17 Best Places to Take Paid Online Surveys for Fast Money Today

You have probably heard about the opportunity to make additional income through online survey, but like many, you may be skeptical.

In fact, it is very possible to make hundreds each month in additional income by doing just a couple of surveys each day. However, it is important to utilize the best online survey sites and understand the best strategy tips to make it truly worth your time.

In this review guide of the best online survey sites, you will learn how online survey sites work, be revealed the best online survey sites and get useful tips for making online survey sites profitable.

There are a lot of scam online survey sites out there, who are only looking to steal your personal information or try to score free surveys without actually paying.

Due to this dilemma, it is important to stay away from non-trustworthy sites and only utilize the sites that are proven to be legitimate and honest. Of course, finding the most trustworthy sites is not easy, which is where we come in.

The following are the seventeen best online survey sites that allow you to make money simply by filling out their surveys.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most reputable, trustworthy online survey sites. They have a wide range of surveys and survey types, ranging from traditional questionnaires in-person discussions. Survey Junkie pays through a point system, which allows you to cash the points in for gift cards or cash sent via PayPal.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the perfect opportunity for those who love to shop online. In addition to offering their users a cash payout, they also provide fantastic deals on gift cards to online stores such as Amazon, eBay and WalMart. There are a number of ways to make money through Swagbucks, including by watching videos or even playing games.

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research has a very generous payout structure, and you can even make as much as $15 for a survey through their site. Their surveys and studies cover a broad range of topics, and they have numerous different ways to make money on their site.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another great online survey site that pays fair and has fun surveys and activities offered that allow you to make money. They offer a wide range of ways to earn money, which includes watching videos, filling out surveys and playing games.

5. OneOpinion

OneOpinion also has a very trusted reputation, and they offer quick payouts once you choose to cash in the points you have earned. While the sign up only takes a minute, there is an application process for approval. After approval, you are ready to start filling out surveys and earning rewards.

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6. Survey Club

Survey Club works slightly different than other online survey sites. Survey Club prides itself on providing accurate results to those who are in need of the survey, so they only survey individuals who meet the specific requirements for the particular survey. While there may not be as many surveys that you qualify for, the ones you are able to do pay very well relative to other sites.

7. Earning Station

Earning Station is a fairly simple site and making money with them is extremely easy. Simply go to their website, sign up for an account and start filling out surveys. They offer a wide range of gift cards to stores Amazon and Macy’s, and Earning Station also offers a cash payout via PayPal.

8. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is one of my personal favorites. The way you earn points is very similar to other sites, and you simply sign up and begin earning reward points. However, the difference comes with the way the points are cashed in. Rather than cashing them in, you can participate in auctions for really cool products. You can also place the points towards a chance to win large sweepstakes, including vacation trips.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is a really cool site that has a very generous payout. They are a fairly large online survey site that offers an extensive list of opportunities to earn points. After you earn points, they offer a wide range of cash out options, including the ability to earn travel miles with the reward points.

10. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is slightly lesser known in the online survey industry, which may give some caution to pause and check for legitimacy. Harris Poll Online, however, is actually an amazing way to participate in online surveys and cash in for amazing rewards each month.

11. Panel PayDay

Panel PayDay is different in the sense it is a combination of various different online survey sites, rather than independently its own survey site. Subsequently, they have a wide range of surveys to fill out, and their payout is very generous compared to its competition.

12. Ipsos I-Say Panel

I-Say is a unique opportunity to be able to win amazing, extravagant prizes by simply filling out online surveys. While they still offer a PayPal payout and offer gift cards, perhaps the best way to cash in your reward points on I-Say is to participate in their contests, which offer the chance to win vacation trips and much more.

13. Pinecone Research GenPop

Pinecone Research has a very generous payout of $3 per survey, which means simply doing 3-4 per day can yield more than $300 extra per month. However, they are not always accepting new participants, so you may have to wait for the perfect timing to join.

14. Springboard America

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Springboard America makes it very easy for users to earn cash and receive payouts. They offer an extensive list of surveys on a wide range of topics, so you are likely to find the survey that is right for you. Along with cash and gift card payouts, they also offer the chance to win large sweepstakes as well.

15. Mindspay

Mindspay is a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning additional income through online survey sites. In fact, Mindspay pays as much as $50 for each paid offer you complete. While joining may not be immediate, it is worth the wait to be a part of their amazing community.


