option to invite friends to join as well.

Two important points to understand with IMGR is that you can only earn a point if the person you message is also an IMGR user, and this cash earning app seems to be available only to iOS users. For Android users, the IMGR website offers a link to download the app from the Google Play Store, but it results in an error page.

The pay structure is based on the user attaching an advertisement to each message sent, which earns one point. However, points are only valid if you both send and receive messages. For example, if you sent 10 “branded” messages and received 5 replies, you would only earn credit for the messages that received a response.

Payments are sent through PayPal accounts. However, there is a minimum payout of 300 points with IMGR which is approximately three dollars. Initially, users can earn up to 20 dollars a month, and accounts can be upgraded to premium status for earning at least 2,000 points for six consecutive months. Premium status users can earn up to 40 dollars a month.

IMGR does make it easy to send and receive messages with fellow iOS users, so you and your willing friends can earn points together. However, it appears that Android users are excluded for now.

Get Paid to Answer Questions via Text

One way to earn extra money through texting is to get paid for answering questions. People have information and search engines at their fingertips, but they may also wish to receive advice or answers to their questions from self-described “experts” through an app. Here are some examples of these question and answer apps:

5. KGB (Knowledge Generation Bureau)

KGB in this case stands for the Knowledge Generation Bureau, playing on the initials of the Russian secret intelligence agency. Those who sign up are called “Special Agent,” and KGB pays participants for answering questions.

Interestingly, this service is open only to U.S. citizens. In fact, they may ask for proof of citizenship such as a Social Security number. For those who are reluctant to share such personal information, then KGB is not a good fit.

American citizenship isn’t the only qualifier. Signing up to make money through texting with KGB isn’t open to everyone—there is a screening process for joining that is designed to assess each person’s skill set. The company is primarily seeking people with strong research and communication skills.

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KGB provides in-depth information and directory assistance, so they depend on users to have strong skills in fact-finding. There are two payout levels: 10 cents and 5 cents per response. Those who research and provide their own answer to a question earn the higher rate. Finding and forwarding a response from KGB’s information database results in an earning of the 5-cent rate for each answer.

KGB sends earnings directly to your bank account rather than utilizing PayPal service. In addition to residing in the U.S. and passing the screening process, users are required to remain active every 30 days.

6. Hummr

Hummr is an app that connects its customers with experts in virtually any subject. People can join Hummr if they feel they have expertise in a subject matter and then help customers by responding to questions through text messages, voice chats, or video. Experts can set their rates by either messages received or by the minute for correspondence, as well as the type of communication they wish to use.

Though it’s difficult to make money right away through Hummr, if you have a skill or subject matter expertise that is in demand then there is earning potential. In addition, it’s recommended that experts set their price rates aggressively in order to attract attention.

Therefore, if you feel you have expertise in a subject that might be in demand and you are willing to communicate electronically, then this app may be a means of earning some extra money.

7. Fibler

Fibler is yet another app that builds on the user’s expertise that is offered to others via text messages. Those who sign up can add themselves as an expert in anything for which they feel comfortable. Then they set their rates and earn money instantly as they chat with customers.

If you opt to try Fibler, aside from text messages, you can also chat over the phone or through video if you choose to do so. Fibler is an app that continues to grow, and the community is always looking for expertise in just about anything.

Get Paid with These Adult Texting Apps

For those who are comfortable making money through flirting or sharing photos over text, there are adult texting apps that offer payment. Generally, these companies pay people to chat and flirt online without the intention of creating any in-person interaction. In fact, most people report using the sites for establishing a fun connection to someone or filling an emotional void or need. Here are some examples:

8. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is a popular chat website that facilitates women chatting with men. It has user-friendly features and allows women, known as chat hostesses, to chat with men through a chat console. The website looks to hire women with excellent typing skills, fun personalities, are good conversationalists, and feel comfortable talking about anything, though it is not officially considered an adult or dating website.

Chat hostesses must be at least 18 years old or older to qualify. The company utilizes PayPal and participants are set up to make withdrawals for payment twice a month. Payments start at about $0.10 per minute for those who choose to chat, and incentives may be offered across time by the company.

With FlirtBucks service, chat hostesses can choose the person they wish to chat with which allows them some means of security and a level of comfort.

