42 Best Jobs For College Students: Flexible & Part Time Jobs

42 Best Jobs For College Students. As a college student, expenses can become overwhelming, whether it be tuition, room and board, living expenses, etc. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get a flexible job that will allow you to fit work into your busy schedule.

Work for Yourself During College

Working for yourself is a great way to ensure flexibility. You can pick your hours and often choose your rates as well. This way, you’ll never have work hours overlapping with your class or study hours.

42 Best Jobs For College Students

1. Blogger

Becoming a blogger is a great way to monetize your thoughts, stories, experiences, tips, etc. from the comfort of your own home. However, the difference between this and many other options is that it will take a bit to be able to monetize your content.

Blogging is one of the best jobs for college students.

In order to get money, you will either have to place ads from different companies on your page, do paid reviews, or participate in sponsorships. But, many companies won’t be interested in working with you until you have a significant amount of support and engagement on your page.

So, while it will take a while before you can start earning a salary, you can earn $20,000 to $70,000 a year, just by posting and participating in sponsorships. This is great because you can also hold another job at the same time while you build your audience.

2. Nanny/Babysitter

Being a nanny is an excellent job for the sake of flexibility. Not only can you easily pick your work hours, you may also be able to get some work done while the children you are watching are napping.

Some of the tasks you’ll have to complete may include: doing chores around the house, assisting kids with homework, making dinner, and transporting children to various locations.

In terms of pay, salary will vary depending on how much work you are doing and the area that you live in. However, you can expect to make about $10-$20 an hour.

3. Uber or Lyft Driver

Working for a ridesharing company, such as Lyft or Uber, is an excellent job in regards to flexibility, as these services are running 24/7. This is part of the top jobs for college students living on campus with a car. Once you get the job, drivers usually are driving people around within a week. Therefore, if you are at least 21 years old, driving people around can be an easy job to take on.

As a driver, your tasks will be: transporting people in need of a ride, reporting any potential issues, and maintaining a clean and safe environment for anybody who enters your car.

The pay you may vary greatly depending on location. Hours are also a significant factor, as the ride rates shift at various times throughout the day, being the highest in the evening and on weekends. People are also able to give tips, and being a hospitable driver is a great way to get extra tips.

On average, Uber drivers make about $15-$20 hourly, and Lyft drivers make about $17-$20 an hour.

4. Tutor

Tutoring can serve to be one of the highest-paying options for college students. Therefore, if you are proficient in a particular subject, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make some significant amounts cash quickly.

You can tutor kids in their parent’s homes, others on campus, and working for a company. Another exciting option is tutoring remotely online. This way, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Tutoring is fantastic for if you love kids or are hoping to gain experience in the field of education.

Some of the things you may have to help with are teaching certain subjects, assistance with test prep, such as for the SAT or ACT, and aid in writing essays.

This job can earn you anywhere from $30 to $85 an hour.

5. Freelance Graphic Designer

If you are somebody who is an artist when it comes to virtual designing and is proficient in Adobe software, you can quickly become a freelance graphic designer. Freelancing is an excellent option because you’ll be able to decide when you’ll work and how much you’ll charge.

You can sell your work to local businesses or individuals needing a graphic design job as a source of income. Many times you’ll even be able to work from the comfort of your own home, which is a significant plus.

Your salary will likely range anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour, depending on where you set your rates and how extensive the designing job is.

6. Pet Walker/Sitter

Becoming a pet walker or sitter is a great job path for anybody who is an animal lover. You can decide exactly what hours you’d like to work, and no matter when you choose to work, you’ll be working with adorable animals.

Some duties will include: dog walking, washing/ cleaning up after pets, giving medicine, vet visits, and transporting pets.

The amount of money you’ll make will vary. If you are solely walking pets, the pay will be less than if you’re also watching the pets for hours and taking care of them, potentially overnight. Also, if you take care of non-household pets, such as horses and other similar animals, you’ll make a significantly higher amount of money, as these animals are more high-maintenance.

Because of all the different factors that go into this job, you may receive anywhere from $15-$40 an hour.

