15 Best Ways To Make $200 A Week Online (2023)?

Learning to make $200 a week online extra on the side is no longer a matter of whether it is possible or not, but of how much you want to earn. We have listed over 25 ways to make $200 per week by devoting a few hours of your time.

As someone who has made a living from online hustles for over a decade, I can assure you that there is no shortage of opportunities in the online market.

The only thing keeping you from earning $200 per week online is where you put your time and effort.

I will share all of my knowledge, obtained from hours of research and my own experience, about how anyone can earn $200 a week online with hard work in today’s post!

Ways To Make $200 A Week Online

These are some of the best ways to earn $200 a week online extra using your phone or computer.

1. Paid Focus Group

Companies pay focus groups to conduct market research, which includes survey responses. Some focus groups can be held virtually, while others may require you to physically attend. Participating in these surveys can earn you up to $100 per hour.

List of some paid focus group websites:


    • Focus Group – I enjoy that FocusGroup pays you to participate in web chats, video diaries, and a plethora of other activities in addition to online surveys! You can earn between $75 and $150 for each survey. You can take part in person, over the phone, or through your laptop!

    • Respondent – Your area of expertise determines your hourly incentive.

    • Recruit and Field – They pay between $100 and $275 for each study, and they have both in-person and online groups. Since 1977, this reputable company has been paying participants.
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    • Survey Junkie – Even though Survey Junkie pays the least compared to the other companies on the list, it is the most reliable. The process is simple, it’s entirely remote, and anyone can participate.

2. Typing

The pay and workload are steady, but this isn’t exactly a fun side gig. Since transcription companies are constantly seeking new hires, you can begin working right away.


    • SpeakWrite

    • Scribe

The average typing speed required is 60 words per minute; to gauge your speed, take a typing test first.

Your hourly wage may range from $5 to $25, based on your accuracy and speed of work. The good news is that improving your typing speed is simple!

3. Writing

Additionally to being enjoyable, writing is a reliable source of money! Naturally, this is assuming you enjoy writing.

You can choose what you want to write about, which is one of the reasons I enjoy accepting writing assignments. Thus, no, you are not required to write plumbing repair articles or articles about legal matters.

Alternatively, you could write about recent fashion trends, anime, movies, and a whole lot more!

Here are some writing websites where you can post a resume:


    • Fiverr – You have the ability to rate, accept/reject, and select your area of expertise.

    • Upwork – a sizable marketplace where writers can find thousands of clients.

    • List Verse – Get paid $100 for each listicle you write by creating a list article!

You can easily make $200 a week online or more if you can work and write an article for at least 4 hours each week.

4. Rent Out Your Room

You can make $200 a week online by renting out an extra room on Airbnb if you happen to have one. It’s also possible to rent out a parking spot if renting out a room doesn’t feel right.

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5. Online Tutor

A good option if you want to regularly make $200 per week is to work as an online tutor. You can provide English or other subject tutoring to international students. Being hired as an online tutor is simple because employers are constantly searching for qualified educators.

6. Get Paid To Be a Friend

Yes! Rentafriend is legit and you can literally get paid to be a friend. Expect to make anywhere between $10 to $50 an hour to be a rented friend. Platforms such as rentafriend.com to start getting paid for being a friend.

7. Create TikTok Videos

You can market your services to clients if you like to watch videos on TikTok and perhaps even post your own.

Since most companies haven’t yet figured out how to use TikTok or YouTube, you can introduce yourself and your service by providing a free video.

8. Customer Service Representative

It’s easily one of the most in-demand jobs on the planet. Companies are always looking for new employees, and you don’t even need experience to get started because training is usually provided.

The only disadvantage is that they frequently require full-time employees for their projects. Part-time CSR positions are also available.

9. Design Logos and Graphics

I have some excellent news if you’re like me and have no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop or other professional tools for graphic design!

My secret weapon is…Canva! Yes, all you have to do is drag and drop to finish. You can add your own flair and elements for uniqueness.

On Freelancer, Upwork, or even Facebook, you can locate clients! When there’s an event coming up, send a message to your neighborhood businesses offering your services!

10. Sell Stock Photos

If you’re interested in learning more, I have a more detailed post right here.

If you enjoy taking pictures, even if you’re just a hobbyist, you can sell them on stock photo websites like Snapwire and iStockPhoto.

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11. Do Homework 

I know it’s not a fun way to spend your free time, but doing someone else’s homework can provide you with a steady income.

If you’re particularly good at something, you can make money from it!

Here are some websites where students can pay:


    • School Solver 

    • One Class

    • Eduboard

12. Social Media Management 

Speaking of which, many businesses aren’t keeping up with their social media, which is a huge missed opportunity.

Find local businesses in your area and pitch your service to them. Yes, they can manage their TikTok account.

Most local businesses use Instagram and Facebook to post, so if you notice they haven’t been active in a while, they’ll need your help.

13. Proofreading

If you enjoy spotting grammatical errors in other people’s work, you’ll enjoy working as a proofreader.

Proofreaders are needed by e-book authors, bloggers, and scriptwriters to double-check their work.

If you have proofreading experience, you can look into ProofreadingPal, but if you don’t, you can find clients on Fiverr.

14. Be a Blogger

You can start a blog about anything you know and earn money from ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsorship.

15. Voice Overs

This isn’t for everyone, but if you have a pleasant voice, you can make money by doing voiceovers.

It’s okay if you don’t have any experience; you can gain it by working on Voices and Voice123.

Before you begin, you will need to purchase equipment such as a microphone, headphones, and software. If you already have these items at home, all you need to do now is practice and gain experience.

Is it possible to make $200 a week online?

Yes, it is absolutely possible! You can make $200 a week online or more by doing any of these side hustles in your spare time.

When you first start these gigs, you’ll need to make adjustments before you can get into a groove. If you want to make more money, you can do more than one hustle as long as it is feasible for you!

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