4 Places To Find Real Online Copy And Paste Jobs

4 Places To Find Real Online Copy And Paste Jobs. Copy and paste jobs are among the easiest work-from-home opportunities available. Everything you need to know is in the name itself – other than where to find such jobs, of course.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to earn a supplemental income, look no further than the four 100% legitimate opportunities we’ve found for you!

What is a Copy and Paste Job?

As mentioned in the introduction, the job title is pretty much all the explanation you need. When completing copy and paste jobs, simply copy the text content (usually from a provided database or content source) and paste it into the required forms.

This can mean taking a document and copying the information into a database, or vice versa. There are some variations, but that’s about all there is to it.

It’s an insanely easy task, especially with everything you need being provided. At the most, the only part of the job that can be time-consuming is loading times (for download, upload, and/or access). Other than that, it’s a task that can be completed very quickly (depending on how much information there is to copy-paste).

Types of Copy and Paste Jobs

Copy and paste jobs generally fall into one of two broad categories: online and offline.

Online copy and paste jobs require you to copy information from a database (either available online or sent to you via email) directly onto the client’s website. You might also be copying information into the database. Either way, you’re doing all of the actual work while connected to the internet.

Offline jobs are the same, except you’re sent a database file (usually as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) and asked to copy all the information into a Microsoft Word document.

Again, you might be asked to do it the other way around too, perhaps copying from a .txt file into an Excel spreadsheet so the company can upload it into their database after doing the necessary file conversion.

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Either way, with offline copy and paste jobs, the only time you need to be online is when retrieving the data (typically via email), communicating with the client/employer, and/or uploading the finished product.


The one thing you should bear in mind is most copy and paste jobs come in the form of 30-day plans. Under a Starter plan, you might be expected to do a minimum of 1,500 tasks every month, for example.

Copy-paste jobs are rarely concerned with daily performance. So long as you fill or exceed your monthly quarter, the companies are happy.

Where to Find Copy and Paste Jobs

Finding copy and paste jobs is really the only hard part of this job. If you do a quick Google search, you find dozens of ads very easily – but beware! Like all online work opportunities, the market is flooded with scams.

The copy and paste market might actually have more scams than legitimate opportunities. So for getting started, stick with these two resources – both have payment protection and will help prevent workers from getting scammed out of money owed for the work completed.

1. Upwork

Upwork touts itself as the biggest freelancer platform online – and for good reason. When looking for genuine copy and paste job opportunities, you won’t go wrong here.

It’s 100% free to create a freelancer profile, which you need to fill out with details marketing yourself as a data entry clerk. Most of the copy and paste jobs on Upwork will be posted under the label of data entry (which is another work-from-home opportunity you can look into).

Jobs are posted on a feed, so you can look at the offers available and respond to those you’re most interested in. Do be aware that applications cost a certain number of “connect” points (usually two, but this can vary). Some jobs will be on an hourly basis, while others will be displayed as fixed rate.

There is a sliding commission fee deducted from your pay, so take it into account when sending job proposals.

2. Guru.com

Guru is a great alternative that works on a very similar basis to Upwork. It’s free to create a profile and requires you to respond to job postings with a proposal. Once again, some will work on an hourly rate, while others have per project (or per milestone) fixed rates.

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Most copy and paste jobs on Guru will also be labeled under “data entry.” This means there’s a third option for payments, where clients offer a recurring weekly or monthly fee.


Guru initiated the bidding setup that Upwork has since adopted and adapted, whereby you get a certain number of free bids to use when responding to job postings.

The number of free bids will vary depending on your membership level (some have membership fees and varying commission rates). If you need more, you can always buy some.

Where to Find Copy and Paste Jobs Near Me

Upwork and Guru aren’t your only options for finding copy and paste jobs online. It’s always a good idea to follow as many opportunities as possible, especially when starting out and trying to find your first few clients. Be sure to take a look at these two opportunities as well.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist can be a little touch and go, as there are an equal number of scams in relation to legitimate copy and paste job opportunities.

However, it does remain the most popular job classifieds platform online. As long as you follow their advice on avoiding and reporting scams, you can successfully limit yourself to the legitimate postings.

You need to do a search for copy and paste jobs by selecting a city or state location (even though this type of work is 100% remote) before filling out the search bar.

Once you find a post meeting Craigslist’s recommendations on identifying legitimate opportunities, hit the “Reply” button above the listing to send an email.

4. Facebook

You might be a little surprised to find Facebook on our list, but the social media giant is actually a very good way of discovering legitimate work opportunities.

The options are nearly limitless. There are dozens of groups and pages where remote workers and companies or individual employers can connect to discuss work opportunities (including copy and paste jobs). You can also easily run a search for the keyphrase “copy and paste” and view posts from all over Facebook.

While Facebook is cracking down on scams, you still need to exercise caution. Don’t bother with anything that looks too good to be true, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in groups to see if others have had any negative experiences with a client.

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Copy and Paste Job Pros

  • Very easy work
  • Not at all time-consuming – using the starter plan example from earlier, you can easily fill your monthly quota in a few hours or days
  • Ability to complete tasks from anywhere in the world – your home, campus, even a coffee shop
  • Depending on where you find work and how much you do, the pay for copy and paste jobs can be very decent
  • There are no special skills or past experience requirements (with the exception of higher paying copy and paste jobs labeled as data entry)


Copy and Paste Job Cons

  • It can be difficult to find genuine copy and paste job opportunities, even using the resources we’ve provided
    • The market is overrun with scams that require you to pay a joining fee but never provide work (or simply never pay)
      • There’s no margin for error, so even though it’s a very easy job, you need to be careful you’re pasting information into the correct fields

Copy and Paste Job FAQs

Do I Need to Have More Knowledge for Joining Copy-Paste Work?

Absolutely not. In fact, most copy and paste jobs don’t even care whether you completed high school, let alone college! As long as you speak English, have a computer to work from (or access to one), and know how to use the ctrl+c and ctrl+v copy-paste keyboard shortcuts, you’re good to go.

The only exception are copy-paste jobs posted as data entry, offering higher pay rates.

Is There Any Age Restriction for Starting With This Type of Work?

While individual platforms and clients might have age restrictions in place, these generally comply with the legal requirement that remote workers be at least 18 years old. For the most part, this has more to do with child protection legislation than anything else.

However, as long as any clients you connect with on Facebook are okay with your age and your legal guardian(s) give the go-ahead, you could potentially get started at age 16.

How Much Do Copy and Paste Jobs Pay?

The pay rate varies from platform to platform, as well as from one employer to the next. However, to give you a general idea of what to expect doing copy-paste jobs on a nearly full-time basis, ZipRecruiter reports the average income in most US locations is around $70,000/year.


With the right resources and approach, it’s easy to build a fairly decent and relatively passive supplemental income by doing copy and paste jobs. It’s also a great way to gain experience while studying so you have a better chance of getting data entry jobs in the future.

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