Get Paid to go on a Date With Rich Men Or Women

If you’re a woman that would love to go out and get dinner for free, receive gifts and have fun, all while making a career out of it, you’re in luck! Dating can serve as a full or part-time income opportunity.

You can make thousands of dollars just for going to dinner with or hanging out with wealthy men.

We have listed get paid to go on dates website and apps in this article for you to try out.

All you need to do is register with a paid dating website, on which thousands of people are just waiting to pay for your company.

How Does It Work?

Getting paid to go on a date

Generally, the concept that is advertised in paid dating sites is men wanting women to accompany them to special occasions. For example, men may wish to have a date for a wedding, a business dinner, etc. Sometimes, it may just be a man with a busy lifestyle looking to be accompanied during their free moments.

These sites aren’t so much like traditional dating sites, like Bumble on which you meet people in the hopes of getting to know them and forming a long relationship. Instead, it’s more of a “I want to hang out with someone right now,” type of deal. This is great for people not ready for a serious relationship or with a busy lifestyle.

There are different kinds of paid dating sites. For example, there are bidding sites on which whoever is looking to get paid dates, whoever provides the highest pitch. There are also ones that are formatted more like regular dating sites but with more restrictions.

Other types are set up almost exactly like Tinder in regards to the features. Others run through ads. Buyers detail their maximum price, details about the date. Then they wait for interested sellers.

Some of the websites will take a percentage of whatever you make so that the company can make a profit and continue running the site. Others don’t facilitate payment transactions at all.

What To Expect On The Date?

There isn’t one set kind of date that you’ll end up going on. Dates can essentially be anything from parties to dinners to beach days. The possibilities are endless, and you can simply pick up what you want. You may also encounter tourists in your area looking for dates in the area and or to be shown around, especially ones traveling alone.

You may also be in more formal settings, such as business dinners, award acceptance events, etc.

Most of the platforms require that the people looking to purchase dates lay out everything that will happen on the day to provide a full understanding prior to meeting up.

Keep in mind, these sites are entirely legal and are not escort services. Attempting to use the websites this way may get you banned from using the service.

No sex or physical contact is required when you go on dates. You’re actually encouraged to report any users that attempt to pressure you into having sex.

How Much Can You Get Paid To Go On Dates?

You can make a decent amount of money just for dating. Paid daters make anywhere between $50 and $500. The average is around $100. You’re paid either in cash before or after the date or through the platform.

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How much you make will be based on how many dates you pick up. It’s all up to how many you’re comfortable with taking on, as the websites generally don’t place a limit on how many dates you can accept.

Of course, this industry is very vain, meaning that the more attractive you are to people, the more pay that you’ll get offered for dates.

Of course, this industry is totally about physical appearances. How much a person for-hire earns will directly depend on how attractive he/she is. But, people with a nice head on their shoulders can make over $1000 a week working full-time.

Get Paid To Date Websites And Apps

1. WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice is all about linking women looking to get paid with men who will pay women for dating them. The site markets itself as “a market for buying and selling dates.” It works by having women put up listings essentially advertising themselves. Then, men will browse, searching for women that they’re interested in going out with.

The men are known as “Generous Members,” as they are paying for a date. Meanwhile, women are known as “Attractive Members.”

To get started, register for an account and create a profile, submitting at least one photo. You should send more. Then, wait to be approved. It’ll take about 24 hours, as you’ll be accepted or rejected manually. This process is meant to protect both men and women against fraud. Not only that, but since it’s a very vain service, the staff strives to keep the most attractive people.

You can also have your background information verified with a background check for extra money. These verified profiles attract more interested customers, meaning more pay.

Anyway, once you’re approved and make your listing, wait for men to offer money for your presence. You can accept or reject their offer. For example, if someone offered $20, you could counter with $35 if that’s your preferred price.

Men can also simply “wink” at you, which essentially says that they saw your posting and like what they see. If they do this, you can name your price, and he can accept, reject, or counter your offer.

The average price of a date on WhatsYourPrice is $80. You don’t have to go with this, as it’s all up to you. When choosing your price, you’ll want to factor in gas money and other associated expenses. Also, plenty of men are willing to spend a lot for just one date.

The best part is that you can go on as many dates as you wish, meaning you can make a decent amount of money within just a week. You may also genuinely find love if that’s something that you and your date are into. That’s not as likely as just finding people who want someone solely for entertainment.

An important thing to note: This is not a hook-up site. The site is meant for dates and enjoying peoples company. In fact, if you try and treat it as an escort service, you will be banned.

Another essential thing to take into consideration is that no monetary transactions are completed through the website, so there isn’t a 100% guarantee that you’ll get your money. Therefore, it’s recommended that you ask for half of your payment upfront.

But, for reassurance, know that men have to pay a fee just to ask women to pay for dates, while women sign up free. This shows that men are willing to invest.

2. Ohlala

Ohlala is a service that was conceptualized and launched in Germany. Just like WhatsYourPrice, it’s based around women getting paid to go on dates with men who are willing to invest. It is also not an escort service, according to the founder. The purpose is quickly finding people to meet.

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It’s very to the point. There’s limited time; how much fun can you cram into the amount of time you do have?

To sign-up, it’s a pretty quick process. You’ll have to provide your number and e-mail, along with basic information about yourself. Your profile will go through a verification process.

