27 Perfect Jobs For Lazy People

Looking for genius job ideas that suit your laid-back personality? Check out our list of 27 genius jobs for lazy people. From virtual assistants to professional cuddlers, discover unique opportunities that allow you to embrace your chill while earning a living.

It’s okay to be lazy. A ton of people aren’t inclined to put a ton of effort into their career, especially if it something that they’re less than passionate about.

Honestly, if you’re truly lazy, then the best advice we should be giving in order for you to find a decent or high-paying job would be to tell you to stop being lazy and put some work in. However, our job isn’t to lecture you, so instead, we’ll lay out a list of jobs for lazy people and push the envelope of your laziness.

You may have thought that your laziness would take a huge toll on your road to success and that you may never be able to get a good-paying career, let alone one at all. However, this isn’t the case at all.

You can definitely have a fulfilling career while lounging around and not having to think too much or put in too much willpower. Here are 27 genius jobs for lazy people

1. Fill Out Surveys

Many companies are willing to pay you cash to provide your honest opinion on their products and services. This allows businesses to go through the process of improving the various things they offer.

But the relevant point is that it’s an extremely easy way to earn some passive income. You can essentially work without getting up from your bed. This is the perfect job for lazy people.

Survey Junkie

Summary: Survey Junkie is one of the most prominent survey-taking platforms today, hosting plenty of companies looking to better themselves.

Pay: You’ll get about 10 cents to $75 for each survey. How it works is, the longer and or more extensive that the survey is, the more compensation that you’ll ultimately receive.

Your survey rewards won’t be awarded in cash. In fact they will come in the form of points. $1 is the equivalent of 1,000 points.

Annually, you can make about $1,095 with Survey Junkie. This may not be a full salary that you could live off of, this is a decent way to make some extra cash. You can potentially make more than that if you do a lot of surveys and or receive longer surveys. However, the chance of getting too many long ones isn’t slim.

Cash Out: To cash out, you’ll have to amass at least 1,000 points. You’ll receive whatever money you’ve racked up through PayPal. You can also choose to get your pay in the form of gift cards at participating retailers.


Summary: Swagbucks is another reputable source for getting money for sharing your opinions. However, that’s not the only thing that you’re able to do, so there’s more options on this platform. The best part is that everything offered is stuff you do anyway, such as:

  • Online shopping
  • In-person shopping
  • Surveys
  • Surfing the web
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos- Video topics include fashion, food, and pop culture

Pay: Just like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks uses the pay format of a point-based system. If you shop at participating retailers, you will be able to receive 10% cash back. You can also receive coupons and exclusive deals.

According to The Penny Hoarder, the average amount of users make around $90 a month. This is the equivalent of approximately $1,080 annually.

Cash Out: You can cash out using both gift cards or cash as well.

2. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Most lazy people love watching videos but what if you got paid to watch those videos ? Yep, you can get paid to watch videos. One of the best jobs for lazy people on our list is getting paid to watch videos.


Summary: The site MyPoints recently opened up a video portal. This means that you now have the option to gain money from watching videos/ads. Some other things you can do are:

  • Reading emails
  • Playing games
  • Searching the web
  • Printing coupons
  • Referring friends

To gain money through watching ads and videos, you’re unable to navigate away from the tab. You must remain on the video section and watch multiple videos in succession. If not, the timer indicating how much time is left until you can receive your reward pauses.

Payout: Once you amass $20, you will get a bonus of $10. You can cash out once you gain 700 points, which is the equivalent of $5, which will be paid via PayPal. You can also redeem your cash in the form of a gift card.

3. Walk Into (and Shop at) Stores

You can even earn money by walking into a store, even if you don’t actually purchase anything. Shopping is something that even somebody lazy would enjoy doing. Searching for jobs for lazy people? try the Shopkick App.

Shopkick App

Summary: The Shopkick App will provide compensation for scanning and purchasing items at certain stores or if you shop at one of Shopkick’s participating retailers.

You earn with Shopkick in the following ways:

  • GPS: The GPS on your phone will pick up when you enter an affiliated store.
  • Scan: Select products in a store can be scanned for a reward.
  • Card: By linking your card, you receive points whenever you purchase products from a partner store.
  • Cash Back: You can receive cash back on your purchases if you scan your receipt.
  • Browsing the Web: Compensation will be due if you visit the website of a participating store.
  • Ads: Through the app, you can win points by watching ads.