7. Freelance Writer

If you’ve noticed that you enjoy and have a talent for writing, why not make a career out of it? The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Freelance writers are usually entirely remote workers.

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You can decide your hours, pay, and what you choose to write about. You can write blog posts, business manuals, stories, books, etc. There are plenty of resources, such as Upwork, that can help you jumpstart your freelancer career while providing financial protection.

Doing this, you can earn around $24 an hour or more all without the inconvenience of any schedule interferences.

8. Resume Writer

If you’ve ever had a job, and since you needed to apply for college, you probably understand the importance of building a good resume. Since you’ve already gotten into university, you may be able to share your tips with somebody looking to make their resume look and sound professional.

This is yet another extremely flexible job in which you can pick your own hours and rates. Some people charge $250 to even $5,000 to write somebody’s resume.

The main qualification that you’ll need to do your job efficiently is knowing how to make anybody sound like a catch on paper, drawing out any skills employers would be looking for. If you have a background in writing, this could potentially be an easy task for you.

9. Freelance Proofreader

Just like being a freelance writer, another possible career is becoming a freelance proofreader. You are able to pick your own hours or rates.

As a proofreader, you’ll have to do things such as checking for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation usage, consistency, and brand voice. Therefore, you’ll have to have a sharp eye to pick up even the smallest of mistakes in writing and word usage.

Proofreaders usually charge $10-$45 an hour. You may also charge per paper, project, etc.

10. Virtual Assistant

Having a personal assistant isn’t very uncommon for people who need assistance with daily tasks. There is an online version of this, which is called being a virtual assistant.

This is a great option for any college student that is good with computers. While some of the tasks you may be doing might seem simple, busy professionals may become too busy with work and need help doing some other tasks.

The job duties include scheduling, booking reservations, researching, managing finances, tech support, building/ managing websites, and social media posting.

The best part is that a lot of the time, you are able to work from home. Meaning that you’ll be able to easily go to class, return to your place of residence, and keep working.

On average, virtual assistants make about $15.64 per hour.

11. Photographer

If you have a talent for taking beautiful pictures, photography may be a great career path for you. You can work as a freelancer, working for yourself and picking your own hours and rates. Another option is to work for a company or sell photos to companies.

All you need is a great camera, or in some cases, a nice phone and you can share your art with the world.

Photographers usually make $10-$30 an hour. And aside from receiving a paycheck, you may also receive opportunities to witness beautiful moments, such as weddings, if you are able to take photos at events.

Bonus: Take Surveys

While taking surveys isn’t an official job, it is an excellent way to make some quick cash. There are plenty of online sites, such as Swagbucks, with companies interested in gaining feedback on their products and services.

These sites can earn you anywhere from a few cents to around $50 for a survey.

Work for Others While in College

If working for yourself isn’t your thing, your other option is to go the more traditional route of working for a company.

12. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are people that pose as ordinary customers but are actually undercover or a company, completing various tasks, such as purchasing products, asking questions, and providing either positive or negative feedback through detailed reports outlining their experience.

Companies want this in order to get detailed feedback on their products, employees, and other factors of their establishments.

The amount you make will depend on how many gigs you are able to get, and each company will usually provide a flat rate of about $5 and $25. While this may not seem like a lot, the money will build up as you take on gigs.

13. Fitness Instructor

You may be athletic or have a passion for fitness. If you have experience and knowledge in regards to safe ways to tone and build muscle, a great way to earn cash is to share that knowledge with other people that need assistance in their fitness journey.

If you are an athlete that is free in the morning and or the late afternoon, gyms will be happy to hire you. You can also work solo, which is great as you can decide your own hours and rates.

As a fitness trainer, your workday will potentially consist of: completing sessions with clients to gradually help them reach their goal and teaching multiple people at once (group classes). You’ll also provide diet tips for clients looking to accompany their new fitness regimen with healthy eating.

Typically, fitness instructors earn about $20 an hour, but this price can vary based on location and if you are working solo or through a gym.

