13 Best Ways To Save Money At Victoria’s Secret

Every female deserves some pampering, and let’s be honest: who doesn’t want some nice lingerie or a sexy swimsuit? We also like to look and smell good, and Victoria’s Secret has everything we need to do so. Learn how to Save Money at Victoria’s Secret.

How To Save Money At Victoria’s Secret

Rocking that long coveted lingerie does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Saving while shopping at Victoria’s Secret is no longer a secret. In fact, apart from the coupon, rewards, and freebies, there are quite a number of ways for you to save money at Victoria’s Secret when shopping.

1. Price adjustment

Believe it or not, but Victoria Secret does offer a price adjustment of 14 days after purchase. This applies to all purchases, whether online or in-store. It is important for you to keep your receipts for two weeks after purchase. It can be very helpful during their semi-annual sale season.

If keeping track of prices is proving to be difficult for you, get a price tracking App to do the job for you.

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2. Never pay for panties

Yes, it is possible to get Victoria’s Secret panties without paying a dime for them. How? Glad you asked. According to Krazy Coupon Lazy, there are 3 ways to go about it.

  • Use their Victoria’s Secret or Pink Nation app to do your purchases. Their app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.
  • Subscribe to their Email newsletter. Every time you purchase at VS, be sure to leave your email because it gets you “free with purchase” coupon that you can use for panties.
  • Victoria’s Secret mailer- sign up for their catalog and every few months you will get a reward. Yes, you guessed that right, free panty.

With these rewards, you can get free panties.

3. Use up to 3 coupons on a single transaction

What makes VS stand out from the rest is the fact that they can allow you to stack up to multiple coupons. However, it is important to understand how your offers work from the fine print before handing them over.

Speaking of coupons, they have 3 types of coupons that you can use.

  • Free gifts- these free gifts come with every purchase. Every purchase qualifies you to free gifts like panties, sports bras, and bags among others.
  • Free shipping- for purchase over $100 at VS, you will get free shipping. If you can get offers or coupons that can get you to that limit take them! And your goodies will be shipped for free.
  • Dollar/ percentage off- they have purchase discounts such as 15% off bra purchase or $20 purchase off a certain amount of purchase.

4. Look out for Pink Friday

Friday is the best day to shop at Victoria’s Secret, thanks to their Pink Friday deals. Shop for pink products and spend at least $75 for a chance to get gifts like a pink water bottle and a pink duffle bag.

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5. Join their Pink Nation

Speaking of pink, join their Pink Nation republic for a chance to get exclusive offers, access to their promotions, and a free gift for a $25 purchase for new members. They also have new offers every month, and in 2019, they are introducing birthday surprises.

If you are not a member yet, click here to join the Pink Nation.

6. Get discounted gift cards

For those days you are going to do a bulk purchase at VS, it is advisable to get a discounted gift card. These can be found from sites like Raise or Gift Card Granny.

7. Confirm prices online first

The prices they have online are usually different from what you will get when you visit their physical stores. On most occasions, unless your purchase will be more than $99. Or if you have a free shipping coupon. Other than that, it would be wise to head to the store instead of doing your purchases online.

8. Take advantage of the semi-annual sales

While supplies last, you can get up to 60% discount on various products. Their semi-annual sales run in July and December purely online and a week to a month later in stores. To get the sweeter end of the deal, shop in-store during this period rather than shopping online.

To be sure of their specific dates, follow their Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

9. Be on time

You are not the only one waiting for the semi-annual sales. Shocker! But it is true. So, once they have released the actual dates, make a point of shopping on that same day or within the first few days.

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In addition to this, keep your receipts in case there is a price adjustment. Remember our first point? Yes. The prices might get a further discount and you can use your receipts to get a price adjustment.

10. Winter semi-annual sale is way sweeter

Speaking of semi-annual sales, their winter semi-annual sale is way sweeter in terms of discounts compared to their summer semi-annual sales. The sales during the winter season last longer than the summer sales. Additionally, the discounts are also higher during the winter season.

11. Sign up for the Angel Credit Card

Signing up for the Angel Credit Card program gives you a ton of benefits. For example, for every order that includes a bra, you get free standard shipping.

Other offers for Angel card holders include early access to their semi-annual sales, triple points for bra purchases with the option of picking up to 3 days in a year to earn the triple points.

As much as this deal is sweet, their 25.24% APR is only enticing only, and only if, you can repay the amount in a month. And by repaying we mean in its entirety.

12. August and September are ideal for your swimsuits

Looking for a new pair of swimsuits? Well, as much as all their swimsuits are enticing and calling on you to just swipe your card, wait until it is late summer. Their prices can get reduced to as low as $9.99. It will not hurt to wait for the next summer season to rock your new swimsuit.

13. January is for fragrances

And for your sweet scent needs, January is the month you buy your fragrances at Victoria’s Secret. Their gift sets get higher discounts after the holidays. You can score some really nice deals at this period.

So, go ahead, enjoy shopping at Victoria’s Secret with these strategies, and save hundreds of dollars.

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