4. Get Paid to Search the Web

More than four billion people use the internet, and you’re clearly a part of this statistic if you’re reading this.

So, now that we’ve established that you’re an internet user, now answer this. What if you could be paid just for using the internet? Well, you can!

There are various platforms through which you could get paid for surfing the web, including the ones previously mentioned.

5. Dog Walker

Dogs are often viewed as part of the family by their owners, with good reason. Therefore, many dog owners will pay large amounts of money for services involved with taking care of their pup(s).

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If you’re a dog lover, then you should consider using one of the many available resources that will jumpstart your dogsitting career.

This job is great for lazy people because taking care of dogs doesn’t require too much effort, and you get to have fun while taking care of them.


Summary: Rover is an excellent site for creating a link between dog owners and dog walkers. While the website will take about 15% of what you earn, it is still a great way to make a considerable amount of money.

Pay: Just by walking 2-3 dogs monthly, you could earn around $1,000. And, if you become a full-time dog walker, you can gain about $3,300 every month.

6. Mystery Shopper

Summary: Mystery shoppers pose as ordinary customers. However, they are undercover, doing various tasks for a company, such as purchasing products, asking questions, and providing either positive or negative feedback through detailed reports outlining their experience.

As made obvious by the title, the identity of the mystery shopper is not revealed. There are over 1.5 million mystery shoppers.

How-To: To become a secret shopper, you normally need to submit an application to the site that you are interested in. Sometimes you’ll need to do a training beforehand.

Pay: There isn’t a particular salary for mystery shoppers. However, companies often deliver a flat rate between $5 and $25, sometimes more. You can build up your pay by doing work for multiple companies. Annually, you can make thousands of dollars if you actively complete jobs. Some companies also offer free merchandise for their secret shoppers.

How much you make can be altered by a variety of factors, including:

  • Location:
  • Competition/ Success Rate:
  • Writing Skills:

7. Sleep Study Participant

Chances are, if you’re lazy, you enjoy sleeping. So why not get paid for something you likely spend a long time doing.

Scientists are always interested in finding participants for certain studies.

Summary: You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, which makes it perfect for people that are less inclined to put a lot of effort into things.

All you’d need to do is be comfortable with sleeping in a center, being monitored overnight, and having your sleep patterns tracked.

Pay: You can be paid thousands of dollars just for sleeping. The amount you get will be dependent on how long you sleep at a research center.

8. Professional Cuddler

Are you a lazy, yet kind and affectionate person? Do you love to cuddle? If so, consider becoming a professional cuddler.

Summary: Professional cuddling is just as indicated by the title. You get paid to cuddle people who really just need a bit of love. It can be comforting for both the employee (you) and the recipient.

It’s great as your schedule can be entirely up to you. The only requirements are that you can be affectionate to anybody and that you accept all kinds of people.

Pay: Pay is based on what you set it at. However, the market or average rate that people set is about $80 an hour, which is pretty good. You can build up a fortune in no time, depending on how often you do it.

9. Furniture Tester

Furniture testing is another fun and easy job for lazy people.

You’ll basically spend the time testing a variety of chairs, couches, tables, and any other pieces of furniture. The point of this is to make sure the comfortable and safe for commercial use. You’ll simply sit, stand, look, and test all the features of a variety of products.

After, you’ll create a report or a score sheet to evaluate all of the aspects of a product. You do have to have some degree of an analytical brain. You also need to be able to pay attention to details. As for physical requirements, all you need is to be able to sit around.

Your responsibilities summed up would be:

  • Ensuring products are comfortable
  • Making sure products does not have any hot spots/ pressure points
  • Evaluate ergonomics
  • Write reports with suggestions and opinions on the products
  • Checking safety

Salary: The average salary for a furniture tester is about $33,500 a year. However, it’s possible to earn way more.

10. Hotel Tester

The job of a hotel tester is to review various aspects of the service at hotels. This includes room service, food selection, and pool areas. This job requires a lot of travel, whether it be locally, regionally or even nationally, depending on the company and how broad their range is.

The idea is to assist hotel chains in improving their service, ultimately resulting in an increase in customers, and therefore, profit.

Hotel testers work anonymously. If the hotel staff were aware, their service may be artificial in the sense that they would make sure to make your stay superb for the sake of a high review.