14. Library Assistant/Circulation Clerk

If you are somebody that loves books and the environment of libraries, working at one can be a great way to pass the time. Working at a library as a college student can be extremely easy and convenient, especially if you work at the on-campus library at your college.

In free moments, you’ll also be able to get your homework and or studying done, in the amazingly quiet and peaceful environment.

As an assistant, you’ll be assisting patrons with various tasks, such as: signing up for library cards, navigating the library catalog, and answering questions. You may also have to do some troubleshooting in regards to the technology in the library. You’ll also have to check-in/out materials and manage books that are on hold..

Working at a library will earn you around $13 an hour.

15. Junior Bookkeeper

Another exciting and relatively high-paying job is becoming a bookkeeper. As a bookkeeper, it’s good if you have an interest in working with numbers and assisting with budgeting.

However, many jobs will request that you have experience in the field. If you don’t, you’ll have to find a workplace with people that are willing to train you.

As a bookkeeper, you’ll make about $17 an hour.

16. Bank Teller

Many people are interested in a career working with money, such as students with majors in finance, accounting, business, and marketing. If you fall into this category, working as a bank teller is an excellent option for you to gain experience and follow your passion.

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While this job doesn’t require much prior experience as it is entry-level, working as a bank teller is a great way to build your portfolio of past employment and earn some experience.

However, this option works best for students who work at night or online, as this is one of the more traditional job options, as the schedule isn’t as flexible as other jobs.

Some duties that you’ll have to complete are: providing bank account services to clients, opening and closing accounts, administering credit cards, keeping confidential account information private, handling finances, and recordkeeping.

As a bank teller, you can expect to make roughly $12/hour.

17. Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotel front desk positions are a decent choice for any college students that are looking to make some cash and potentially interested in a future career in hospitality.

As hotels often have work times entirely around the clock, you’ll be able to work the job comfortably into your schedule. Taking night shifts can provide an advantage. Since there will be little to no work required at this time, you’ll have time to squeeze in some peaceful study sessions.

Some of the things you’ll have to do as a front desk clerk include: greeting/ checking in guests, solving problems, answering questions, bookkeeping, answering phones, cashiering, operating computers, and passing messages on to maintenance, room service, and other workers.

With this job, you’ll make around $10 an hour.

18. Landscaper

While landscaping is hard work, it can be a great way to pass the time while getting exercise.

There are various ways to turn landscaping into a career. For example, you can work for a landscaping company, working on multiple projects. Your tasks will consist of a variety of projects such as mowing lawns, installing walls, and planting. Your entire day will be filled with hard work.

Through a landscaping job, you can make anywhere from $11-$20 an hour, which is pretty decent for a college student.

19. Warehouse Worker

While experience isn’t a requirement for this job, your pay will be higher if you have some knowledge of procedures associated with warehouse work.

Some daily tasks that come with the job are: keeping track of orders, sorting through and packing boxes, operating heavy machinery, keeping track of inventory, and maintaining quality in the facility.

This job is great for college students who have an interest in manufacturing or warehouse work. Many facilities remain open at night and on weekends so you’ll have plenty of room for creating a schedule as well.

Your salary should be anywhere from $10 to $18 based on a variety of factors, such as experience, gradual pay increases, etc.

20. Companion

As a companion, your job would be to assist disadvantaged patients, such as elderly, disabled, or ill people. You’ll have to give up a lot of your time, but it is incredibly fulfilling to help out people in need, potentially developing a relationship with the person or people you are helping out.

As a companion, you can make $11-$14 an hour. It is an excellent opportunity for students who eventually want to take on a similar career.

21. Administrative Assistant

This job option isn’t the best option in terms of flexibility; however, it is a great supplier of major experience in regards to working in a professional environment. This can serve you well, giving you an advantage, as you move on to a new chapter in your life.

It can also end up being a fun experience for students who are looking to end up in careers associated with administration, such as office management, HR, and accounting.

Some of the day-to-day tasks required by this job are: entering and managing data, keeping records, contacting maintenance in the case of any issues, scheduling meetings and other events, and answering phones.