9. Dream Lover

Dream Lover is a chat and flirt website that focuses on women as “models.” This means that the site does encourage sharing photos through text. However, chats can take place strictly through regular texting (SMS) with no photos involved if that’s what you choose as an option.

Dream Lover allows “chatters” to set up their own work schedule, which does not have to be fixed, and the more time spent chatting and flirting, the greater the earnings. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and the website accepts women from all countries.

10. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is an online site for chatting and flirting through text or phone, although it’s important to note that there are TV and Webcam chats that are offered. Those that work for Chat Recruit can log in when they have time and are available. There are no fixed schedules and “chatters” are essentially their own bosses considering they control how much or little they work.

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Chat Recruit pays through direct deposit to users in Europe and the United Kingdom, whereas those outside these areas can get paid with international bank transfer. Chatters for Chat Recruit can expect to earn approximately two dollars per minute of chat time.

11. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is another chat service that allows women to chat, flirt, and text men for extra cash. With this website, men and women can interact through text and/or video chat. Men sign up as participants and look for a woman online who will chat with them and meet emotional needs such as making them feel loved. In a sense, MyGirlFund allows for men to establish internet girlfriends.

Members of the site buy credits worth $1.00 a piece, and they can spend it on whatever they are looking for as long as it’s within the site rules. A system is also in place for men to privately pay the women if they wish.

This site guarantees your privacy by prohibiting chatters from revealing or exchanging any personal information as well as meeting in person.

12. Text121

Text121 is another chatting service set up for men to interact online with women with adult-oriented content. They also hire text chat operators in other categories such as trivia, tarot readings, etc. Employees can create their own schedule and are paid once a month.

Text121 differs from other, similar websites in that employees are under contract to reach a chatting quota each month, and if that quota is not met then the employee is not paid for any of their time or work for that period. Payment is about $0.07 per message with a reported commitment of about 2,000 messages per month.

Get Paid to Text Q&A

How Much Do You or Can You Get Paid to Text?

It’s very unlikely that you will or can earn enough through getting paid to text to generate a living wage or retirement nest-egg. However, taking on some texting gigs can provide a little extra money for use or comfort. This is especially true if you have some extra time and access to a smartphone for downloading apps, although a smartphone isn’t required for all texting services.

It’s important for people to know that text message and data rates apply when it comes to all these services, even if joining is free. Therefore, if your phone plan doesn’t include unlimited texting and data use, then getting paid to text is not productive. In addition, if the time it takes you to earn money through texting is not worth the payout then that is also a counter-productive situation.

Overall, if you opt to try ways to get paid to text, you should view it as an additional yet limited source of income. A few extra dollars here and there can certainly help and add up across time.

Is This Legit?

Of course, there are many scams out there posing as legitimate companies that could compromise your privacy through mining your personal information or refuse to pay for your texting work. However, there are some legit opportunities to earn extra income through texting, depending on the time and energy you have to spend doing so.

Overall, it’s important for users to keep their personal information as private as possible. You should limit access to phone data and any other identifying information. In addition, you can lower your risk of being scammed by verifying the companies supporting these apps. Many websites provide reviews of such apps, made by employees and customers. This can be a strong indicator as to which apps are legitimate, worthwhile, and recommended.

Get Paid to Text Conclusion

Many people are in situations in which they must work from home, though these job opportunities can be limited. Getting paid to text or receive text messages is a means of earning some extra income for those who work from home or wish to supplement their job income.

Companies are endlessly seeking data and feedback from customers and the population at large, and if you are willing to receive or answer ads via text message, then they are willing to pay a little for your participation and feedback. In addition, if you are expert in a certain subject or area, you can share your knowledge and advice through texting others with question and answer apps. This not only puts your expertise to use for a little extra money, but benefits others who are seeking answers to their specific questions from someone with experience and a knowledgeable background.

If you are comfortable chatting and flirting online with others, there are websites to facilitate that as well for some extra income. It’s advisable when it comes to these adult texting apps to protect your private information and ensure security in order to lower the risk of being put in a situation where you are uncomfortable. However, most members that work for these sites claim that they enjoy making these connections with others and fulfilling emotional needs through sending and receiving text messages.

Overall, none of the apps and websites mentioned are offering payments that would equal a living wage. However, for those who are comfortable and wish to put in the time and effort to earn some extra money through texting, these suggestions are a good start.

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