This job is great for lazy people because you’re basically getting paid to vacation? What’s better than that?

Your duties will be:

  • Booking a room
  • Interact with as many members of hotel staff as possible
  • Take notes about things like: room service, customer service, gym, pool, spa
  • Write reports to provide feedback
  • Rate and review your stay at a hotel

Salary: The average salary of a hotel tester is $41,000 annually. Salaries can vary based on what company you’re working for.

11. Video Game Tester

If you’re lazy, you may be one of those people who spend their time on their bed playing video games, which is understandable. If gaming is one of your pastimes, why not play games for a living?

Video game testers are experts that evaluate video games in order to find any bugs or errors in various levels of the game. They, along with other gaming stuff like game designers and programmers, make sure the final delivery is flawless before being set for market use. Therefore, they are an essential part of the video game creation and finalization process.

Part of what the testers do is trying to blindside game developers. This means that you’ll essentially want to catch them off-guard by performing gaming actions that they may not accounted for in the development process.

Your average workday will consist of:

  • Making a list of any bugs and or glitches in the game during the game development period
  • Perform quality assurance by paying attention to details
  • Playing games
  • Attempting to go to locations in the games that aren’t anticipated by developers

Salary: The average salary of a video game tester falls somewhere between $40 and $150 an hour. You’ll also be able to earn more as you earn more experience in the field. You may also enjoy benefits such as paid leaves and vacation time, as are included in the jobs of large company employees.

12. Food Taster

Who doesn’t enjoy a good home cooked meal? Why not sit around and eat food all day for a living instead of picking a job requiring more brain power and effort.

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If you’re lazy and have an interest in the culinary arts, this is the ultimate career.

A food taster is an expert that does quality tests on good products. They base their evaluations on a variety of factors, such as appearance, smell, taste, flavor, and quality of the ingredients in the food.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to have an open mind. You may be asked to test foods that you’ve never tried or genuinely dislike. You’ll have to push on and get the job done regardless or you won’t be invited back.

You may be wondering who would even require a food taster. Why can’t they taste their own food. Well, the most important figures that would need them would be world leaders. In fact, every American president that has succeeded Ronald Reagan used food tasters.

Salary: You can make between $30,000 and $60,000 on a yearly basis trying food. You can also make around $15 for a project if you’re doing a quick one-time survey-like food testing project. This means that it can either be a fun job for income, or just a way to pick up extra cash on the side.

13. Translator

If you know two or more languages very well, you may have just gotten yourself a ticket for an easy, low-effort job.

Translators interpret written or spoken material, flipping it into one or more different languages. At the same time, the meaning and the context of the words are maintained.

As a translator, you’ll do the following:

  • Read material
  • Research certain context-specific terminology
  • Flipping text and audio recordings from one language to 1+ other languages
  • Making sure the translated information still holds the same meaning, tone, and context
  • Creating subtitles for videos and online presentation
  • Using special dictionaries and other reliable translation tools as a reference and to check the quality of your translation
  • Proofreading translated texts, looking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Editing content to maintain its original format (font, structure, etc.)

Salary: The average salary of a translator is about $48,000 a year.

14. Food Critic

Similar to being a food taster, being a food critic is yet another great job for lazy people that love to eat. You could be another version of Gordon Ramsey!

Of course, food critics essentially get paid to eat. They build an audience and then use their impressions of meals to sway their opinions on whether they should visit a dining establishment or pick a different one.

Food critics can actually be extremely influential, potentially having an effect on whether a business flourishes or flops. If critics claim the food and service is subpar or unsatisfactory, of course, people are going to decide not to eat there.

You’ll order from the menu, gathering data on what you see and taste. After, you’ll pay for the meal. Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, you may publish it online for your audience.

On the daily, as a food critic, you’ll do the following:

  • Evaluating food based on how it’s presented and how it tastes
  • Provide opinions based on the service that was provided to them in the restaurant
  • Judge the overall atmosphere and mood of the restaurant in general.
  • Analyze other factors of a restaurant, such as meal costs
  • Maintain anonymity to receive raw, unbiased service
  • Return to previous restaurants to ensure that you gather accurate and fair information

Salary: The average salary of a food critic is $61,240 a year.

15. Beer Taster

If you’re someone that enjoys chilling and cracking a cold one, you can earn some cash for that.