This job also comes with a salary of about $13 an hour.

22. Dental Receptionist

Being a dental receptionist is an excellent idea if you want to have a similar job or are interested in a future career in dentistry. It’s also a good option if you are good with paying attention to detail and helping clients.

As a dental receptionist, you need to do various tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering phones, dealing with insurance information, answering questions, etc.

On average, a dental receptionist will make about $15 an hour.

23. Starbucks Barista

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops, and a great environment to work with. It also comes with great benefits, such as packages called “Your Special Blend.” There is also a Starbucks College Plan that is definitely worth researching.

Working at Starbucks, you can earn about $10-$14 an hour.

24. Bartender

If you are at least 21, you have the option of becoming a bartender. As a bartender, you’d serve drinks to customers, sometimes having to mix drinks to make various blends. You’ll also have to maintain the inventory and organization of the bar. As a bartender, you’ll also get to enjoy the social environment and enjoy the music that is playing.

Many campuses have bars nearby, so it shouldn’t be too inconvenient for you to work at one. Working at night will serve as a great opportunity, as that is usually when loads of people head to the bar.

The average bartender salary is $10 an hour.

25. House/Office Cleaner

Many people get to busy to clean up, whether it be their home, office, etc. Cleaning isn’t always the quickest or most entertaining task either, hence why many are willing to higher somebody to maintain the cleanliness of their home or office.

Most of the time, cleaners can choose when they want to work, as opposed to being confined to a strict schedule. Some of the things required when on duty include restocking items, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, and cleaning surfaces.

This work will provide a pay of about $10 an hour.

26. Sales Associate

In the United States, the most common jobs for students in college are sales associate positions. This makes sense, as this field holds a lot of room for flexibility in relations to what hours or shifts you’ll be working.

Duties for this job include: managing money and credit card transactions, negotiating sales, keeping track of inventory, cleaning the store, and organizing merchandise.

With this job, your salary will most likely begin at minimum wage and gradually move upward as you prove that you are a good worker. The total you make will be based on how many hours you choose to work, if you pick up extra shifts, and if you decide to work overtime.

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27. House Painter

You may have done painting for an apartment, your house, or for fun. If you have skills in this field, you can make a career out of painting houses, either by yourself or for a company. Working solo, you’re able to have a bit more flexibility. You’ll be able to fully decide when you want to work and how much you’ll charge.

Some things you’ll have to do are: painting both indoor and outdoor areas, preparing for painting, cleaning up any messes, purchasing your materials, and making sure your clients are satisfied with your work.

As a painter, you’ll make about $15.80 per hour.

28. Casino Dealer/Server

Working as a casino dealer is a fun way to earn money. While the pay is only about minimum wage, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make extra cash through tips. It is recommended that players donate about 10% of their earnings as a tip to the dealer. Therefore, if you are a great dealer, you’ll have plenty of money in no time.

29. Tax Preparer

If you are somebody interested in finances and good with working with taxes, you can become a tax preparer. Once you become proficient, this can become a job that you can hold for the rest of your life.

For training, you can work with a tax preparation company that will pay you to learn. Eventually, you’ll become independent enough to work on your own. This job is also relatively flexible, as it usually is something that you can complete at night or on weekends.

On average, a tax preparer will earn about $12 an hour.

Work-Study Jobs

There are also some options for jobs that are related to school or allow you to study while working. These are great opportunities.

30. Dorm Receptionist/Security Monitor

This job works for students who spend nighttimes studying, as this job begins typically after sunset and ends at around 3 AM. You are allowed to do your work or study while you are working as well.

Dorm receptionists complete tasks such as: answering phones, responding to inquiries, and letting people into their rooms.

The average pay for this job is $10-$12 an hour.

31. Campus Tour Guide

If you did campus visits prior to selecting your college, you might have been given a tour by a college student. This is a great way to make money by showing people around something that you should be greatly familiar with: your school.