Since the whole purpose is going through a quick process to find dates, your profile won’t really have a biography in regards to your interests and other traits. The following will be displayed:

  • username
  • your country of origin
  • the city where you are at
  • age
  • smoking habits

The way the connection process is that women can browse through men’s profiles who are offering dates in the area and apply for free. However, men can only look at the profiles of women who applied to their jobs.

The timeframe for conversation is also short. Women have about 20 minutes to apply for a dating request. Chats will also disappear after a set amount of time, meaning you can’t keep previous matches or maintain contact through the app.

When setting details and the cost of the date, you’ll have to pay. Chat features require the payment of coins, which can be purchased through the app.

3. ProDate

ProDate is a smaller platform for meeting new people and having fun, but still a good option nonetheless. Rather than accepting bids that you receive, you set your pice from the get-go.

You are able to browse through profiles and chat with men prior to setting up any dates. Then, once one is set up, you receive your cash and go on your date.

Everyone’s credentials will be verified in order to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, the service asks that anyone that encounters a disrespectful or inappropriate user reports them.

4. RentaDate

With RentADate, whoever is purchasing a date will select who they’d like to go out with and then pay the costs. Then, on a day they’re available, the date (you) will call the client, giving the two a chance to get to know each other.

During the date, the companion is essentially filling the customer’s romantic fantasy. If they have a story in their head, their date is supposed to follow along with it.

Then, the following day, the company will contact the client to ask about how the date went so that they can provide feedback on their companion.

5. MyBunnyDate

While My Bunny Date is yet another site where users can purchase or sell dating opportunities, it is unique in the sense that it is set up as an auction site. Men can scope out pretty women looking to get paid for going on a date.

As usual, you’ll sign up and create a profile. Then you’ll upload your photo and write a bit about your personality. Once that’s set up, you can search for users that you’d be interested in dating.

The men are known as “Generous” members, as they are generally the ones paying for dates. “Attractive daters” are the ones that are receiving compensation for dating.

The way this site works is that men bid on dates. Women will then sift through the offerers, accepting or rejecting various bids, picking only who they think they’d be happy to meet.

6. PricePointDate

The process for this website is quick and easy. On PricePointDate, the man browses profiles, sending an offer to the woman of his liking. If she approves, they set up a date, and he pays in person. They are able to go on more dates afterward, but he isn’t required to pay after the first date. Further negotiation is up to the two.

They place emphasis on safety, as made clear by their Frequently Asked Questions page:

Sex?: “No, sex is not expected on the first date. Our site is a dating website with a twist. We do not promote any escort or illegal services. Our service provides an easy way for successful men to take beautiful women on dates. It is up to both of you whether or not you’d like to meet again and what direction your relationship will go.”

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Person not looking like their photos: “We encourage our users to post only their most recent photos. If you go out on a date with a person and that person looks completely different than on the profile photo, you have the right to confront them about it and leave the date immediately. Please let us know by clicking on the “Report” button on their profile. We will investigate. However, please consider that photos taken by a professional photographer may be retouched and the look of the person may differ to a significant degree from the look of the person in real life.”

Is it safe to use the site?: “Online dating is generally safe as long as your first date is in a public place with plenty of people, such as a restaurant, a bar, or a coffee shop. Please use common sense and build trust and rapport before you spend your time in private with the person you met online.”


Chances are you have friends. However, many people have the desire to expand their amount of friendships and create new platonic relationships. In fact, they may even go so far as to pay for you to provide your service as a friend.

Whether it is to have a friend in a location they are traveling to show them around, or they just need somebody to talk to, Rent a Friend links you to people looking for somebody to have a fun time with.

So, clearly, this isn’t a romantic setting like some of the other options. It’s simply people looking to hang out with someone. You may even make some new long-lasting platonic relationships.

In order to become someone for ‘rent’ , first, you must create an account and fill out a profile application form. This form will construct the information that will be displayed on your profile for clients to find you and decide if you would be a good match for a friendship. In this form you will be required to provide the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Eye color
  • Sexual orientation
  • What you are available for (e.g. movies, dinner, sightseeing, wing person, friends with seniors etc)
  • Languages
  • Your fees
  • ‘About’ section consisting of 2-3 sentences.

Then, you need to upload up to 10 photos of yourself and verify your phone number.

After you complete all these steps, you will be ready to set your payment rates, make new friends, and get paid. Rent-A-Friend recommends to set your price for $10 an hour; however, you must remain lenient and open to negotiation.

Get Paid to Date Q&A

Do I Have To Sleep With Them?

No, you absolutely do not have to sleep with them. In fact, many of the websites have a policy against it and encourage you to report any misconduct in regards to a customer attempting to pressure you to have sex with them. These services aren’t escort services, and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such.

What Can I Do To Make The Person Happy?

If you’d like to make the person happy, this should be discussed before the date. If they are looking to meet you as you, then just be yourself. However, sometimes people are looking to fill their fantasy of a relationship, in which case you should go for it as long as it is reasonable.

The point is to satisfy the customer, so if they want you to pretend to be their girlfriend for the day, then do so, but with boundaries, If at any point they make you uncomfortable, report!

Get Paid To Go On Dates Conclusion

If you’re looking to get paid to live romantic fantasies with no strings attached, just do it. There’s a good pool of websites just looking for new daters to have their company purchased.

This career path can be very fulfilling in terms of fun and finances. What could be better than being able to travel, meet new people, and get paid a great salary?

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