Not all beer being manufactured is of good quality. That’s where you come in. You need to differentiate between what’s good and bad. Beer and ale creators employ profession tasters to ensure that their beverages are good enough for the public to purchase and drink.

Some of the beers you make likely will never make it to the market if they aren’t up to par.

You’ll evaluate the alcohol you’ll need to identify and assess various aspects of the drink. You’ll need to taste the beer and then provide feedback on the following:

  • texture
  • taste
  • smell
  • quality
  • aesthetic

As you examine it thoroughly, you’ll take down notes to keep track of your opinions.

Salary: In this field, you’ll be able to earn around $45,000 per year.

16. Chocolate Taster

Another job for food lovers is becoming a chocolate taster. If you love the sweet, savory taste of chocolate and you can withstand eating it all day, this job is the one. All you’ll need to do is sit around and eat.

Plenty of companies hire chocolate tasters to test their products in all of the steps of the manufacturing process. Tasters need to pay attention to details, finding any issues in the product, such as if it has too much of any ingredient, any issues in regards to texture, problems with the aesthetic, etc.

If you choose this path, you’ll likely have a part-time job, not a full-time one. However, it’s still a fulfilling side hustle.

Salary: On average, chocolate tasters make $21,000 annually. However, if you work for larger companies, then you can be in the top percentage ($91,000 to $100,000+ a year).

17. Test Subject

Science is fascinating, and if you agree, you can become a contributor to the research process. You can be involved in a wide range of useful projects, from medical testing to market research.

The best part is that you usually don’t have to put much effort into being a test subject. Your main responsibility is allowing your body to be used for science or test a product.

These are some ways to make money as a test subject:

  • Register to be a part of medical tests and trials- You can get anywhere from $20-$5,000+ depending on what you’re doing. Doing things like testing flu vaccines will get you less. However, if you complete projects that include overnight stays and follow-up visits, you’re likely to get way more money.
  • Sign-up for psychological research studies- If you’re not as comfortable with physical tests, you can also help out with psychology research. These studies are based on human behavior in regards to memory, decision making, learning, and perception. You can make around $10-$60 an hour doing this.
  • Provide insight through market research-Market research involves providing your opinion on things that the market is currently looking for to satisfy the supply and demand issue. Normally, you’ll provide insight through surveys or group discussions. What you’ll be providing an opinion on will depend on your demographics. When you register, you’ll briefly answer some questions to determine what projects you qualify for. You can earn anywhere from $50 to over $300 for your feedback.
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18. Breath Odour Evaluator

Who wouldn’t totally love smelling breaths all day…? Well, if you happen to be interested, you can become a breath odor analyzer. While this may not sound like the most pleasant job, it’s a straightforward way to make money if you’re not as inclined to pick more demanding tasks.

Now, you may be wondering why companies would hire people to smell breaths all day. Well, there’s a variety of reasons why.

Manufacturers developing new types of gums, mints, etc. want honest and scientific opinions on whether it is truly effective. Sticking your nose in people’s mouths and getting a good whiff will ensure that everything becomes minty.

First, the evaluator would smell a subject’s breath, evaluating it on a scale of 1 to 9. Then, whoever the test subject is will try the product, and then their breath will be tested again.

There are also dentists who evaluate breaths in order to find diagnoses for bad breath in particular people. Then, treatments can be tried to help solve the problem.

19. Ostrich Babysitter

Some farmers that own ostriches may hire an ostrich babysitter to take care of their animals. As an ostrich babysitter, your goal would be to watch young ostriches all day. The point is to keep them from hurting each other or running away.

This job often isn’t filled with a lot of activity, and you’ll just be sitting around, so if you’re lazy, there you go!

Salary: You can earn around $20 an hour. However, it depends on how many you babysit and how much effort you need to put into it

20. Professional Apologiser

For some, providing apologies is a difficult task. However, for others, saying sorry comes naturally to them, coming out many times a day. If you happen to be someone with this habit, consider becoming a professional apologizer.

If you’re lazy, this task is perfect for you, especially if apologizing is like second-nature to you anyway.

There are various agencies that will compensate you for sending a formal apology for various guilty people on their behalf.

Salary: For an apology over the phone or through email, it costs around $95. For a face-to-face apology, it costs around $225 for each. How much you’ll ultimately earn will be dependent on the company and what percentage of your earnings that they’ll give you.