As a campus tour guide, you’ll show possible prospective students around the school, showing them every part of it and providing information on athletics, classes, clubs, food spots, etc.

As a campus tour guide, you’ll earn anywhere from $9-$14 an hour, depending on your school.

32. Research Assistant

If you are in a science major and love conducting research, why not turn it into your job? You’ll possibly be able to work as an assistant researcher, working alongside one of your professors.

This is a great idea in terms of earning experience for future jobs in any science field. You likely won’t even have to leave campus, making this option very convenient.

As a research assistant, you’ll be earning about $16 an hour.

33. Research Study Participant

An option that’s an interesting parallel to the last option is becoming a research study participant. In this case, rather than conducting research, you are getting studied.

This is more flexible than being a research assistant, as you get to decide when you’d like to look for paid gigs to be studied in. The psychology department of a college typically runs these studies, so you should check there for any opportunities.

Your pay will vary based on the college and the task.

34. Resident Advisor in the Dorms

If you’re looking to get free room and board and or some extra cash, becoming a resident advisor is a great way to go. As a resident advisor lives on campus, serving as a guide for other students, maintaining order, and enforcing rules. They also assist in the management of the room and board.

Tasks associated with this position include: assisting students in the process of moving in and out of dorms, enforcing dormitory rules, maintaining security and order, clerical tasks, and planning events.

In regards to pay, it varies based on how the resident advisory program at your college works. Therefore, you’ll have to check with your university and see what their method of payment is.

Summer Jobs For College Students

35. Zoo Worker

If you are interested in non-domestic animals, a great option is to work in a zoo. Your daily tasks will consist of things like feeding and cleaning animals, observing behavior, and maintaining exhibits and environments.

Zoo workers make about $10 an hour.

36. Camp Counselor

If you enjoy working with kids, you should consider being a camp counselor. Camp counselors work with kids on trips, do activities, watch them, and maintain their safety.

Camp counselors earn about $9.50 an hour.

37. Animal Shelter or Pet Store Associate

Another option for animal lovers is working at an animal shelter. You’ll be able to spend as often as you can with pets. Your job will consist of walking, bathing, and feeding pets. You’ll also need to try to convince people to buy the pets and get them a better home.

As a pet shelter associate, you’ll earn $10-$14 an hour.

38. Kids Party Entertainment

A job for kid-lovers that people in the entertainment business will enjoy is working as an entertainer at a kid’s party. This is a great way to be in a fun environment while supplying fun and laughter.

Pay will be anywhere from around $65-$250 per hour depending on what services you provide.

39. Car Detailer

If you have a car, you may have given it car detailing services. If you are proficient in doing it, considering turning your skill into a job. If you aren’t, you can join a company and gain training on what to do.

Car detailing services consist of cleaning the exterior and interior of the car, waxing, buffing, vacuuming, steaming, and other similar tasks.

Hourly, you will earn about $12.

40. Car Valet

Another easy option is working in valet. Valet drivers are key for people who would rather not spend their time searching for a spot in a busy parking lot.

As a valet, driver your task will be to take the key of drivers and park their car for them while they run errands. Then, when they are ready to return to their vehicle, you will retrieve it for them.

This job can earn you about $10 an hour. However, you have the potential to earn even more, as some people will give tips.

41. Movie Theater Attendant

Working in a movie theater is a great way to be able to work in a fun environment. There are various tasks you can complete as a movie theater attendant, such as cleaning, giving out tickets, and selling food and merchandise.

You will earn about $9-$12 an hour.

42. Theme Park Attendant

If you enjoy rides and games, chances are you like going to theme parks. Working in one is a great way to be able to earn money in an enjoyable environment.

Some of your tasks will include monitoring rides, starting/stopping rides, boarding riders, and ensuring safety.

You will earn about $9 an hour.

Jobs For College Students Conclusion

Being in college, it may be challenging to pay for all of the things you need to survive. You may also want something to pass the time. This 42 list of jobs for college studnets should help you find a side hustle. Flexible and entertaining jobs are great for this exact purpose, and there are plenty of options in all fields.


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