RentaFriend Review: is it legit or a Scam? (2023)

Are you afraid that rentafriend is a scam? Remember that a scam often charges a fee without offering a legitimate goods or service.

Let’s take a closer look at Rent A Friend to see if the site gives value in terms of the services it offers.

RentaFriend Review 2023

People can meet and engage in activities and platonic friendships through RentAFriend.

It is possible to make easy money doing this, in theory. It’s the idea that someone who has recently moved to the area (or nation) might desire to go out and engage in activities that would be more enjoyable in the company of another person. so that they may pay to rent you.

RentAFriend isn’t an escort or dating service. As a matter of fact, the site has quite stringent rules about appropriate behavior. Only platonic friendships are permitted on RentAFriend.

How RentaFriend works

The hired friend set the hourly wage rate and receive 100% of the payment. The service only makes money by charging a monthly membership fee for people who want to rent a friend.

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The website advises friends to meet in public, to avoid doing anything that makes them uncomfortable, and to be cautious. Some people experience using Rentafriend is very interesting.

Here is How RentAFriend works


    • Register on the website

    • Make a profile that accurately represents you.

    • Wait for someone who is interested to contact you.

    • Set a meeting time and location.

    • Hang out and your day’s activities will be paid for.

When a customer contacts you as a possible friend for hire, they will contact you directly through the website’s messaging system and schedule a time and location to meet, much like a dating site.

What is the price of friendship

Although all costs are negotiable between a friend and a member, they usually begin at $10 per hour and can reach $50.

Friends are free to set any price they wish and are entitled to keep all proceeds. The buddy may choose not to charge at all in certain circumstances.

How are people using rentafriend is being used by people for a lot of friendly activities. These are only a few examples of the use cases for RentAFriend that exist:

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    • A lot of individuals on are gifted in some way. They can tutor you or assist you in picking up a new language. instruct you in the use of an instrument. An excellent dancing partner can also be a friend.

    • Do you have an extra ticket for a concert or sporting event? A buddy you can rent out can be a great companion.

    • Is a workout companion necessary? During your workouts, renting a friend might help you stay motivated and hold yourself accountable. Additionally, they can assist in spotting you when you’re doing weight training.

How much can you make as a friend?

There is no guarantee of how much you will work, but the more interesting your images are and the more activities you are willing to participate in, the more likely you are to earn more.

is RentaFriend legit or Scam?

Rentafriend is legit, it is not a scam. It is a legal company that provides a unique service that is gaining popularity throughout the world as it grows and expands into new regions.

How do you get paid on RentAFriend?

Your pay is determined by your “friend rate”  the amount you charge per hour and how frequently you meet with them. You can also earn money by sharing photos and videos (and charging people to view them) and receiving tips from friends.

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If you do this full-time and charge the base rate of $10 per hour, you’ll make roughly $20,000 per year.

If you do this full-time and charge the maximum rate of $50 per hour, you’ll make around $100,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is RentAFriend safe?

When dealing with strangers, there is always a danger, and RentAFriend is no exception. The platform is just as safe as you make it, which means you should do your due diligence in researching anyone who employs you, meet in public areas, and adhere to their safety measures.

How much can I make on RentAFriend?

You can earn as much money as your consumers are ready to pay. Friends-for-hire can set their own rates on RentAFriend, but the minimum hourly compensation is $10. According to the website, the majority of people charge between $10 and $50 per hour.

is RentaFriend Real or Fake?

Rentafriend is a real webiste, it’s not fake. It is a legal company that provides a unique service that is gaining popularity throughout the world.

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