13 Best Things To Buy At Dollar Tree To Save Money

Explore our list of the best things to buy at dollar tree. When it comes to personal finance, one of the major issues is saving money. We all want to save a few bucks from anything and everything we purchase. From groceries to personal and household items.

Best Things To Buy At Dollar Tree

With Dollar Tree, you do not have to wait for months for a sale to save on items. Everything they sell is at a dollar. If you happen to have a coupon, you can reduce the price to even $0.25 depending on the coupon.

List of the Best Things To Buy At Dollar Tree:

1. Medical supplies

From flu and cold remedies to pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen. A bottle of this Assured Aspirin will cost you a dollar or two if you took two bottles. From Walmart, however, the two bottles will cost you $6.49. With a coupon, you could spend less than $1 for a bottle at Dollar Tree.

Some of the brands on medical supplies include PediaCare, Vicks, Airborne, Triaminic, Little Remedies, and Alka-Seltzer.

2. Makeup and cosmetics

If your worry is the brand name then you can be at ease even when shopping at Dollar Tree. You can get lipstick, mascara, and nail polish for less at Dollar Tree rather than shopping at retail stores like Target and Walmart.

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Here are the items they have for a dollar. They also have quite a variety of pet toys to choose from.

3. Pet supplies and treats

Giving your furry friend a comfortable life does not have to be expensive. Not when you get the treats and supplies from Dollar Tree! Treats from various brands are at your disposal so are collars, leashes and other items.

Here is a list of pet supplies you can get.

4. Toys

Your baby, day care center or organization needs toys? No worries because Dollar Tree toy section has got your back. From stuffed animals and dolls and action figures to spring toys, games, and puzzles. Playtime is only a dollar away.

5. Foods

Take this pancake and waffle mix, for example, it costs a dollar at Dollar tree but such mixtures cost up to $8 at Target and $10 at Walmart. Even if they are from different brands, the difference is quite a reasonable amount to save.

6. Drinks

And the food section is not the only dollar section when it comes to your meals. They do have a wide variety of drinks to choose from for only a dollar. From energy drinks to soft drinks, water, freezer pops, and juices. Actually, they do have bottles and juice boxes in case a bottle is not enough for you. With brands like Sparkling Ice, Kool-Aid, Jarritos, Delsea Farms, Old Orchard, and Mott’s among others on their shelves then you are in for a treat.

But soft and energy drinks are not the only ones they stock. If you are a coffee or tea addict then your addiction does not have to cost you a fortune. For coffee, they stock various brand names like Nestle, Dakota, Forelli, and Sweetmate among others. They stock tea from Tevive, AriZona, and Arizona brands.

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The next time you go shopping, drinks should be on the lists of things to always buy at Dollar Tree.

7. Cleaning supplies

Make your home sparkle for only a dollar! Yes, it is possible, thanks to such cleaners and laundry care items from Dollar Tree. They even carry brand names in this section, in case using generic cleaners is your worry.

Some of the brands they stock include Ajax, Lime-A-Way, Clorox, Palmolive, Lysol, and Fresh ‘N Clean.

8. Personal care stuff

Your personal hygiene and care are of great importance, and no one is arguing with that. However, if you have an option of maintaining your personal care at a lesser price then you should go with it. Unless saving money is not an option for you.

Brands like Always, Carefree, Tampax, and Femtex are available on the Feminine Care section. Most importantly, if you do have a coupon that does not bear size restriction then Dollar Tree is the place to shop.

9. Party supplies

For your next party event, Dollar Tree is the place to shop for quality items at an affordable price. They have gift wraps and bags accessories, birthday candles, balloons, and disposable tableware. However, that is not all they have on their shelves.

We would suggest visiting their site to see what you can buy for your next party. It is no secret how expensive parties can be. However, Dollar Tree offers you an option to hold one without breaking the bank.

10. Canned products

Canned products can be expensive when you shop at retail shops. Case in point, this Nestle La Lechera condensed milk costs $11.4 at Walmart. At Dollar Tree, two cans of the same weight at Walmart will cost you $2.

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Condensed milk is not the only thing you will find here. In case you want to buy other canned products like beef stew, chicken noodles, beans, and oats among others, get them here at an affordable price.

11. Food storage containers

When it comes to food storage, we all want our refrigerators to be orderly and appealing as possible. More often than not, storage containers help us achieve this.

Here is a range of storage containers you can buy.

12. Pregnancy tests

If you had an option of spending only a dollar to buy a pregnancy test kit that costs $15 at a drug store, which one would you pick? The issue is whether the one dollar kit is reliable, and it certainly is. At Dollar Tree, they stock pregnancy and ovulation kits that you can rely on. So, buy yours here at an affordable price and save a few bucks.

13. Facial Tissues

With brands like Kleenex and Puffs available at Dollar Tree there is no reason for you to buy cheaper generic brands at retail stores. With a coupon, you can spend less than a dollar on facial tissues.

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