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16. MySurvey

MySurvey is another trusted name in the industry, and they offer their users the ability to cash out quickly and receive money via PayPal, useful gift cards and so much more. MySurvey also has an extensive list of surveys to choose from to fill out after signing up.

17. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel has a very large community, and they are backed with amazing reviews and lots of happy users who receive cash payouts regularly. Simply sign up, complete the surveys that appeal to you and collect your payouts via gift cards or PayPal.

Can you really make money doing surveys online?

The short answer to whether or not you can make money doing online surveys is yes. In fact, you can make enough money to feed your expensive habits, help cover the bills each month or even take the trip to your favorite destination that you have been putting off.

Of course, the amount you are able to make is largely dependent on how many surveys you fill out, what online survey sites you utilize and the type of online surveys you choose to fill out. While money can be made, it is important to ensure the online survey is paid and worth your time before starting.

What kind of survey questions can you expect to answer?

The survey questions you can expect to answer with online survey sites cover a large range of topics, from how you feel about political issues to what type of body care products you use. In many cases, the survey questions are designed to learn more about a product or the need for a particular product or service.
The type of survey you choose to fill out is entirely up to you in most cases, and the format for the online surveys varies as well. While a traditional question and answer format is still the most common, you may also review products, watch videos and vote in polls as well.

How do paid surveys work?

The exact way a paid survey works is different for every online survey site. The most common process starts with signing up and filling out a personal profile, which helps match you with relevant surveys. After which, you are generally free to take online surveys anywhere and anytime.

As you start to fill out surveys, paid online websites either give you cash directly(see below) or use a point system and allow you to trade the points in for cash at a later time. In some cases, the survey may provide value in the form of a free product or a gift card.

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How do paid online surveys pay you?

The payment for each online survey site is different. Perhaps the most common way online survey sites pay you is through a point system. Each survey you fill out will be rewarded with a certain amount of points on the site, rather than simply providing cash payments. The points can then be redeemed for cash or a variety of other offers.

In some cases, the online survey site may not provide cash, but they instead pay you through gift cards and free products, which can prove to be extremely valuable. Since each site is different, it is important to read the payment information for each site before spending too much time filling out surveys.

How much do online surveys for money pay?

While how much you are paid from online surveys is not an exact science, the typical range you can expect to be paid is between one dollar and five dollars for each survey. Ideally, you want to try and find the sites that pay at least three dollars for each survey.


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With that said, there are various sites that do not pay cash for each survey you fill out. Instead, they may provide you with free merchandise or gift cards. While not receiving cash may seem like a bummer, the surveys that provide free products or gift cards can actually be much more valuable than the ones that pay cash, so be sure to stay open-minded and consider the overall value of each survey you fill out.

Paid Online Surveys Tips

In order to maximize your profits and avoid spending hours upon hours on an online survey site just to make a decent amount, it is important to know useful tips for navigating each site.
The following are the six most useful tips for maximizing your profit through the best online survey sites.

Sign up to all paid online surveys

First and perhaps most importantly, be sure to sign up for all of the online survey sites possible. By doing so, you can take advantage of the highest priced surveys that are still easy to complete. The goal is to make the most money per hour you spend conducting surveys, and signing up for them all allows you to do just that.

Set up an alias email

When signing up for every online survey site that has a trusted reputation, you are likely to give your email out to a lot of different sites. If you use your main email, this can cause your inbox to become very clogged. Instead, open up an alias email aside from your main account to use as your signup email.

Be honest with online survey companies

The better you do on the surveys – meaning the more trustworthy results you give – the more offers you will get to complete more surveys in the future. Instead of speeding through each survey, take your time and answer honestly, which builds trust between you and the online survey sites in many cases.

Watch out for scams and fake paid online survey sites

There are fake online survey sites out there that simply want to either score a free survey or want to get your personal information to give to someone else. Be sure to verify the legitimacy of a site before joining, or simply stick strictly to the seventeen online survey sites presented in this review guide.

Cash in when you reach the limit on your surveys for cash

Many of the online survey sites have a reward limit. Once the reward limit is reached, you may receive points more slowly or are not able to receive points at all. To avoid this from happening, be sure to cash in your reward points for cash, gift cards or prizes once your limit has been reached.

Don’t ever pay to join online survey websites

The idea behind an online survey site is that the user is able to make money. If an online survey site ever charges a sign-up fee or asks for money in any form, it is more than likely a scam. To stay on the safe side with online survey sites, make a rule to never pay to join.

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