21. Professional Sports Fan

Watching sports is a pastime that many people enjoy, whether it be football, soccer, basketball, etc. If watching sports is something that you enjoy doing instead of actual work, why not make a living out of it.

It seems a bit absurd, but some companies will actually hire sports fanatics to watch sports with specific clients. They’ll show them a good time and excite the other people viewing the game at the same time, increasing the fun levels and amount of energy.

In fact, as a sports fan, you can make a decent amount of money just for cheering and watching sports.

22. Hair Boiler

As made evident by the name, a hair boiler is somebody that brings hair to a boil.

Hair boilers tend to vats that boil animal hair. Valves are turned so water floods into various vats. The purpose is to curl the hair. Once the hair is boiled, the water is drained from the tanks.

Salary: As a hair boiler, you can earn around $32,209 a year.

23. Chicken Sexer

I think that we can all agree that baby chicks are some adorable creatures. Working with them sounds delightful, and it doesn’t take much effort either.

Large companies often hire chicken sexers. A chicken sexer is an expert who determines the sex of several chicks and other kinds of hatchlings. The point of hiring one is to be able to plan out a feeding program — the way they need to be fed changes based on whether the chick is male or female.

They also need to distinguish between the two genders for breeding purposes. They need to breed based explicitly on the production of good poultry.

The salary of a chicken sexer is about $60,000 a year if you’re talented.

24. Mime

If you’ve ever done the “I’m stuck in a box” charade, you were working as a mime. Mimes spend their day entertaining people by performing actions without speaking, serving as a sort of silent actor without any props.

As a mime, the acting that you’d do would include serious, humorous, or burlesqued interpretations of various emotions. You would portray these through dramatic actions, facial expressions, and gestures.

Mimes often work on the street or in theatre once they are hired.

The average salary of a professional mime is about $60,611 a year.

25. Vlogger

Vlogging is essentially video documentation of your daily activities. This is a popular style of video on YouTube.

In fact, YouTube is a newer yet extremely popular way of building an income by making videos. Thousands of influencers make great money. Therefore, YouTube is a great way to have fun and express yourself while https://www.themoneysack.com/under-the-table-jobs/making money.

All you’d need to do as a vlogger is film what you do on a day-to-day basis, completing interesting tasks to keep your audience engaged.

Keep in mind, however, you shouldn’t expect to get rich from making videos automatically. First, you need to begin with building up a good following. Once you do, your channel can become monetized.

In order to take part in a partnership with YouTube, you must amass at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000+ minutes of watch time. Every minute someone spends watching your channel is added to your watch time. As your channel grows, you can make anywhere from hundreds to millions annually.

26. Luxury House Sitter

Just like being a hotel tester, there’s another method of getting paid to vacation. Watching mansions is a great excuse to lounge around all day while enjoying beautiful scenery.

Rich people are often inclined to give up a fortune to protect their riches. The best part is you may be able to travel across the country or overseas to get paid just to sit and housesit.

As a housesitter, you’ll do the following:

  • Receiving the mail
  • Forwarding phone messages
  • Light cleaning
  • Making sure no one trespasses on the house property
  • Taking care of the homeowner’s plants

It’s an extremely simple career. Yet, you can earn around $45 a day.

27. TV/Movie Extra

When you’re watching a movie or show, you’re likely not paying attention to the random people in the back when the characters are in a public setting. However, they do have a huge role to play in storytelling.

Extras may just seem like random background noise or a way to take up space, but without extras, many movies would become way less realistic. This is a great career as all you’ll have to do most of the time is walk around.

As an extra, you’ll do the following:

  • Be a nonspeaking member of a stage, movie, or TV production
  • Stand, walk, or sit in the background of various scenes
  • Perform special skills actions (dancing, swimming, skating, riding, etc.)

As an extra you can make about $180 a day.

Jobs For Lazy People Conclusion

As you can see, you still have plenty of career options, even if you consider yourself to be lazy.

Like we said prior, being excessively lazy doesn’t mean that you’ll literally never get a job. However, it does make things a bit more difficult for you, so you may want to work on that.

The hardest part will be picking what you want to do. After that, it’s smooth sailing. You can also list yourself as a friend for rent on platforms such as rentafriend.com

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